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Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

A healing stone used for millions of years, lava rocks are a powerful energy source. The same is why you can find lava rocks intrinsic to the indigenous cultures around the world. Today we will teach you everything you need to know about lava rocks including its physical, metaphysical, philosophical, emotional and spiritual powers!

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

If you find a lava rock in Hawaii (like the one above), try your best not to bring it back home with you. Lava rocks from Hawaii are believed to be under the fire goddess’s curse. In fact, every lava rock differs in its topography to structure and internal characteristics.

Lava rocks are also available in a wide array of colors but most are artificially dyed. An authentic lava rock is often porous and shockingly lightweight.

·        Alternate Names of Lava Rock

Volcanic Rock, Lava Stones, Lava Glass, Basalt Magma, Fire Rock and Magma stone;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

·        Hardness of Lava Rock on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

·        Origin of Lava Rock

As most of the earth’s surface is made of volcanic rocks, lava rocks are available in plenty.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

·        Lava Rock Represents the God

  • Vulcan: God of Fire, Greek;
  • Aradia: Goddess of Witches, Tuscany
  • Manat: Goddess of Waning Moon, Arabia
  • Pele: Goddess of Fire, Hawaii;
  • Hine-Nui-Te-Po: Goddess of Night, Polynesia;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Lava Rock

Taurus, Libra, Virgo and Cancer;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Lava Rock


Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

·        Lava Rock Color energies

Black, grey, cobalt blue, red, brown and beige;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

·        Numerical Vibration of Lava Rock

07 and 03;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

·        Lava Rock activates the Chakra (s)

Base Chakra

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Lava Rock

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

As it originates from the volcano, lava rocks are eponymous. Lava rocks purify the spiritual clutter effortlessly. It is created when the magma erupts out of a volcano. Volcanic rocks are different from igneous rocks and often have individual nuances.

Covering up to 8% of the earth’s crust, lava rocks are available in plenty. They are opaque, porous and often vitreous in luster. Many minerals can add to the look and structure of lava rocks. Commonly found minerals in lava rocks are feldspar, silica, magnesium, muscovite and quartz.

When the rocks cool down by reaching up to 1000 degrees beneath the molten lava, volcanic rocks are formed. They are ideal for direction, charm, and protection in life. Lava rocks are ideal for people nearing death as it can help in transition and reincarnation with ease!

1.    Obsidian

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

One of the prominent lava rocks with lustrous characteristics, obsidian is formed from the felsic lava. Also referred to as naturally occurring volcanic glass, obsidian is made when the hot lava suddenly cools down. Know all about obsidian by clicking HERE.

2.    Pyroclastic Rock

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Another important gemstone from volcanic rocks, pyroclastic rock is orange to red in color.  These are clastic rocks made from materials that come from a volcano. Pyroclastic rock is essentially explosions from volcanic eruptions and can help in anger management issues vastly.

3.    Andesite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Named after the Andes Mountains, Andesite Lava rock is a mix of rhyolite and basalt. A volcanic rock, essential for those going through a hard time. Andesite is seen in black, grey, blue and other blunt tones.

4.    Rhyolite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

One of the unique lava rocks, rhyolite is a silica-rich gemstone made from lava. With a glassy texture, rhyolite can help to mirror one’s inner thoughts and feelings easily. Rhyolite is seen in pink to grey colors and aligns with multiple chakra powers.

5.    Dacite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

A mix of andesite and rhyolite, dacite is seen in grey, black, grey and blue colors. It is silica rich and helps to recharge emotions when you feel you’ve lost control over it. Dacite contains 20% quartz in it.

6.    Scoria

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

A dark lava rock without any crystals, scoria can exist with basalt or andesite in the majority. Scoria has a porous shape that is often seen as rounded. Scoria is also one of the unique lava stones that float in water and hence, ideal for travelers.

7.    Tuff

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Originating from California, tuff is a lava rock seen in brown, white, pink and grey colors. Tuff is excellent for clarity of thoughts as it is the result of explosive volcanoes.

8.    Red Lava Rocks

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Often used for ornamental use, red lava rocks are often used specifically in the garden for feng shui reasons too. Red Lava Rocks bring back virility to the space it is placed and is seen in deep to dull red colors.

9.    Blue Lava Rock

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Originating from exclusive volcanoes, blue lava rocks are exquisite and hypnotizing. They contain the power to open clairaudience and transform your life. Indonesian blue lava rocks are the best rocks found in indigo to teal blue shades.

10. Trachyte or the Choco Lava Rock

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

One of the light colored volcanic rocks, trachyte comes as a rough stone. It is a volcanic type of plutonic rock resembles a snicker bar and is often referred to as choco lava rock. It is ideal for calming and tranquility. 

11. Porphyry

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Resembling mosaic, porphyry is a gemstone seen in blue, pink, black, grey, red, yellow, green and brown colors. Porphyry shows embedded crystals are found all over the world. They considered excellent for those with restless minds.

12. Felsite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Yet another porous type of lava rock, felsite is a genuine gemstone to buy ASAP. It ignites many underlying potentials in the wearer when seen under light colors. Dark colored felsite lava rocks are ideal for boosting self-confidence.

13. Latite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Looking akin to feldspar, latite lava rock is seen in dark black to brown, beige, yellow, pink, white and grey colors. It is ideal for bringing clarity and wisdom to life. Latite is formed due to explosive lavas, especially in North America.

14. Komatiite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Another one of the unusual and extra ordinary lava rocks, Komatiite is often seen in dark rose and green colors. It is low in silicon but high in magnesium. Komatiite gemstone variety of volcanic stone is ideal for eradicating invisible negativity around you.

15. Phonolite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Another sacred and secretive lava rock often hidden from the civilization, phonolite lava rock is seen in multiple colors from orange, yellow, grey, black to white. Phonolite volcanic rock is renowned for helping those trapped in altered states of consciousness.

16. Nephelinite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Often occurring with peridot, nephelinite is a gemstone seen in grey color. It is often seen with a mixture of colors such as blue, green, orange, black, white and grey. It is the rarest variety of lava rocks.

17. Benmoreite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

The sodium-rich lava rock, Benmoreite is a stone of higher powers. It is shiny black and helps to protect its wearer when programmed as an amulet. Benmoreite is not high in silica and is available in beige, brown and white shades.

18. Lamproite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Seen in pale yellow to light green and dark green colors, lamproite lava rock is a volatile stone. The olivine lamproite lava rock is ideal for unlocking the powers of higher heart chakras too.

19. Basalt Lava Rock

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

A good majority of lava rocks around the world originates from basalt. It can be dark black, dull brown, grey, white or even orange in colors. The porous variety of lava rock, basalt is a stone of immense power to activate your higher chakras.

·        Physical Effects of Lava Rock

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Unlike most gemstones, lava rocks can be used for thorough physical cleaning of the body. When infused with water in gem bath or elixir, lava rocks create potent solutions to expel your negativity. It is a treasure house of healing powers.

Regularly massaging with lava rocks boosts your blood pressure as well as the nutrient absorption of your body. Lava rocks are excellent to absorb pain, headache, unrest and nausea from the body, especially during pregnancy.

Darker the color of your lava stone, more effective its energy rays are. It works effectively on the neurons and helps to dispel angry or frustrated energies. You can relieve migraines, sinus headaches and higher chakra imbalances by using a lava gemstone.

·        Spiritual Effects of Lava Rock

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

From helping you attract the true destiny to the spiritual connection you need for faith, lava rocks guarantee the spirit of future and revelations. Lava rocks are excellent sources of energy that when used with positivity can help you transform into a median for spirit work.

If you feel that you’re saturated with the wisdom and experiences in the world, it is time to take the final plunge. Lava rocks are excellent reservoirs of positivity which can help to clarify the mind can absorb karmic debts of a person.

It was known to clear the path of the user and coerce potent energies for the manifestation of goals. Lava stone is an extra-ordinary stone that can also help you cleanse your aura and peek into the future with divination. Learn to be truly clairvoyant by buying a lava rock bracelet right away!

·        Emotional Effects of Lava Rock

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Lava rocks help the user muster courage and confidence to face life with dignity. It teaches many lessons of forgiveness and peace to the young and old. Stones made from molten lava can teach you the power of hard work in life.

When used concurrently with higher chakra nerves, lava rock will help you dispel fears and feel safe or secure. You can wear it as a tasbihs or amulet around your wrist to always protect you from evil. Volcanic rocks can also act as lighthouses of courage by empowering the downtrodden.

Lava rocks can help heat the heart to become the blazing fire of passion and manifestation. Lava stones are spiritually blessed emanate harmonious feng shui within homes.

·        Five Facts About Lava Rocks

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

1.      Lava rock awakens the elements of fire and earth and projects the feminine yang nature.
2.      When you decorating your home, following Feng shui can be beneficial. Find the southern area of the house and place a lava rock in the direction to attract abundance and wealth.
3.      Authentic lava stones are light weight.
4.      The rebirth stone also takes the shape and color of the soil around its origin.
5.      Lava stones are actively used for pebble fireplaces nowadays.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lava Rocks

Lava rocks are storehouses of power. If you want to erase your karmic debts and begin a new life of oneness and unity, lava rocks can help you immensely. They can activate multiple chakras and tap into the hidden potential of a person.

Create a gem elixir or wear it on the higher chakras to make the most out of it.

The stone of teachers and visionaries, lava rocks help to see the future when programmed right. To know the best ways to program a gemstone click HERE.

You can also take a look at the following gemstone and click the one that bedazzles you!

Black Volcanic Lava Stone Bracelet - For Men

Tell us all about your favorite colored lava rocks in the comments below!


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