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Definitive Guide to Using a Crystal Pendulum

Definitive Guide to Using a Crystal Pendulum

To start at the very beginning, a crystal pendulum is a crystal weight at the end of an 8-inch string. Buying a crystal pendulum is auspicious as it can be used to communicate with spirits as well as to amplify the power of any magic or energy work.

How to Use a Crystal Pendulum

Definitive Guide to Using Crystal Pendulum

History defines pendulum as being used to locate resources and with a crystal pendulum you can locate your chakras as well as disturbance to the same. Using crystal pendulum is easy.

Sit at a comfortable table resting your elbows. Dangle the crystal pendulum with the resting hand. After the pendulum comes to a rest, hold the hand as steady as you can. Start with visualizing the oscillation of the pendulum arising from your mind. Forget air and gravity and concentrate on the power of your mind.

How does a Crystal Pendulum Work?

Now, you need to find out how a crystal pendulum can guide you to seek answers.

 To do so, you must understand the movements of the pendulum when your subconscious says yes as well as no.

  • You can start with questions such as ‘Am I a Male/Female’, ‘My Age is –‘, ‘I have a girlfriend/boyfriend/ am single’; and so on to determine how the crystal pendulum moves when your answers are surefire yes.
  • Repeat the same with questions that have a universal ‘negation or ‘no’ as the answer.

Benefits of Using Crystal Pendulum

Definitive Guide to Using Crystal Pendulum

After you’ve understood the vibrations of the pendulum for affirmations and negations, you can use it communicate with your subconscious effortlessly. Calibration of a crystal pendulum opens up a new world of opportunities. You must not stop with just ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Grow a bond with your crystal and comprehend its vibrations en route too.

Spirit Communication

Definitive Guide to Using Crystal Pendulum

Using crystals pendulums such as Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Amber and Rose Quartz in the form of a weight helps in determining answers to questions about the otherworld. If you want to establish communication, connect with your crystal pendulum and charge your mind and voice with the affirmation “Connect me to my Spirit Guide”.

Pendulum Divination

Definitive Guide to Using Crystal Pendulum

Crystal pendulums are filled with divine traits unlike pendulums made of other materials. If you have a key stone that you’ve bonded with, use it as a crystal pendulum to grow the power of intuition. To do so, hold the crystal pendulum above your crown chakra and by facing a mirror, interrogate the pendulum on your recent most intuitions.

You can also cleanse your crystals using a crystal pendulum. Simply observe the maximum vibrations of the crystals and cleanse them with will power, sunlight or the moon.

Record your answers and come back to it after a while. You can check if your pendulum is responsive by using easy questions such as ‘Will the dinner I cooked last for breakfast’ or ‘Will I wake up at my regular time tomorrow or not’ and so on.  

Chakra Balancing

Definitive Guide to Using Crystal Pendulum

To activate your chakras, use chakra stones pendulum, preferably layered with 7 different chakra stones.

Start by hovering the crystal pendulum over your root chakra. If the pendulum is swinging haphazardly over an area, your chakra point is out of balance over the place. Notice the vibration of the crystal while you mental visualize activation of the chakra as well as cleansing it. 

Find Answers and Reveal Your destiny

Definitive Guide to Using Crystal Pendulum

A crystal pendulum taps into your subconscious to seek answers that are tailor made for your consciousness and perspective. If you’ve been wondering what you really feel about someone or something, pick up a crystal pendulum and hold it over your third eye.

Also referred to as the all seeing eye, you must awaken it by visualizing chakra flow. After the pendulum attains rest, ask questions to the pendulum about your confusions. Using crystal pendulums with opals, labradorite, iolite, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst are considered excellent for communicating with your subconscious to clarify confusions.

Relaxation Exercise

Definitive Guide to Using Crystal Pendulum

Meditation with crystals is a little-known elixir at our fingertips. By using calming crystals that awaken the heart chakra, you can calm your emotions and physical distress to a good limit. Use crystal pendulums with Citrine, Smoky quartz, Amazonite, Blue Sapphire, Tourmaline and Topaz to wind down every day.

What we recommend

Definitive Guide to Using Crystal Pendulum

One must regularly cleanse and program a crystal pendulum to make the most out of it. You can also use a crystal pendulum to check your mood using color coded crystals. Read more on how emotions can be maneuvered by different color crystals.

It is better to invite a friend to you to assist during crystal pendulum exercises for a better reading.

Which crystal pendulum swung your attention now?

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Stay powerful!

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