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Energy in These Crystal Caves will Blow your Mind

Energy in These Crystal Caves will Blow your Mind

You and I both love crystals, period. If you are as crazy as me, your dreams are filled with giant crystals and waking hours filled with imagining the same. I happen to hear from a person who worked in the crystal cave once made of Selenite recently and that blew my mind. It also made me question how many things I had to add to my bucket list. The energy in a crystal cave is stunning and we will learn about world’s 9 most popular crystal caves and what makes them so special.

9 Amazing Crystal Caves that are Amazing and Energetic

Natural Selenite Tower - Raw Gemstone

It is every crystal lover’s dream about touching a giant crystal, let alone being surrounded by giant crystal or cave full of crystals. So, I decided to ask around to find out the top crystal caves on every crystal user’s bucket list.

Let’s find out the heaven on earth for crystal users like you and me!

·      Giant Crystals Cave- Selenite Cave

World’s most beautiful cave that was discovered in 1910 is now shut off to preserve the crystals and let them grow in the natural environment since 2017. It is called the Cave of Crystals with a reported depth of 300m in selenite crystals. The shards are huge and the cave emanates a strange energy older than civilization itself.

Due to the peculiar shape of selenite crystals, it is called the ‘cave of the swords’. It is a divine crystal known as the light of life and filled with crown and third eye chakras.  


Located in Naica in Chihuahua in Mexico.

·      Bermuda Crystal Cave- Stalactite

Found with gemstone formations of amethyst, stalactite is not a powerful gemstone itself but one that creates fascinating feast for the eye. There is a strange power to the symmetry of stalactite caves and that makes it beautiful, evermore.

The cave is half a kilometer long with the lower portion of the cave under water level. This fantasy cave has an air of vibrancy with the area around it covered in limestone.


Hamilton Parish in Bermuda, British Territory.

·      Jewel Cave Dakota- Calcite Cave

Ranked the third longest cave in the world, this is a national monument that is spectacular and mesmerizing to be in. Made of calcite formations, the jewel cave can make you feel at ease and without pains. It can make you aware of the reality by connecting with your heart chakra.

The Jewel Cave has an array of color energies from red to yellow and white that infuses you with a deep connectivity to Mother Gaia. The formations of calcite will stun you, I swear. Do go once!


South Dakota in Custer, United States of America.

·      Caverns of Sonora- Calcite Cave

Yet another striking calcite cave, caverns of Sonora is breathtaking to visit and feel close to the nature. This orange colored cave has many other colors that light it up. Calcite is a gemstone that can light the love within you by connecting you with your environment.

I have personally felt confident and clear when I touch a calcite and many people feel like this cave makes them enthusiastic and rushing with energy. It gives a handle over the emotions. It’s an opportunity not to miss if you are a person with the zodiac sign Cancer.


Set in between two national parks, Caverns of Sonora is located in Texas, United States of America.

·      Crystal Cave Sequoia- Marble Cave

Marble is a gemstone found so much in common that most of us tend to ignore its powers. It is a grounding gemstone and this cave in Sequoia is a treasure too. Beautiful with stripes this marble cave is open from fall until spring, so book early if you want a great trip.

A marble karst cave, Crystal Cave is white in color and makes you feel one with the earth.


Set in the Giant Forest Area, Crystal Cave is located in Three Rivers, CA, U.S.A.

·      Lechuguilla Cave- Selenite Cave

The second deepest cave in the world, this selenite cave is spectacular and longest explored as well. When you glance upon the rock formations inside the cave, it will stun you. It is described as an underground maze that spirals away.

The energy in the cave is astounding and many crystal users have reported it is as if there is an etheric energy within. Selenite was the stone that helped God give life, so why not!


Carlsbad Caverns National Park in the U.S.A.

·      Avshalom Cave- Stalactite Cave

Yet another stalactite cave that we couldn’t ignore for its beauty and closeness with the symmetry of crystals. Many report feeling awed over the brim in this cave.


Set in Judean Hills, Avshalom Cave is situated in Isreal under the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

·      Optymistychna Cave- Selenite Cave

Looking akin to blossoming clouds in solid, this selenite cave is one right out of the ordinary. I know the name is like a tongue-twister, but the cave is better. It has both the colors, orange and white selenite and it feels like you are standing inside a powerful light. Many crystal lovers report the cave makes them feel lightweight and clear headed.

Perhaps the higher chakra powers of the crystal might be the power to thank for!


Set in Korolivka in Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine.

·      Bellamar Caves – Calcite and Stalactite

Along with stalagmites, Bellamor Caves boast multiple crystals such as calcite and stalactite too. The cave is a sweet one with pleasing rock formations that enchants the viewer. It makes most people feel grounded and energetic. Calcite is revitalizing in its effects, perhaps that’s what happens when you’re a cave of calcite.


Set in Matanzas in Cuba.

Before you go …

Crystal caves are one of the paradise on earth for crystal lovers. If you love crystals, visiting one of the above caves will be once in a lifetime experience. Covered in giant natural points, these caves have immense chakra energies too.

If you want to know more about a crystal, ask us in the comments below.

Stay powerful~

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