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You See The Facts That Makes Rose Incense Work

You See The Facts That Makes Rose Incense Work

Rose incense has a sweet and citrusy smell that has stunned bot floriculturists, scientists and even people like you and me. The fact is rose contains a chemical called monoterpenes with exactly 10 atoms and 300 chemicals that make up the distinct enamoring smell. The symmetrical fragrance of rose incense has to do with many reasons and today I will dissect every reason from metaphysical to astrology in detail. Get ready to explore the secrets of rose, dusted from the crystal vaults!

Defining the Features of Rose Incense

Do you know the scent of a rose is different throughout the day? Moreover, it contains tons of chemicals that don’t smell fragrant on their own. It smells sweet, according to scientists because of the genetic makeup.

Rose gardens were in trend thousands of years ago in China, Rome, and Egypt.

Romans even grew the most beautiful flower in the world in the Middle East to use as a perfume as well as confetti, according to BBC.

By history, White Rose stands for House of York and red for House of Lancaster. From ‘War of Roses’ to ‘Psychic Value of Rosiness’ I am gonna teach you everything about roses.

What is the Chakra of Rose Incense?

The flower rose is made by hand into incense and burned profusely in Asia according to aromatherapy. It is said to have heart chakra powers that instill feelings of love, calmness, and happiness.

Which planet rules Rose Incense?

Venus is the planet of love that rules the power of roses. It is the planet of love, oneness, harmony and the Olympian Goddess of beauty as well as love. She is the daughter of Zeus and can easily transform your energy into love vibes.  

Who is the Goddess of Rose Incense?

Apart from Venus, Rose flower is empowered by the Aphrodite, the goddess of love, passion, and sexuality. Meant to attract your true love, rose incense is popular in spells and love potions since ages too.

What is the Feng Shui of Rose Incense?

It is best to light a rose incense in the rightmost corner of your bedroom or the southeast corner of your house to beckon the powers of love towards your space. Feng shui rules of burning rose will bring you the energy of peace, harmony and marital bliss.

Which is the Zodiac of Rose Incense?

Rose is the flower symbol of the zodiac Gemini (born from May 22 to June 21). If you’re a Gemini, wearing rose perfume or fumigating your bedroom with the scent of rose will transform your love life.

Your birth flower is rose if you were in June with other zodiacs too. Rose incense meaning is love.

Outlining the Metaphysical Benefits of Rose Incense

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If you’re wondering why to use Rose Incense, you need to know the powerful miracles that fall into your physical and spiritual life. When you start using rose incense in your life, just like crystals, your energy changes. Find out how in detail below!

·      Spread the Feeling of Love in a Room

Since centuries, the rose has been used to confess feelings amongst lovers as well as to break a good news. In fact, rose itself is a flower with 35 million years old history. If we could trace back in time, there would be many roses that led to marriages and love.

Seeing a rose brings feminine energies of compassion and love. When you light up an incense in the room, it makes the room look lovely, even if it is aesthetically not. According to chromotherapy, rose itself generates feelings of connectivity and romance by secreting oxytocin. That’s why using rose incense in your bedroom can make you calm.

·      Feel Beautiful and Make your House look Beautiful

Up to 50% of people believe Rose is the most beautiful flower in the world. Most of us have received gift bouquet of roses and have instantly been smitten. Just like a rose flower, rose incense also makes the room look beautiful by triggering the feeling of beauty in the psyche.

Why do roses make a room look beautiful? Because flowers have the innate ability to show a unique side of beauty that adds freshness to the room. Interior designing recommends rose to be a soothing presence.

·      Promote Marital Bliss and Affection in a Room

I cannot ever forget the day I was proposed by my beloved. He brought a rose and asked me to pluck the petals out. While I was plucking the petals out, I found a ruby solitaire on a platinum band. It was stunning and I instantly said yes.

Being crafty on my own, I made a paste out of that rose and made an incense. On my crystal altar, even today that incense is intact. On every anniversary, I burn it for 1 minute. Every morning I burn the rose incense stick in our bedroom. The day I miss it, I’ve literally seen the fight in-between us.

Experts say burning incense can promote passion in the bedroom too.

·      Antidote to Anger by Using Rose Incense in your House

The soothing energy of rose incense is not a myth. If you feel stressed out, all you need to do is soak in the incense fragrance of rose for 5 minutes and the stress hormone cortisol that has flooded your brain will disappear.  

Rose has the effect of making you feel stable and satisfied. That’s why stress disappears once you soak in rose incense fragrance. This is because Rose has the highest vibrational frequency of 320 MHz. While healthy individuals record a frequency of 68, depression kills it. With rose incense, you can change all that!

·      Sleep Aid for Those who Suffer from Insomnia

Are you suffering from insomnia? Perhaps it is really tough for you to fall asleep. That’s why you will find many sleep and mosquito repellants mixed with rose essential even today.

Rose incense stick has a sedating effect that helps to relax the mind and put a stop to your anxiety and mind chatter instantly. It is relaxing just like a round of meditation or prana healing exercise. Rosehip, the fruit of flower rose is also excellent for increasing your secretion of melatonin to naturally induce sleepiness.

When to Use Rose Incense

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Roses are used to making gazillion hybrids in addition to its 150 varieties. While finding your favorite flower can take ages, finding the right rose incense takes a few whiffs without emptying your wallet. Even God Almighty in the Bible instructed Moses to create an altar with incense. Click here to know the right verses about incenses in the Bible.

Let’s explore what rose incense is used for today.

·      Use Rose Incense For Marriage

Are you trying to get married for some time? Even if you’re sure of who you want to marry, to get married you need the blessing of the cosmos. Marriage is made in heaven and rose incense will help to remove all the negativity between you and your true love.

Do you know many people believe, one whiff of rose is akin to the kisses of a thousand angels?

You can now get rid of all the blocks in your way by lighting up a rose incense and following the ritual I explain below.

How to Use Rose Incense For Marriage?

  • Burn your rose incense every first Saturday/ Thursday of the month.
  • While the incense is burning, repeat your affirmation 7 times.
  • Sample affirmation to use, “Bless my soul to find my soulmate without any delay, before the next full moon, Oh Hera”.

·      Rose Incense During Fights is Great

Are you disturbed without harmony? Perhaps your home tends to be a place for fights more than love. Do you end up fighting with your parents more than ever? Maybe your kids never stop annoying you.

Well, I have the perfect solution for all of you. Rose incense has the power to calm anger and cortisol instantly. That’s because the smell is located next to the emotional center of the brain.

They found that aromatherapy with rose oil can reduce anxiety by reducing sympathetic stimulation”- Elizabeth Trattner.

When my brother and I fought a few years ago, over a book, it became chaotic within a few minutes. But, then my mom lit up a rose incense and I don’t know how, but everything changed.

I began to see his perspective and empathized. So, I believe rose incense can make you an empath and help you see the world from others shoes.

How to Use Rose Incense During Fights?

  • Burn a rose incense in the north corner of your house when a fight breaks out.
  • Pick the incense with the holder.
  • Walk into every room with the rose incense.
  • Hold it for 10 seconds and move on.
  • The fight will stop if the incense is diffused in the room where the negativity is thriving.

·      If you’re Depressed, Use ROse Incense

Depression is not a myth. It’s the sense of feeling absolutely hopeless and worthless without a shred of positivity. Why does it happen? When the neurons that record your pain are awakened!

Next time depression hits, open the rose incense pack and burn it. Rose works on depression by helping you secrete hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin.  

How to Use Rose Incense for Depression?

  • When you feel disturbed, light the rose incense and stay within 5 feet of the incense.
  • Close your eyes and meditate with a rose quartz or amethyst stone for 5 minutes.
  • Open your eyes and let the thoughts flow.
  • You will notice the positive thoughts interfering with your pessimistic thoughts, thus converting them.

·      Rose Incense At Night For Sleeping

Insomnia is one of the serious sleep disorders. Up to 35% of us get it genetically and the rest develop insomnia due to erratic sleep cycle and rhythm.

If you have a sturdy and safe incense burner like the ones we sell AtPerrys, you can light the rose incense and leave it overnight. Once the smell is diffused, you will be lulled to sleep on a bed of roses. You will not wake up in the middle of the night either.

How to Use Incense Rose when you Sleep?

  • Light the rose incense before jumping into bed at night.
  • Close your eyes and think about the day’s events when the smell reaches your nose.
  • Do not get out of bed or break the flow of thoughts.
  • You will be asleep within 7 to 9 minutes if you use our rose incense cones or sticks.

·      When you’re Stressed, Use Rose Incense

Zen life is not a miracle or chance. You need to cultivate it.

To avoid cortisol from flooding your brain, use therapeutic props such as incense that do not need you to threaten your health such as SSRI pills. Rose incense will enter your heart chakra and raise the vibes to naturally calm you down. Did you know rose also attracts positive opportunities into life?

Embrace the power of rose today!

How to Use Rose Incense during Stress?

  • Every morning after waking up, soak in the incense fragrance while meditating for five minutes.
  • Your resistance to stress will enhance like nothing else.
  • You can also keep a bit of rose incense in your pocket to smell it deep when you’re feeling overwhelming stress, when not at home.

As our rose incense cones are made from all natural substances, you can trust it to work like magic ASAP on your neurons!

Before you go …

Red Rose Necklace

While about 20% roses smell nothing, 100% rose incenses from AtPerrys are fragrant and powerful!

Making incense is not easy and we found our secret special incenses after traveling far and wide in the heart of Asia. We chose our manufacturers based on the metaphysical powers and experiments.

The best way to decide if rose incense is for you is by sleeping with the incense and observing your reactions the next day.  If you feel uneasy or poorly the next day, the rose is not for you. However, I have even crying infants smile and laugh profusely within a few seconds of inhaling the aromatherapeutic incense of rose.

Stay powerful~

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