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Best Incense to Transform Your Meditation

Best Incense to Transform Your Meditation

An ancient method of healing your mind with the sacred aroma of herbs and flowers, incense is a therapeutic way to instigate your meditative vibes strongly. Do you know rose can make the stress hormone cortisol disappear from your mind? Perhaps you know how lavender is a proven method to help you sleep. If you’re new to the power of incense, it has ecstatic metaphysical qualities that will astound you. Best incense for mediation can be used for bedrooms to living rooms and gardens to set a harmonious vibe in your home and office.

Let us lead the way to your incense wisdom!

8 Best Incense Varieties For Meditation

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Did someone tell you about k2 incense? Are you looking for legal herbals to help you set the mood of your meditation?

When you’re meditating, concentration and focus goes a long way. Now, as a crystal user, I use crystals sporadically to boost my concentration. Amethyst and howlite are my favorites for meditation. However, when I realized the power of how aroma or fragrance could change the mindset altogether, I was astonished.

Now, every one of my healing crystal sessions is also accompanied by incenses, specific scents suiting the ritual. Let me define best incense varieties so that you can understand too.

1.    Jasmine Best For Bedroom

jasmine flowers for incense

A heady smell that kicks in like intoxication, jasmine is the smell of romance. It is a well-known aphrodisiac used in bedrooms on the first night after wedding in India, so help the couple know each other intimately. Jasmine brings passion and fidelity to your marriage.

You might think jasmine opens your heart chakra, but the truth is that jasmine opens the crown and third eye chakra. It helps couples get to know each other thoroughly. Lighting jasmine incense also brings the blessings of Moon. Try it on a full moon night for beautiful good nights.

2.    Sakura Best Smelling

sakura flowers

Blessed by the goddess Konohananosakuya-hime, sakura is the best smelling incense in the world. It welcomes love and prosperity. By lighting or spreading the fragrance of Sakura, you are spending the pink light of love. Combining gemstones like Rhodonite and pink sapphire brings the best when meditating with sakura incense.

The power of heart chakra is opening with the essence of sakura. It makes you empathic and loved by all. Including sakura in your love rituals can spread harmony too. The direction you should light sakura is south for lighting the fire of life.

3.    Osmanthus Best For Protection

Osmanthus flowers in rain

Called the Sweet Osmanthus, this is an incense that comes from the Himalayas. It relaxes you and empowers your aura to make you strong-willed. An incense of wisdom, osmanthus protects you from bad decisions. It can restore your strength and stamina besides boosting your appetite.

Osmanthus brings discipline and blessings of the nature into your life. It is an incense for bringing the powers of Mother Gaia if you’re meditating outside. Take a moss agate stone with you when you spend time with osmanthus fragrance.

4.    Sandalwood Incense Best For Cleansing

Sandalwood chipped

One of the ancient-most fragrance used for sacred rituals in Indian temples, sandalwood brings the blessings of the heavens. Sandalwood incense opens your crown chakra, located just above your head. This is the chakra of intuition and divination. It will help you perceive things you couldn’t otherwise.

Making sandalwood a part of your meditation makes you focused and distraction free. It is an excellent scent for prayers too. It is ruled by the moon and Goddess Lakshmi (The Hindu God of prosperity).  

5.    Lavender Incense Cones

lavender valley flowers

A powerful incense that is often used for astral travel, lavender incense cones washes you from bad energies. It can relieve the negativity sediment on you. Lavender is ruled by two planets- mercury and Venus. Mercury helps in manifestations while Venus makes you charismatic and charming.

Including lavender incense for meditation relaxes your mind and soothes your nerves. It is an incense for removing chaos and bringing harmony. Lavender is ruled by Circe (Enchantress), Cerrunos (Horned God), Medea (prophecy Goddess) and Hecate (Goddess of Magic).

6.    Intuition With Lily Fragrance

lily in water

One of the sacred scents that make communicating with the spirit world a reality, lily incense is actually used for divination rituals by shamans since ages. An intoxicating scent, lily awakens your crown chakra. It makes your clairvoyant so that you can communicate with the spirits you encounter.

If you want to find your spirit animal, light up a lily fragrance and use a clear quartz pendant by pointing it towards your crown chakra. It heals your emotions and gives you balance. Lily is ruled by Goddess Apollo.

7.    Tsao Incense For Balancing Energy

tsao incense cones

Tsao incense powers are varied. It brings stability and calmness into your life. I found tsao to be exactly what it said I would find- tranquility. Ideal for merkaba meditation, Tsao incense has a deep healing energy that can align multiple chakras at once.

When you combine Tsao with Sandstone during meditation, you will feel lightweight and levitating. It’s true. Try before bed tonight!

8.    Rose Incense Best Sticks

rose flowers in a basket

A unique scent of love and care, rose can bring harmony too. The best rose incense cones come from real rose pulps. Our rose incense is proven to help you relax and feel good when meditated with. That’s because rose is scientifically certified to smell sweet.

Rose incense opens the heart chakra powers to invite divine love and loving vibrations into your life. Ruled by Venus, the Goddess planet of beauty and love, rose incense can be used in bedroom and gardens.

How To Pick The Best Incense Burner For Your Incense?

monk incense burner backflow

Trying to find out the best way to light your incense? Nothing can do a better job than the backflow incense burners!

  1. Browse a Selection on Incense Burners
  2. Choose You Pick
  3. Add your Favorite Incense
  4. Light it
  5. Enjoy your Meditation!


First time using incense? Learn how to burn your incense cone safely first!

Ask your #incensedoubts in the comments below!

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