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Healing Crystal Handbook: Opals

Healing Crystal Handbook: Opals

Appearing as an Eye Stone in history and folk tales alike, Opal is described by Pliny from Roman History as a unique combination of Garnet (fiery flame), Amethyst (Purple) and Emerald (Sea Green Hue), with all its metaphysical powers.

Tales call it the eye stone while history names it, the ‘Queen of Gems’.

The work of art by mother Gaia, Opal is a stone worth worshipping. It is attributed physical and metaphysical healing powers concerning multiple chakras because of its fiery effects. Opal is the stone of innocence and peace. It guarantees the answers nothing else can.

Opal can penetrate your aura and activate protection spells all around you. Wearing opal is auspicious as it attracts abundance and prosperity into life. If you’re attracted to opal, that means drastic new changes are coming into your life.

The cloudy stone amplifies your positivity and rekindle your virility. In fact, opal was once known as the stone of Saturn’s Wife. Hence, it is a powerful stone that commands the fertility. If you have reproductive disorders, wearing opal rings on Saturday can change your hormone levels in the body.  There are many varieties of opal, but almost all of them are empowered with multiple chakra energies.

Opal is an all-rounder crystal that repairs your digestive system to respiratory system. It can intensify your true emotions and uproot the problems. Dreaming of opal is a sign of unexpected wins in the coming days. It makes you lucky by purifying your karmic debts. Called the milk stone in Hindi, opal beckons the powers of Venus planet. It can restore beauty in the snap of a second!

·         Hardness on the MOHS Scale:

5.5 to 6 

·         Names:

Opalite, Opallus, Ops, Opalia, Opallios, Upala and Paederos;

·         Origin:

Australia, Ethiopia, Nevada, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Canada, Nicaragua, Turkey, Honduras and Slovakia;

·         Represents the God

  • Indra, the rainbow god from Hindu culture is known to have shrunk himself into an Opal.
  • Hermes who displaced the souls of the dead from ground to the underworld;
  • Incas believe that Opals were the first gift of the Inca Goddess Panchamama.
  • Persephone who rules the underworld;
  • Cardea, the Roman Goddess who shields families from netherworld disturbances;
  • Chirakan-Ixmucane, creator Goddess according to Mayans;

·         Zodiac

Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces;

·         Planet


·         Color energies

White, Brown, Black, Pink, Orange, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue and Colorless;

·         Numerical Vibration


·         Chakra

Throat (Blue), Root Chakra (Pink) and Sacral (Gray, Black or Brown);

·         Metaphysical Meaning of Various Types of Opal

Depending on the various types of opal, each bestows a unique power upon its user. Almost all opals attract trust, safety and fidelity to its wearer in addition to dispelling negative energies surrounding the wearer.


Opals help in integrating distorted chakras and inducing mellow hypnosis as well as introducing the balance of Yin and Yang in the body.

A stone of imagination, Opals also flames the fire from within, instills hope, boosts insight, Opens Perception, creates Euphoria, grants wishes and rejuvenates the sexual appeal of the wearer.


1.       Rainbow Opal

The rarest Opal, Rainbow Opal is renowned for its diverse flash of iridescent hue called the ‘play of colors’. Opal consists of an organized grid even in its microscopic silica forms and varied geometric pattern upon the entry of light, which leads to its unique color effects.

2.       Potch or Common Opal

Without projecting any play of color, the Potch or Common Opal displays ‘Opalescence’ with a milky tint. Potch opal is mined throughout the world.

3.       Fire Opal

Displaying transparency to opaque texture, fire opal projects color energies of red, brown, orange and yellow. Fire Opal rarely shows play of color and when it does, it is usually a series of bright green flashes.

4.       Peruvian Opal

Originating from Andes Mountains in Peru, Andean Opal is seen in colors ranging from subtle blue,  to green, pink, ivory, beige, brown and even black.

5.       Crystal opal

Displaying a transparent to partially transparent nature, Crystal Opal is a clear type of opal that projects a bewildering ‘play of color’. Commonly used as divination or Vision stones, crystal opals have see-through shades in soft or dark colors.

6.       Boulder Opal

Originating from Queensland in Australia, Boulder Opals are born within rock boulders, mostly sandstone or ironstone. Boulder opal is found as a mix of ironstone and opalite within the layers or matrices.

7.       Prase Opal

Also referred to as ‘Green Opal’, Prase Opal is a blend of opal with nontronite (opal with nickel), which results in a neon like a blue halo around the crystal. The electric chrysoprase-like crystal displays a very little play of color.

8.       Matrix Opal

Showing pinfire play of color, Matrix Opal strewed with the rock it is born in, typically sandstone or ironstone. The color range of matrix opal can stretch up to colors such as black and beige in addition to being a subset of boulder opal.

9.       Hydrophane Opal

A variety of milky opal that spans from transparent to translucent in texture when placed within water, Hydrophane opal can also absorb water emitting bubbles too. Thereby, hyrdrophane opals change from Opaque to translucent and semi-translucent when hydrated.

10.   Oregon opal

When Oregon opal is set in facets, it resonates colors including blue to violet and yellow flashes of color around.

11.   Milk Opal or Mother Goddess’s Milkdrops

A cloudy type of opal in a soft backdrop, milk opal was once revered as Mother Goddess’s Milkdrops. Milk Opal also turns unclear when it is dehydrated.

12.   Owyhee Blue Opal

Originating at Owyhee, this unique blue opal is distinct with a supple sky blue shade with a translucent hue. The blue shade is pale in addition to being uniquely captivating with streaks of white on it.

13.   Precious Black Opal

Set in the darkest body tone, the precious black opal can extend to dark variations of the colors grey, green and blue. With an exceptional presence of the play of colors, precious black opals are unique from light opals.

14.   Ethiopian Opal

A special opal that is born within the ashes of the volcano, Ethiopian Opal forms amidst the rhyolite. Available in diverse colors, Ethiopian Opal projects striking play of colors.

15.   Hyalite or Water Opal

A colorless type of Opal, Hyalite displays zero play of color and forms grape like shapes within. Resembling glass, this water opal is also referred t as Muller’s Glass.

16.   Girasol Opal or Jelly Opal

Showing colors of blue-white to transparent red, Girasol Opal has a gelatin like the texture on it and hence, named ‘Jelly Opal’. The same is the result of microscopic inclusions within the Opal than a play of color.

17.   Precious White Opal

Displaying a softer tone of the body, Precious White Opal can span from yellow to cream, ivory and white. Precious White Opal displays bright flashes of rainbow play of colors and is revered as the best of opals.

18.   Wood Opal

Also known as Opalized nature, wood opal is one of the fossilized precious opals. Wood Opal forms by displacing parts of trees, plants or animal remnants. Up till date, wood opal has been found with fossilized dinosaurs, marine animals, wooden equipment and bones too.

·         Physical Benefits of opal gemstone


Ideal for relieving ailments of the stomach and digestive system, Opals also cures disorders of the hair, nails and skin. Be it a beauty or detox regimen that you’re trying to stick to opals can help in amplifying the effects as well as keeping you committed to the routines.

Eye bags and eyesight issues can be relieved by rubbing opal stone or the beauty water infused with the healing crystal.

Next most vital property opal use on the body is how it helps in retaining the water and beating the summer heat.  Moreover, as opal keeps the wearer immune to infections, both viral and bacterial by boosting the functioning of your kidneys, liver and female reproductive system

Besides promoting the production of insulin in the body, opals also enhances memory, brings down fever and enables full neurotransmitter capabilities of the brain, crucial in diseases akin to Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, Opals stabilize feminine hormone and ease the drudgery of Pre menstrual syndrome as well as menopause and ease of delivery.

·         Spiritual Benefits of Opal Gemstone


In addition to waking the dormant mystical being within the wearer, Opals also boost the chance of making a stable communication with your spirit guide. Opal users are blessed with awareness about the universal consciousness and it raises your bodily vibrations.

Wearers grow intuitive powers in addition to clairvoyance and powers of divination. In addition to the psychic powers, Opal boosts angelic energy into the aura of the wearer.  Being a water stone, Opal introduces interspecies linguistic skills with aquatic creatures such as the whales and Dolphins excellently too.

·         Emotional Benefits of opal gemstone


If you’re looking for a crystal to power up your lucid dreaming skills or communication with the subconscious, this is your stone! Calming energies form the centripetal force driving the crystal energy of every opal. It helps to ground the wearer by linking with the earth energy, boosting meditative vibes. Opals can help in resolving guilt and maintaining inner peace as well.

Opal also resolves insecurities, fear, headstrong- attitude and stress in the wearer to ensure higher emotional freedom and flexibility.

·         Five Opal Facts


  • A traditional gift presented on the 14th Wedding Anniversary, Opalite is an amorphous subset of Silica, which darkens upon heating;
  • One of the most widespread myths about Opal is that in 1829, the Opal market crashed by 50% earning bad luck owing to the novel Anne of Geurerstein by Sir Walter Scott. In the fiction, Sir Walter Scott’s demoness character falls to her death on an Opal, which led to the superstitions and market crashing.
  • During the medieval era, blonde women mandatorily wore Opals to protect their hair from losing its golden shade.
  • Also called the Patronus, Opal could make a person invisible and thus came to be known as Patronus Forum or Patron of Thieves.
  • Opal is the national stone of Australia owing to the reason that Australia produces the World’s Largest Source of Opals;

Before You go …

Opal was also famed in the Hippie era as a ‘mood stone’ owing to its color changing capabilities. Even now, Opals are given as protective stones during house-warming parties and weddings. Opals are unique with its dual nature that connects the human world with the one beyond the threshold.

Vintage Opal Jewelry Set

If you’re looking for a complete talisman to protect your family to kids, goals and peace, Opal is custom made by Mother Nature for you!

Stay powerful~

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