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How To Clear Your Space With 11 Gemstones?

by Ceida Uilyc January 18, 2019

How To Clear Your Space With 11 Gemstones?

You know there are diverse powerful energies in the universe and that’s why you believe in crystals. It cleanses you. But what about your environment? If you live in a toxic space, your crystals will keep battling the resources to compete for cleansing than fully cleanse it. Today is all about using crystals to cleanse your space so that you can harness productivity, creativity, growth, and luck to your home to office, garden and even kitchen.

Ready to enter a life of high vibrant heaven made of gemstones?

What does clearing your space mean?

When you say I am going to have a full moon cleanse, you are talking about using the full moon energy (which is dayum powerful) to clean your space. Do you know you could cleanse a space by symmetrically joining the energy of various crystals?

I am not kidding, clearing your space with gemstones mean using crystals to remove negativity and bad karma from the space before you use it. I call it a tribute to the nature and preparation of the spirit, sometimes!

In fact, whenever I am traveling, I am the priest who cleanses our rooms for 10 minutes before anyone steps in with gemstones. It protects me and my family during our stay and till date, we have never been robbed on our voyages. And, I suggest everyone should use these clearing crystals to help them clear the space they inhabit, no matter where they are!

Which Gemstones to Clear your Space?

Once in a while, we all do the deep cleanse for your face, diet to even homes. For crystals, this is a vital space that helps them recharge and nourish their inherent powers. Rest and recharge is the stage of clearing your space.

Even if you have a regular cleaning or brooming at home, you know how the cobwebs get into unreachable corners. Just as spring cleaning is the only answers, in that case, clearing your space with gemstones that are meant to do the job works here.

Let’s begin right away!

Clear Quartz is the best cleansing and clearing stone. But, that’s for general purification. When you add the mix of gemstones below to clear quartz, the purification paves way for recharging the positive vibrations in the space you’re trying to clear the negativity from.

·      Black Tourmaline Gemstone to Clear the Energy of an Old House

Black Tourmaline Healing Stones

I totally understand what you’re looking for. You’re renting a new house and just like looking out for good plumbing, you want to sense the energy. Or, perhaps you’ve bought your new house already and you want the right crystals to cleanse the old energy out of the space.

Clearing old energy with black tourmaline is easy because it is a protection and purification stone.

All you need to do is, dig four holes around the corners of your house and place one tourmaline each around the corner until the next full moon.  Using sandalwood incense also helps to clean new and strange spaces.

Wanna know more about black tourmaline? Hit here!

·      Rose Quartz Pyramid Stone to Clear your Bedroom

Rose Quartz Engraved  Pyramid for Reiki Healing

You know something is not right between you two. There is weird bad energy in the bedroom preventing you from opening up to each other. Using a rose quartz pyramid has feng shui values to cure just that. The truth is, this rose quartz can be kept under the bed to constantly clear negativity and tendency to fight in the bedroom. It will raise both your heart chakra vibrations to find love in your heart for each other.

Remember to manifest the pyramid before you place it under the bed to clear your space in the bedroom with crystals.

Everything you need to know about rose quartz is right HERE.

·      Dream Amethyst to Clear Negativity in your Office

Natural Rough Dream Amethyst Crystal Raw Gemstone

The stone that detoxes is also one that purifies the space. I’d recommend using clear quartz with this amethyst in the bowl because it amplifies the purification purpose because of the cleansing ability of clear quartz.

Beautiful isn’t it? I can’t express how unique the energy around these dream amethyst pieces feel. The space around you must be congested with the negativity from others and you can transform the negativity into positive vibrations with the help of these amethysts that work as your unique taste in décor and spirituality.

Why does Amethyst cleanse the space? Know the total secrets of Amethyst HERE.

·      Citrine Cluster Gemstones to Clear your Safe

Natural Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Cluster

Do you want to amplify the amount of wealth you generate? Using crystals for money is awesome because they have all these untapped energies that awaken our own potential for productivity and creativity.

This citrine cluster in the safe after a 5-minute charging in the sun will attract wealth into your life by creating opportunities for you to succeed in your career. Unexpected wins from the lottery is a trait of citrine I can’t miss out to add. It really works guys and I know people who would vouch their life on it!

We’ve uncovered all the mysteries and powers of citrine gemstone in this post.

·      Selenite Gemstones to Clear your Entrance

Natural Selenite Tower - Raw Gemstone

Yet another cleansing gemstone that is as powerful as clear quartz is selenite. Have you ever gone to selenite caves? Here’s what you need to know! Selenite is like no other stone because it is a divine gem. Know all about it in this guide to selenite and then use it at your entrance to the house.

It was known that selenite was the crystal god used to build the world as we know it. It was the gem of a creation. Create your destiny as you want with this wand. It’s powerful to detox the energies that come into your house when you place it at the entrance!

·      Celestite Gemstones to Clear your Bathroom

2" Celestite Crystal Polished Stone

A place that needs recurrent physical cleaning is your bathroom. But it also is the place of elimination. In India, having toilets in the houses were a ban in certain extreme Hindu parts because it was considered disrespectful to have toilet under the same roof where a prayer room was present.

You need strong energies to cleanse the bathroom and I suggest a bowl of this celestite will do the trick!

·      Peridot Gemstones to Clear your Kid’s Room

Assorted Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Peridot Bracelet   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

When you’re considering the pristine and innocent energy of kid that is still growing you need delicate mothering arms to cleanse the space out of all the evil energies. Peridot is a higher heart chakra stone that can help you achieve that and then some.

Peridot cleanses the space in your child’s room with clear quartz or as jewelry to guide him or her in the right direction. You can hang this peridot bracelet somewhere in the room as a décor item for the wall too!

Click here to know more about the right gemstones for your kid’s room.

·      Hematite Protection Bracelet to Clear your Vehicle

Hematite Bracelet with Brass


Your vehicle needs grounding from all the toxic energy first to make sure your trip is right. For that, you don’t need to clear the entire vehicle. Just wear this hematite protection bracelet to make your trip a complete success.

You will not run into accidents or troubles when you’re traveling over water, air or ground with this hematite protection because it connects with the earth chakra, wherever you are.

·      Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror to Clear your Kitchen

10 cm Black Obsidian Scrying  Mirror

The kitchen is a space that needs powerful cleansing because it is the gate to your food that judges your health, the fundamental of all your forms from emotional to spiritual. You need a gemstone such as black obsidian to absorb the negative and cleanse your food.

The real power of this black obsidian mirror is the ability to see into future. If you’re worried about something in the kitchen, the scrying mirror will put your mind at ease with one vision in a glance.

Click to know more about Scrying with crystals in detail.

·      Red Jasper Pyramid Stone to Clear Vacation or Hotel Room

Natural Red Jasper Pyramid for Healing

The red color of Jasper is actually the power of root chakra. Once you touch a red jasper, you can’t go back. It cleanses you and purifies your space so that it blends with your energy. With clear quartz, red jasper can create a cocoon of purifying energy around you.

If you’re going to a new place for vacation or holiday, make sure to hold onto this red jasper pyramid and then place it on the bedside table in the north direction. Let it clear the space!

The powers of red jasper are amazing when you use it as a crystal pyramid should. Click HERE to know more.

·      Aquatic Agate Gemstones to Clear your Garden

Natural Aquatic Agate Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Do you have a lot of problems in your garden recently? It might be the weed, but it might be the residue negative energy from earlier too. Either way, moss agate or aquatic agate can help you out!

Bury or hang these aquatic agates in your garden so that it connects with earth or air to clear the bad energy in your garden. Aquatic agate is a heart chakra stone. It imparts love and care to your garden so that it can heal and bloom under your care. In short, the crystal helps you bond with your garden better once you clear the space.

Agate is a special stone with a wide variety of powers. Know all about it HERE.

How to Clear your Space with Gemstones?

If you add the power of incense, the clearing game changes to a whole new level.

Sage is an herb that has amazing purification abilities beyond words!

But, if you don’t have dry sage, don’t worry. You can light up sandalwood, rose or jasmine incense. Next, meditate with your gemstone to program and activate them.

The negativity surrounding the space will be cleared if you leave the space unchanged for a few minutes-to-hours.

Before you go …

Clearing the space is important if you live in a city like me. As much as I would love to move to the countryside, I cannot, yet. The same is why these crystals help me clear the space and cocoon my house and workplace in a safe space.

Try it or share your birthday with me in the comments below. I will help you find the secondary commander stone you need other than clear quartz!

Stay powerful~

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

18 Responses

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

February 05, 2019

Evelyn, Cherry is absolutely right. But, I’d say, add citrine to the mix and see how awesome it gets!

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

February 05, 2019

Hi Amy, have you tried citrine with quartz?

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

February 05, 2019

Hi Mishell how are you now? I see that Cherry has helped you out well. She is the expert I have to say.
IF you’re still wondering, you should try a black tourmaline scrying mirror or protection stones in the room such as labradorite and amethyst.


January 27, 2019

@Evelyn George, for your motivational problems, you need a crystal which can spur you into action. Being a July baby, your birthstone is Ruby, and Ruby is just such a crystal! It works with your root, sacral and heart chakras all in one go, granting you the gifts of passion and dynamism in everything you do.

For your sleep problems, it really depends on what the cause is, which is something you haven’t specified; but one thing I can tell you: don’t use Ruby for this. Ruby, fittingly for the gem of the height of Summer, is a Sun-ruled stone, and being a dynamic crystal it won’t let you get much rest.

If the cause of your sleep troubles is bad dreams, then Morganite is your friend. The pink form of Beryl is excellent at preventing bad dreams. However, for really serious nightmares, Morganite will need some help. The best crystals to team with Morganite in this case are Peridot, Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

If your sleep issues are caused by restlessness, then Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Amazonite and maybe Aquamarine, can help, because they’re all soothing, relaxing crystals which can help your mind switch off (I’m sure you’ve had one of those nights where, no matter how you try, you can’t stop thinking; they drive me nuts, and I imagine they do you, too).

If your sleep issues are caused by pain, that’s a whole different matter, and in order to help I’d need to know the cause of that pain. Meantime – or if you don’t wish to disclose that cause on a public forum – try out Lapis Lazuli, Tourmaline or most species of Beryl. If it is pain, you have my deepest sympathy: I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which went undiagnosed for seven years and has damaged my spine and nerves. Sleep in general doesn’t come easy; and peaceful sleep, takes a lot of doing.

Love and Light.


January 27, 2019

@Mishell, I’m sorry you and your daughter have had to go through this. It makes me furious when someone tries such a mean and miserable trick on anyone, but really spitting mad when the victim is an innocent child who’s never done anything wrong. I’ve been working with crystals for over 31 years, and I only wish I lived closer to you than I probably do: I know exactly what needs to be done to protect you both, and your home; and I doubt the individual who’s bothering you, would want to go messing with me!

Okay. You might want to make yourself comfortable, because this isn’t going to be a short post. I don’t know how much crystal experience you have, so I’m going to add as much detail as I can, without making you read through a novel-length exposition. I could easily write one, but with a one-year-old to care for, I don’t know if you’d have time to read it!

You and your daughter will both need individual protection, and your home will also need to be shielded. This is relatively easy, but some protective crystals, like Obsidian and Black Tourmaline, are normally too powerful for a one-year-old. Her energies are likely to be delicate, sensitive, and would be easily overwhelmed by such strong crystals. For that reason, I recommend employing the gentler – but no less effective – energy of the Quartz family.

Clear Quartz will purify the crib space and help Amethyst, the beautiful protector, to deal with whatever ill energy has been sent your innocent little girl’s way. Smoky Quartz is also protective, absorbing bad energy and not letting it reach your daughter. Citrine is the same, but even more so. Finally, Rose Quartz will soothe your daughter’s disturbed energy. If it was me, I’d place Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine and Smoky Quartz tumblestones under my daughter’s crib, and hang Rose Quartz tumblestones over it like a hanging mobile. They’ll work together to create an energy field around her crib which will comfort her, while at the same time bouncing away or absorbing anything aimed specifically at her, without causing any disturbance in her rather fragile personal energies.

Once the ill-intention or spell is gone, I strongly recommend cleansing the crystals that have protected your daughter, and re-dedicating them to her future protection. Hold them under running water – preferably a natural watercourse, but that isn’t an option for everyone (including me), so the mains water supply would be fine too – for at least fifteen seconds while affirming something like, “In the name of Love and Light, and by the healing power of water, I cleanse you of all energy not intrinsic to you. Let the slate be wiped clean.” Once done, you can look to program them to protect your daughter and guide her through life in safety. When they’re programmed, place them under or close to her crib (if you choose to put them under it, bring them out at least once a week to sit in the Sunshine – or at any rate, daylight – for a few hours. The Sun will charge and cleanse them). When she’s old enough, you can teach your daughter to do the same and pass their care to her.

For yourself and your home, Black Tourmaline is a must. Not only will it transmute negative energy into positive, as it does: it will also fire back any bad intention, energy or spell aimed your way, and make it act upon the one who sent it instead 😊 I know that, right now, your little one is the target; but when that’s broken, the same moron may try to target you instead. Wouldn’t you just love to give that person a taste of their own medicine? Well, Black Tourmaline will do that. I suggest keeping a natural or tumble-polished Black Tourmaline in all four corners of your home, and/or at the four cardinal compass points; that’s the simplest kind of protection grid. Make certain, too, that you have a Black Tourmaline on you at all times — a pendant would be best, so the crystal is within your auric field and close to your chakras but there’s no risk of losing it out of a pocket, and your hands are free. I have a Black Tourmaline pendant myself, which I only obtained in May last year (Anniversary prezzie from my husband); I don’t have anyone throwing bad spells at me, but I do have a major medical issue, and the pendant protects me from the severe negativity at my GP surgery and my local hospital, creating a kind of bubble of positivity (it manifests as a bubble of the same white light I can see coming off the crystal) which acts as a shield against that negative energy. Obsidian can do the same thing, but personally, I find Black Tourmaline works superbly well. It’s a question of which one you get along better with, really.

You can also use the same kinds of Quartz for your own protection as for your daughter’s (though you’d need your own personal ones; leave the ones dedicated to your daughter’s protection, to their work), and besides them, there are Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Alexandrite, Agate (Crazy Lace or Botswana Agate are best, but go with your instincts), Sapphire, Selenite or Garnet. You’ll need to check which of them you can work with: if holding one makes you feel good, happy, stronger and, particularly, if it make you smile for no reason, then go for it; but if it makes you feel weak, ill or dizzy, then it’s best left.

You might also consider buying some Petalite tumblestones, and keeping them in a dish or bowl, in a location where plenty of Sunlight can pass through them into the room. Petalite is a powerful, high-vibration (but very kind) crystal, which will cleanse the energy of your home and create a powerful shield; in combination with the Black Tourmaline, that shield will be very powerful! Petalite also has the added bonus that you can use it to call on your guardian Angels, and your daughter’s too, for divine help. I know firsthand that Petalite has the ears of the Angels: I have a Clear Petalite cluster pendant, and when I’ve asked my guardian for protection while wearing it, I have physically felt wings wrap around me: that’s a signal my guardian is with me. Once I feel those wings, I know I’ll be OK. The two of you will be fine, too. Simply activate the crystals (let us know if you’re not sure how) and ask them, and through them your guardian Angels, for help to protect you, your little girl and your home. If there’s one thing I know about Angels, it’s that they don’t like it when someone deliberately hurts a defenceless child (and neither do crystals): they’ll be there to watch over you both, so make sure you ask their help, because asking their help gives them even more license to intervene. Let your daughter’s father’s associate, try getting a spell past all that! He/she will soon find him/herself subject to his/her own bad intentions.

Don’t be concerned about a little crystal-aided revenge affecting your karma, either. If anything, the individual sending the bad energy your way, is the one who should be worried about their karma, especially given that they’ve tried to harm a harmless infant!

My internet’s been out for a few daya because the weather Sunday night was not only lousy, it was pretty dangerous (40mph baseline wind speed, 60mph gusts; and mercy, am I glad it was Sunday, because otherwise my poor husband would have had to risk those conditions to go to work, since they persisted into the late morning), so I’ve been doing some remote work on your problem. It seems that whatever ill will or evil spell has been set over your daughter, the core and source of it is at, or under, the head end of her crib, close to the level of the floor. If the spell’s caster has had access to your home, they could have placed something there that’s boadcasting it like a radio. Bad Energy FM! If you can, I recommend moving the crib and taking a good look around. Lift up the carpet, take up the floorboards, whatever you have to do. If you find a physical object, then destroy it, because breaking the object should cancel the spell. But if, on the off-chance, what you find is a crystal, then whatever you do, don’t harm it: it will – I speak from experience here – be badly traumatised; it will have been forced to do things crystals aren’t meant to and don’t want to; and it will have been deserving of your compassion. Treated correctly, that crystal – if that’s what it is – can go from being a serious problem, to being your, and your daughter’s, best friend. I’m caretaker to a crystal which has, in the past, been forced to give its powers over to black magic: it was traumatised like an assault victim and, all told, took half a year to heal (though like an assault victim, it’ll never be the same), but now it’s one of my closest crystal ‘friends’ and its energies repel everyone else, even my husband, because I’m the only one it trusts.

If you can’t disturb the room, or you don’t find anything physical, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there: it wouldn’t be hard for the caster to set it remotely, especially if they’ve seen an image of you, your daughter, her crib and/or your home. In that case, the crystals I’ve already detailed will be your best helpers. Energy connects every particle in the Universe, and therefore also every physical object; it’s just a shame that whoever set the cosmic ball rolling, didn’t stop cruel people from discovering and misusing that connection. The energy of crystals is exceptionally pure and naturally aligned to the Light, which is why they’re so fantastic in situations like this.

If you need any more help to ease your situation, please let us know. I’m not staff here, but besides over three decades’ crystal experience (some facets of it less than pleasant when I’ve taken custody of an abused crystal, which has happened a dozen or more times), I’ve sent lost souls to the Light, cleansed energy spaces and broken a couple of curses. Ceida is also very skilled and, unlike me, she is part of the staff team. Lastly, visualisation is another good way to protect yourself, your daughter and your home: you can visualise yourself, her and your place, surrounded by a cocoon of bright white, blue, pink or golden light, depending on which colour you favour, and affirm that this is how it must be. The power of your love for your child, will empower your visualisation. I would have mentioned this as a higher priority, except I can’t be sure it will be enough to keep you both safe.

Love and Light to you both. You’re in my thoughts, and I’ll be trying to give you further help remotely. I don’t need any more information to do that; you’ve already provided a way, just by reaching out for help, because the energy that connects every particle in the cosmos, connects me, my crystals and my guardians, to you and your daughter.

Evelyn George
Evelyn George

January 27, 2019

July 21 1976.
Having trouble getting motivated and enough sleep


January 26, 2019

March 9, 1972


January 25, 2019

DOB 3-22-77
Im single and sleep on an air mattress in the same room as my 1yr old daughter sleeping in her crib. Sadly, I just learned she may be a victim of black magic wrongly done unto her from someone affiliated w/her dad. What suggestions may you have to help protect her?

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

January 24, 2019

Hi Mary Ann, you need crystals to cleanse the new home. Black Tourmaline is perfect. But going by your birthstone, I’d recommend bloodstone or hematite stones to be buried around your house. Can you do that when you get there? Wish you the best journey and love, Mary Ann.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

January 24, 2019

Tracy, I totally understand how smitten you are by crystals. I can remember my first few times. Bless you to change your path and achieve your destiny as you see fit.
By your birthdate, I can recommend the following-
- Cleansing: Clear Quartz
- Love: Garnet
- Luck: Sapphire (Blue)
- Success: Aquatic Agate
- Health: Turquoise
- Spiritual Journeys: Amethyst
Peace, love and light to you~

Mary Anne
Mary Anne

January 24, 2019

My birthday is April 4 1964. We are relocating soon. Thanks.


January 24, 2019

My birthday is February 18th 1970
I extremely attracted to the powers of healing crystals!!! And desperate for the right combinations for all aspects of my life. I am on a new but exciting journey in my life …..basically I really want to stay on this path I just need some help.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

January 24, 2019

Hi Lois, the best stone for your zodiac to clear space is Clear Quartz and Selenite Combo. Have you ever tried it?
Peace and light to you!


January 24, 2019

Hi~I’m very interested in the healing and cleansing power of crystals.. April 20, 1957

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

January 22, 2019

Hiiya Belinda, the best purification stone for you in addition to clear quartz is Citrine. It will attract wealth your way as well.
Citrine can be a best friend sorta stone if you handle well.
For Ashley, Selenite will help with moonstone as it is a moon goddess stone, but for you clear quartz + citrine is the best crystal pairing for clearing the space.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

January 22, 2019

Ashley, the best stone for purification in addition to clear quartz for you is moonstone. Have you ever tried it?


January 22, 2019

My birthday is November 19th,1978. Thank you 😊🤗


January 22, 2019

My Birthday is September 4 1985.

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