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How to Use Rough or Raw Crystals Today?

How to Use Rough or Raw Crystals Today?

Crystals are just like you, me or anything around us. Rough or Raw crystals are untarnished stones with their unique natural energy intact. They are handled with superlative care because rough crystals are extremely powerful and therapeutic for the chakra and auric energies.

Rough crystals can change perspective, instill new energies and connect you with Mother Gaia. That’s not all and today we are going to explore everything about rough or raw crystals.

Are you ready? Hop on!

What are Rough or Raw Crystals?

When a crystal is mined out, it is not polished or heart treated. The simplest most basic form of crystals as they are excavated are called rough or raw crystals.

Raw Crystals Meanings can be explained as the most native or natural form of a crystal”. Rough stones are rugged and untouched by humans and machines and hence, the most sacred form of the gemstone.

Are raw crystals more powerful than polished stones?

This is a question I hear more often than ‘are crystals alive?’. Yes, raw crystals are different from polished stones. The former is pure, pristine and primitive while raw crystals are unmarred. Moreover, every crystal is different from one another. A rough malachite and a polished malachite also differs based on its shape.

Did you know raw crystals are made into 20 new shapes? Click here to known each one in detail!

How to Use Rough or Raw Crystal Jewelry?

The universe works based on precise calculations. Crystals are symmetrically constructed with varied components to ensure an overall harmony of its energies. Rough and raw crystals are made into jewelry to protect their independent energies.

You can use rough or raw crystals in any of the following ways.

Programmed Raw Crystal Jewelry

Do you know what programming is? Not programming a website or programming a computer, but programming a healing crystal? Rough crystal jewelry is an excellent way to infuse natural chakra energy into your chakra points.

To program your raw crystal jewelry,

  • Take it in your palm.
  • Cup it close with both palms.
  • Now, chant your affirmation for why you want to wear the jewelry.
  • Meditate on the thought until you feel the energy of the crystal rushing through your hands into its core chakra.
  • Wear it after doing the above.
  • Clean it with a clear quartz or selenite wand when you take it off.

Meditation with Rough Stones

This is an easy exercise that can be done with programming. All you need to do is touch the crystal in the raw and close your eyes in meditation. It will guide the way and you will visualize the delight of crystal powers you are holding.  Click here to know how to explore crystals for meditation.

Elixir Made from Raw Gemstones

As raw stones can have toxic compounds, making a gem elixir by dipping the stone is not advised. You need to know that crystals have a superior power over toxins and all you need to do is keep it next to a glass of water for five minutes to 2 hours to charge it. That’s how you use a raw crystal for making a gem elixir.  

Angelic Communication using Rough Crystals

Crystals can also be used to commune with the netherworld. Angelic communication of rough crystals is higher than their polished counterparts because crystals in the raw are still attached to mother Gaia. You can use them to connect to the etheric realm by being grounded. Try it anyway to seek angels and you will find them with raw stones.

Grid Work with Raw Healing Rocks

You can also try making a crystal grid. Grids are excellent ways to use raw rocks to bring unforeseen energies to join your grid. Use it as an intermediate crystal to channel into the other crystals. If you don’t know how to make a crystal grid, click here!

Our Top Favorite Hand-Picked Rough or Raw Crystals and Jewelry

We’ve rounded up the bestseller crystals we’ve managed to get in the raw. You might want a look at it because we’re explaining how to use it too!

Let’s get started!

Pssst … Hey you, click on the picture of the raw crystals you like to go to the main page where you can buy them!

1.    Pyrite Cluster Crystal Rough and Raw

Natural Dark Crystal Pyrite

A protection crystal, this pyrite cluster is a good luck charm everyone should have. Notice the multiple terminations, that’s where the magic will be. This pyrite cluster has myriads of colors that dazzle when you do crystal work.

Click here to know more about Pyrite in this article.

2.    Rough Fluorite crystals pack

100G Rare Natural Raw Fluorite Gemstone

One crystal you need to deter the EMF risks coming against you, fluorite is a protection charm, perhaps even stronger and mightier than pyrite. Notice the wide range of colors, it’s spectacular, right? Fluorite protects you by infusing with your aura. These 5 pieces are in the raw-fluorite to stabilize the feng shui around you from the moment you touch it.

Click here to know more about Fluorite in this Healing Crystal Handbook.

3.    Rough Opal Gemstones for Energy

5 Pcs. 100% Natural Opal Rough Raw Gemstones

Opal is the mystical gemstone aligned with the crown chakra and this crystal in the raw-pack is a treasure. Weighing up to 100 or even 150 g (because crystals are unique!), this 5-piece raw opal collection is a great stone to attract wisdom into your life.

Click here to know more about Opals in this Healing Crystal Handbook.

4.    Blue Apatite in the Raw

1 Pc. Natural Blue Apatite Rough Stone Reiki Raw Gemstone

The divine stone of perception, blue apatite can flush out the toxins. When you touch it in the raw, blue apatite’s connectivity to mother Gaia increases and you become connected as well. Blue apatite rough stones are excellent for communing with the angels and finding your spirit guide.

5.    Natural Pointe Rose Quartz Gemstones

7 Pcs. Natural Rose Quartz Healing Rough Raw Gemstone

Nothing beats natural pointe stones because these are essentially little wands. Rose quartz is a gemstone of the heart that helps you heal and even find eternal love in your life. Use these rose quartz stones as feng shui by placing it in the south direction where harmony, love and happiness inhabits.

 Click here to know more about Rose Quartz in this Healing Crystal Handbook.

6.    Garnet Raw Nugget Bracelet

15.5" Strand Large Size Natural Green Raw Nugget Chip Garnet Stones - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

This is a wearable raw crystal bracelet that brings the energy of root chakra from garnet. When a rough garnet that is connected to Mother Gaia is touched, a fire within the stone comes alive, lighting your passions ablaze.

Click here to know more about Garnet in this Healing Crystal Handbook.

7.    Raw Amethyst Feng Shui Stones

Natural Uruguay Amethyst Crystal Stone   matans

Just like garnet above, amethyst can also induce beautiful energies into your atmosphere. This Uruguay Amethyst in its raw form is a ground-breaking crystal. It can bring stability to your sleep cycle and circadian rhythm when placed in the bedroom.

Click here to know more about Amethyst in this Healing Crystal Handbook.

8.    Dolomite Gemstone in the Raw

Natural White Dolomite Stone

A unique stone to calm your physical body and the emotional self, dolomite connects you to the etheric realm. It is a deep-chakra meditation stone that soothes your nerves. Dolomite is often used to speed the recovery when you have blood pressure or blood circulation problems.

Click here to know more about Dolomite in this Healing Crystal Handbook.

9.    Raw Blue angel Aura Quartz

Blue Angel Aura Quartz Stone

This is a sacred spiritual stone that can take on your astral travel, lucid dreaming and communication with the angelic realm. This crystal in the raw is attuned to etheric chakra energies that can automatically align your other chakras.

Before you go …

390g 1 Piece Natural Rough Blue Crystal Geode Cluster Raw Gemstone

Another bonus crystal in the raw to think about is -Rough Celestite Crystal Geode.

Do you love rough or raw crystals? Do you have them? Share with your crystal friends below!

Stay powerful~

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