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Healing Crystal Handbook: Dolomite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Dolomite

A rare gemstone seldom used for faceted gemstone jewelry, dolomite is a powerful crystal that helps to grow creativity. It is a gemstone that stabilizes the physical and the emotional levels to make you feel calm. The immense grounding powers of dolomite make it a stone of balance and patience.

You can use dolomite for a variety of disease recovery as it boosts the blood circulation. It is an immunity- giving stone that protects your body and mind from negativity too. Dolomite fills the consciousness with awareness and empathy.  

Today we will unlock the numerical vibration to astrological and metaphysical properties of this white to orange crystal named dolomite. It opens the inner eyes and hence, is hunted for its meditative powers in the crystal community.

What is the Dolomite Meaning?

Beautiful Dolomite Rock Stone

Signifying the Earth element, dolomite is named after its discoverer Déodat Gratet de Dolomieu. It was found during his voyage through the Alps in the late 18th century. He was a fossil scientist from France.

Dolomite is often seen with small crystal needle or terminals popping out of it like a cluster. The gemstone is not found commonly. Dolomite means opening your mind to the bigger picture. It helps to open new paths and opportunities in your life.

The first time I touched dolomite it metaphorically exploded in my hand. I thought I was holding white dolomite, but the stone started reflecting silver light after I touched it. Then and there, I realized there was so much I had to learn and that made me enthusiastic towards the future. Dolomite flushes out the fatigue and makes the mind energetic.

Where is Dolomite found?

Main deposits of dolomite are found the world from the U.S.A to Spain and Namibia. It is not commonly available as pyrite or ruby, but we have amazing dolomite cluster you can buy right here.

Do you know dolomite is often used to make cement? I will explain other industrial uses of dolomite in the coming topics. Read on!

Which is the Dolomite Chakra (s)

Unlike most gemstones, dolomite activates multiple chakras depending on its color. I have realized after researching far and wide that dolomite starts by activating your heart chakra.

Once it boosts the blood circulation in your body, dolomite flushes the chakra energy into your third eye chakras. It can hence help you realize the divine love around you by connecting to nature and seeing what is invisible to the human eye with your third eye chakra powers.  

Zodiac Signs Associated with Dolomite

The Aries is the zodiac that gels well with the powers and feats of dolomite. You are a fiery character with many goals ahead of you. Dolomite will help you become aware of your goals in precision. You are ruled by Mars and dolomite stone can help you weave peace over your hot temper.  

If you’re an Arian, click here to know more about the birthstones for Aries.

Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Dolomite

The ruling planet of dolomite is Earth and Mars. It combines calmness and temper together. Hence, dolomite will affect you with a change of perspective and lightheadedness.

Beckoning the powers of Goddess Gaia, dolomite has the Earth element powers. Click here to know more about Earth element healing crystals. It can help you calm down and find peace within yourself.

What are Dolomite Color energies?


With 4 on the MOHS hardness scale, dolomite has fluorescences of orange, green and blue. Dolomite is seen in a range of colors from and that is how the varieties of dolomite are identified. I have listed all the types of Dolomite Gemstone made of calcium magnesium carbonate in the list below.  

·      Pink

The most common variety of dolomite, pink dolomite is soft in nature and ideally used for calming the nerves. It is a stone of blessing that can help you spread harmony and love. Pink dolomite is used with children a lot for its soothing effect.

·      PEarl Spar

White and gray colored dolomite has a pearly luster that gives it the name of pearl spar. Made of Mangano dolomite, pearl spar is a spiritually attuning stone. It makes you feel aware and at peace. Pearly dolomite has the unique ability to develop psychic gifts too.  

·      Bitter Spar

Another variety of dolomite in the color brown is called bitter spar. It is a health effect gemstone that tends to work with the solar plexus chakra. Bitter spar has the presence of iron and is excellent to remove bitter experiences from the psyche.

·      Colorful Dolomite

Other prominent color varieties of dolomites are yellow and orange. Originating from Canada, colorful dolomites are equally valuable, physically and metaphysically. These dolomites are particularly useful during astral travel journeys on special occasions.

·      kutnohorite

When dolomite with calcium carbonate has a higher amount of manganese over iron is called kutnohorite. It is seen in white color with heavy crown chakra energies.

·      ankerite

The other variety of dolomite is when the magnesium in the dolomite is almost replaced with manganese and iron. This is a powerful grounding stone in darker color energies. Rest assured, it’s healing to the lower chakras.

·      Association

Dolomite by association with other gemstones is seen in a lot of varieties.

  • With Fluorite: Bluish Green colored gemstone for higher chakra powers.
  • With Baryte: Orange, pink and yellow colors are seen on barite dolomite.
  • With Galena: Found in Illinois.
  • With Cobalt: Seen in pink colors on cobalt dolomite.
  • With Calcite: Pale yellow and orange colors are seen on calcite dolomite.
  • With Pyrite: seen on white, black or grey dolomite with golden specks of pyrite.
  • With Garnet: Seen with garnet in the matrix of dolomite.

How to Clean a Dolomite?

Natural Pink Curved Dolomite Stone

Dolomite is not a suitable gemstone to cleanse with water. That’s why I am going to help you step by step to figure out two ways to clean your dolomite inside out.


  • Take a cotton ball.
  • Rub it on the dolomite without water or any solution.
  • Let it soak in the sunlight for 2 minutes.
  • Remove it and store it in a silk cloth.


  • Take a dolomite gemstone.
  • Keep it on the ground touching the soil (or in a flowerpot).
  • Draw a circle with white chalk around the dolomite.
  • Now hover the clear quartz or selenite wand thrice on the white circle.
  • Your stone is clean!

Metaphysical Dolomite Properties

Natural White Dolomite Stone

Do you know dolomite was found by a mineralogist from France named Dolomieu in the late 18th century (1792) when he was going through Egypt with Napoleon Bonaparte? It was a beautiful discovery because dolomite looks like a rose or pink quartz too.

Dolomite is a pricey gemstone, not found commonly in the gem rock auctions or stores. A cluster stone of dolomite boasts more than a single pointe. Today we will find out all the powers of dolomite in detail for the body, spirit, and mind.

Physical Uses of Dolomite

Do you know dolomite has the ability to get rid of fears of your mind? That’s how it stops nightmares too. The gemstone can remove nervousness by soothing your nerves. It is an anxiety stone that helps to get rid of the trigger of tension.

If you have headaches or nausea, dolomite can help you. It is ideal for vomiting and motion sickness too. Dolomite gemstone can improve the oxygenation to the lungs besides boosting your blood circulation. It is a stone of energy that works by empowering your adrenal glands.

Another physical use of dolomite is reproductive health, especially the fertility of the female body.

It helps in cell rejuvenation for aging-related issues by restoring your collagen and elastin in the skin.  Dolomite can also stabilize the hormones to relieve PMS and cramps.  It was widely used to assist in weight loss by increasing your metabolism too.  

Dolomite can cure strengthen your bones as it is a calcium stone. So is why you can use it for all kinds of tooth and nail problems too.

Spiritual Uses of Dolomite

Dolomite has the rare power to connect your psyche to the rest of nature. It attunes your mind to knowledge and wisdom. When you bond with dolomite it clears the hurdles out of your way and makes you lucky. It is a writer’s stone that helps to empathize with the cosmos.

Do you know dolomite can open your real eye to show your real problems invisible to the naked eye? It is the gem of humanity, widely used in Karmic healing. This consciousness healing property of dolomite is often used for Angelic Communication rituals. The core fact is that dolomite purifies everything it comes into contact with.

Emotional Uses of Dolomite

If you are under stress or tension, dolomite can save your soul from the toxicity. It is a gemstone for parents that calms you down. The soothing gemstone is the epitome of relaxation too. I consider it my personal stress buster because touching dolomite really opens the eyes to the real causes and problems in the world.  

Dolomite can increase your energy and enthusiasm towards ambitions and goals because it connects with your spirit. It teaches the valuable lesson of patience that is best for depression.

Charity and generosity are other virtues you will achieve by bonding with a dolomite stone. It gives courage and creativity too. Ideal for heartbreak, the stone for broadmindedness and openness is considered ideal for those looking for spontaneity.  

How to use Dolomite in 7 Different Ways?

When I first touched dolomite, I was hit with the divine beam of love. I felt my heart sinking and my Anahata chakra becoming powerful. It took me years to find out ways to use dolomite but you don’t have to. I will help you out!

Just follow the steps below and you will be bond with dolomite easily.  

·      Activate a Ring with Dolomite and Wear it on Tuesday

Beautiful Dolomite Rock Stone

Do you have crystal rings? As there is no chakra associated with your legs, crystal rings can help in infusing your aura with powerful energies. In this case, wearing the ring after touching it with the dolomite cluster in the picture on Tuesday will attract luck your way!

·      Keep the Dolomite Cluster Under your Bed to Get Rid of Nightmares

Natural Pink Curved Dolomite Stone

The best cure for insomnia, dolomite cluster is ideal for relieving the fears that pop up as nightmares. If your child is suffering from nightmares or night terrors, keep the dolomite cluster under the bed and you will see the magic happen. Dolomite cluster will emanate healing protection energies that will cover you.  

·      Use the Dolomite Ball for Scrying about Future

Natural Dolomite Sphere Crystal Ball

Do you know the power of crystal balls? They can reflect the secrets of the universe from past, present, and future easily if you tune it. This dolomite ball is a powerful root and third eye chakra stone that can show you the destiny too. You won’t fear the future or anticipate when you have this dolomite ball by your bedside.

·      Yellow Dolomite Crystal Points for Crystal Grid on Abundance

Beautiful Dolomite Rock Stone

Dolomite in yellow color also connects with higher chakras as well as mid chakras. This stone makes you generous. When you use this crystal point to work and activate your crystal grid in the northern corner of your meditation room, unexpected wealth and prosperity will come to you.

·      White Dolomite Scale Cluster for Feng Shui of Harmony 

Natural White Dolomite Stone

The stone of harmony and peace, white dolomite is a beautiful stone that can cleanse your space. If you have been having fights at your home recurrently, keep this in the southern direction and watch the peace spread at your home. It makes everyone peaceful by raising heart chakra vibrations!

Before you go …

Dolomite is a precious stone that is used in crystal rituals and work by users. It’s often called too soft for jewelry making purposes. That’s why making grids and feng shui elements with dolomite are effective for activating its powers.

Stay powerful~

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