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We Found the Secrets behind Sakura Incense

We Found the Secrets behind Sakura Incense

Do you know schools in Japan start with the blossoming of cherry blossoms? Known to be the best romantic blessing, Sakura incense has many secrets. Traditionally, sakura incense is a relaxing incense filled with aromatic senses that calm you. Sakura begins blossoming in April every year, marking the start of the season of love.

Today we will learn all about the secrets of Sakura incense so that you can use it in your crystal rituals too. Let’s begin!

What is the meaning of Sakura?

Cherry blossoms is the translation of sakura from Japanese. It is a pink colored flower that blossoms during spring. The exclusive culture of spending your picnic under a sakura tree is called Hanami. The whole tree is used for furniture to incense.

Do you know sakura is an edible flower? Over 3000+ sakura trees were sent from Yokohoma to Washington D.C in 1912 to spread the love of sakura flowers. Sakura incense is made from sakura flowers.

Goddess of Sakura

Daughter of the God of Mountains Ohoyamatsumi is Konohananosakuya-hime, the goddess of Sakura. She is the embodiment of Japanese way of life. Sakura goddess Konohananosakuya-hime is called the blossom princess in mythologies. She is also the goddess of Mount Fuji.

Cherry blossom goddess brings love and happiness into your life. She prevents volcanoes from erupting in your mind. Sakura brings balance to life.

Which is the Best Chakra of Sakura Incense?

Heart Chakra is the driving force of sakura incense. When your heart chakra is strong, you experience happiness and satisfaction. Sakura incense makes your blood circulation get better. It brings a glow to your skin and energy to your veins.

Cherry blossom incense helps you get a beautiful and radiant just like the sakura flowers. Sakura incense awakens your heart chakra and gives you courage and stamina too. To learn more about heart chakra in detail, click here.

What are the benefits of using Sakura Incense?

One of the seasonal aromas found in exclusive places where cherry blossoms exist, sakura is an exotic scent. That’s why, using it can welcome new changes to your life. What are the advantages of lighting a sakura incense? Let’s find out!

·      Sakura Incense is good for Glowing Skin and Hair

Do you know cherry blossoms have oleic acid? It can nourish your hair and make it grow lush and fast. It can heal your damaged hair follicles and give your hair a new shine. On skin, sakura can help in the regeneration of cells. It can boost your elastin and collagen production. Sakura incense can stop aging and make you look young.

·      Soothing and Calming vibes of Sakura

Cherry blossom incense is also relaxing. It calms your nerves and soothes your mind. You will feel relaxed, drowsy and relieved after a session with Sakura incense. It is the scent of satisfaction and peace of mind. Sakura makes you forget tension and frustration to compose your thoughts. It is a positivity incense scent.

·      Sakura incense Attracts Knowledge  

If you’re a student or academician, there’s a lot to learn from sakura incense. It brings wisdom into your life. You will find things you love in your work. Promoting success and inspiration, sakura incense makes you energetic and courageous too. It imparts wealth of wisdom and knowledge in written your destiny.

·      Sakura Stimulates Passion

A scent linked with mortality, Sakura invigorates passion. It makes you enthusiastic and dedicated towards your goals. Sakura is the scent of your life force. It brings hope about the future. You will feel stimulated and passionate towards your thoughts and actions.    

·      Sakura Incense Brings Good Luck

A scent that corrects your aura, sakura incense can attract prosperity and abundance into your life. It is an incense scent that beckons good fortune. Sakura makes you seek out the right opportunities. It is a lucky charm to start the day with. Sakura incense invites good thoughts and actions into your daily life.

When to use Sakura Incense?

When I first came across Sakura incense, it was from a relative who used to fill her house with sakura incense on every Full Moon. So I tried it and whoa, the effects were amazing. Sakura during full moon connects with the cleansing energy to purify things. Sakura helps you disperse the negativity and evil surrounding you.

The best time to light up sakura incense is in Spring. The exact time it blossoms in Japan is also an auspicious time to begin things. Sakura is the harbinger of spring if it is late in your region this time around.

You can also enjoy the scent of sakura during Rain. It is believed Sakura during rain bring vitality to life. It is a smell of invincibility and strength. Sakura incense during rain also fills you with hope. That’s why many older people recommend sakura during grief too. If you just lost someone close to you in your life, lighting up a sakura can cut short your mourning miles. It helps you relax and find positivity within you.  If you’re stuck by Confusion or Stress, sakura can help. It is an incense to use for Frustration too.

What is the meaning of dreaming of cherry blossoms or Sakura?

Once I had a dream about Cherry Blossoms. Fortunately, we were around a monastery where an astrologer was surprisingly perched on a stool. I went ahead and asked him to interpret my dream.

His face lit up and he smiled widely.

“You saw sakura in your dreams?” he asked and I nodded my head as fast and crazy as I could.

He was thrilled and said I was going to blessed with luck in money or business. I was on a vacation with my family and we literally won $5000 on the last day of the trip. And, to tell you the truth, I haven’t won anything that big, y’know.

Upon talking to shamans in Japan, I came to know cherry blossoms signify wealth, success and unexpected joy. Now, I wonder if it was the same reason why I became pregnant the month after the trip. Some say sakura is a signal you’re going to have a girl baby and I named my girl after Sakura for that dream.

How to Use Sakura Incense with Crystals?

Sakura is a nourishing incense scent you can use with a variety of crystals. However, you know not all scents go together, right? Crystals need aromas that work with their energies. In all the past years, I have grown to love certain crystal combinations with sakura incense. I will share it below with you so that you can try it at home too!

1.    Rose Quartz

7 Pcs. Natural Rose Quartz Healing Rough Raw Gemstone

A fabulous crystal that seems like the lost twin of Sakura, rose quartz is an excellent crystal for heart chakra vibrations. It makes you feel happy and elated when you work with rose quartz in the presence of sakura incense.

All you have to do is follow the steps below

  • Light the sakura incense.
  • Sit with 2 meters close to the incense.
  • Take your rose quartz in the right palm.
  • Close it with both palms.
  • Hold it over your heart.
  • Close your eyes and meditate for five minutes.
  • Keep the crystal next to the incense when you get up.
  • Once the incense runs out, place the crystal in the eastern direction.

2.    Pink Tourmaline

Bright Pink Tourmaline Silver Plated Ring

Crystal of the heart, pink tourmaline can attract your love when you work with it in the presence of sakura incense. Pink tourmaline and sakura energies fuse to create the best romantic setting to drive your passions. If you’re planning a date, these are the must-have items in the room.

How to use it?

  • Light the sakura crystal ten meters from where you’re sitting.
  • Place or wear the pink tourmaline.
  • Have your dinner date happily and watch the magic happen!

3.    Rhodonite

19 design Natural Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklaces   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   22

Another heart chakra crystal ideal for sakura incense, Rhodonite looks like sakura at times. It is a spectacular stone to combine with the essence of sakura. Rhodonite brings self-love, happiness and joy when you use it with sakura. It is a crystal with incense combination that gives you peace of mind. For stress-free times, use Rhodonite and sakura as said below.

  • Light the sakura incense.
  • Sit in front of it.
  • Hold the Rhodonite wand pendant in the right hand.
  • Circle it thrice over the smoke of sakura without touching the incense.
  • Wear the pendant now.

4.    Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire Charm Crystal Round Pendant Necklace & Earrings Jewelry Set - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Known to be the stone of beauty and love, pink sapphire brings your soulmate when you work on it with sakura incense. Pink sapphire knows your heart and with sakura by your side, it will help you loosen up, charm the people around you and become charismatic in behavior.

How to do it? Follow the steps below-

  • Light your sakura incense in the south direction.
  • Hold your pink sapphire ring in the right hand.
  • Now chant your affirmation for beauty or joy.
  • Continue chanting while circling the right hand over the incense smoke.
  • Wear it after.
  • Do it right after you wake up.

5.    Lava Rocks 

Black Volcanic Lava Stone Bracelet - For Men - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Working with lava rocks and sakura is easy unlike other crystals. As lava rocks are porous, they retain the effects of sakura for long. It is an amplifying stone you can add to other crystal rituals with sakura too. Just keep the lava rock 10cm close to the sakura incense when it is lit. That’s it!

Before you go …

20 Incense Smoke Cones   Mix of Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Osmanthus, Sakura   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Do you love sakura incense too? Share your sakura incense stories in the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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