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Using Subliminal Messaging When Working With Crystals

Using Subliminal Messaging When Working With Crystals

There are subliminal messages all around us. Whether you freak out and claim it as mind control or scary, you and I are in a sea of subliminal messages. That’s how we make decisions and choices become goals. Today I am going to teach you the art of making subliminal messages when working with crystals so that you can manifest your dreams by communicating with nature directly.

What is a subliminal message?

Messages transmitted below the threshold of consciousness is called subliminal messages. They cannot be seen, heard or detected. They don’t have a connection with the results and are aimed at increasing the exposure without promoting itself. It is aimed at the subconscious.

I think we can all infiltrate our own mind with subliminal messages so that the universe detects it with the help of crystals. For example, say you want to get rid of a migraine (I did this two weeks ago!). Every day during the meditation I imagined clear quartz had ways to cure a migraine. I dreamt of ancient uses of clear quartz for a migraine without emphasis.  

Subliminal messages are in the subconscious. I tend to call them quick messages or ultimatums without stress or emphasis. When trying to send your subliminal messages into the universe, you need to let the cosmos peak on your idea of destiny with psychic skills.

What are the ways of using subliminal messaging when working with crystals?

Is it possible to communicate with the universe? It is possible to communicate with the universe because it can detect subliminal messages from our spirit. Often times even when you want something, your spirit can want the opposite and you end up finding happiness in the latter. Subliminal choices work on you like that and today we will make it work for us.

This is a secret crystal ritual I haven’t shared, so tread carefully. Do half the work for the universe!

1.    Use a Scrying Mirror to Visualize Your Manifestation

10 cm Black Obsidian Scrying  Mirror

Do you want your secret desire to come true? Then you need to project your desire in the eyes of the universe. “Scrying mirror is the eye of the cosmos”. All you need to do is gaze at the mirror while imagining your manifestation and the rest will happen on its own. Instead of picking up visions from the scrying mirror, you are going to use it to absorb the information in the universe already. Got it?

You can do so by following the below steps.

  • Keep the scrying mirror at eye level.
  • Visualize your manifestation growing big as a picture from the middle of the mirror.
  • It will automatically branch out on its own.

2.    Let the Pyramid Remind you of a Blossoming Goal

Natural Amethyst Pyramid

You know a crystal pyramid can send messages into the heart of the universe. But, what if you repeatedly imagine the goal every time you look at a crystal pyramid? It need not require you to do a crystal ritual. All you need to do is induce flashes of your goal becoming a reality when you peek at the crystal pyramid.

It’s easy and must not be scheduled or acted out as in a ritual. Do it genuinely to communicate with the universe!

3.    Talk with your Crystal from Across the Room

Natural Celestite Crystal Cluster

You know when you are spending the day with a friend as usual and you both lean into your comfort zone. You don’t need to be attentive to talk with each other from across the room right. You must treat the crystal in the same way.

Look at the crystal from across the room. Hold contact and carry on a conversation without having to touch it. This can be about your manifestation that it seems like sharing with a friend. Got it?

4.    Meditate and Follow your Visions

Assorted 7 pieces lot Palm Stone Jade Crystal Reiki Healing Chakra With Free Pouch   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Do you know the best thing about crystals? They help you find the subliminal messages within your subconscious. Meditation is the tool to open your mind. All you need to do is hold your crystal grid and meditate with it. Remember your manifestation and visualize it.

Now follow it as visions to find out what the crystal thinks about it. You will find the answers you seek easily. Try it with a peaceful mind to make it work in your favor. Alternatively, you can use third eye chakra stones for clear visions too.

5.    Chant your Manifestation into a Crystal Ball

Natural Pyrite Sphere Crystal Ball

Do you know a crystal ball is used to collect the reflection of the universe just like a scrying mirror? The crystal ball is a way to speak with fate. You can change your destiny by chanting your affirmation and projecting it into the ball. Once you see your manifestation on the ball, it will be recorded in the heart of the universe. That’s how you make the crystal ball your messenger to the universe.

What to Remember when using Crystals for subliminal messaging?

Don’t forget that a mind is a powerful tool. You need to use it as a tool and start the practice of subliminal messaging only when you feel ready for it. If your mind if confused or clouded, it is better not to try subliminal messaging as concentration and alertness are supreme during this crystal ritual.

  • Don’t convey messages you don’t believe in.
  • Try not to force the messages into the universe.
  • You are not lying to the universe; this is the language of communicating with the universe.
  • Choose the crystal you have already bonded to, than a new one you have friction with.
  • Believe in yourself well and be sure of your manifestation before you start.

Before you go …

Subliminal messages exist because our reality interferes with a million others. This world is huge and if you want cosmos to listen to you, use crystals to send subliminal messages. Are you clear? Know more about the powers of subliminal messages by sharing your date of birth to find the perfect stone for you!

Stay powerful~

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