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Start Using Jasmine Incense This Way Right Now

by Ceida Uilyc December 26, 2018

Start Using Jasmine Incense This Way Right Now

Do you know the scent of Jasmine is proved to be sedative? When experimented on mice by scientists and they found jasmine increased the work of GABA receptor five times to provide feelings of calmness and sedation akin to a valium! Jasmine is an herb in practice since the ancient times. It is even used in Modern Medicine against liver disorders. Today, I will share everything I know and have experimented with the Jasmine incense in my life.

Combining the powers of metaphysics and science, we will find out some of the secret powers of Jasmine you can use for healing with crystals too. Ready to know the Queen of Night?  

Defining the Features of Jasmine Incense

Famous for its heady smell that gives a kick right inside the soothing side of the brain, Jasmine has a long history of stunning and making us go nuts. It is derived from the Persian word ‘Yasmin’, which means fragrance.

Do you know where Jasmine was born? In the Himalayas!

The earliest use of Jasmine was in fragrant oil mixed with the leaves of the floral herb to make medicinal teas. From spiritual to physical, jasmine affects head to toes.  

What is the Chakra of Jasmine Incense?

The main effect of jasmine is the headiness, right? It is because when you smell jasmine, it captures your crown chakra at first. Your worldly confusions and worries disappear. Once it nourishes the higher vibrations, Jasmine moves to the third eye to open your inner eye.

Soaking in the scent of jasmine also leads to the activation of higher heart chakra vibrations making you feel happy by releasing happy hormones.  

Which planet rules Jasmine Incense?

Although the plant jasmine needs up to four hours of sun per day, it’s a moon flower. Symbolized with the element of water, jasmine is known as the Queen of the night because it is ruled by Moon. It means, jasmine can help you grow psychic powers such as intuition.

When the moon is ruling, you will find yourself genuine about your emotions. It is a feminine energy that helps you free your soul.

Who is the Goddess of Jasmine Incense?

Besides spreading to the mortal world, Jasmine has angelic Goddess powers too. According to Hinduism, it represents Lord Vishnu, Hanuman and Goddess Lakshmi.

In Christianity, jasmine is believed to appear with the Virgin Mary, just like in this news. Selene is the moon goddess who is believed to be deified with the fragrance of jasmine incense too!

What is the Feng Shui of Jasmine Incense?

Jasmine has the ability to blend well with many chakras and energies, thus can influence in multiple positive energies.

When smoke a jasmine in the southeast direction of a room, love thrives. Change the direction to west and your creative juices start to flow. Jasmine incense in the northeast direction regulates attunement. You can also drive luck in career and business by lighting a jasmine incense cone in the north direction and fame in the north.

Which is the Zodiac of Jasmine Incense?

Do you know jasmine is the zodiac flower of the sign Cancer? As a cancer person is sensuous, emotional and positive in life, jasmine will help them to open their senses naturally.

Moreover, cancer is ruled by the moon sign and moon being the ruling planet of jasmine incense is the best for meditating as cancer born zodiac. It will help to remove over-sensitivity and moodiness from your average Cancerian.

Jasmine help to relax and much more for your zodiac sign, by using crystals!

Outlining the Metaphysical Benefits of Jasmine Incense

The earliest known species of Jasmine is Arabian Jasmine, which traveled far and wide into Egypt to Greece and Asia sporadically too. This medicinal flower with ambrosial fragrance has many benefits in aromatherapy. 

The exotic fragrance of jasmine makes us dream, and the secrets behind it are no less out of dreams. It is a textbook-style aphrodisiac too!

·      Meditation and Divination

The thin line separating meditation from divination disappears with jasmine incense. When Jasmine is lit and meditated with, it opens your third eye chakra. You will be able to see into the three states, past, present and future. Also, great way to meditate is to use backflow incense burner.

From clairvision to clairvoyance, you will find jasmine has an effect of narrowing the focus. It empowers many psychic abilities and you must visualize the same when using jasmine for divination. I will tell you how to use scrying mirrors for divination soon!

·      Soothing and Sedative

Another little-known exclusive power of jasmine as a flower is the anti-depressant qualities. Do you know jasmine has the ability to relax your nerves? A jasmine in a panic attack is better than all the SSRIs, it’s a shot of happiness. Physically, jasmine scent can also relax the muscles.

This is why, during olden times, wearing jasmine in the hear would sedate the woman. When used regularly, jasmine can also reduce the cramps observed during menstruation. If you have extreme PMS, jasmine is the flower to go!

·      Vision of your Soulmate

Almost all of us are aware of how aphrodisiac jasmine is. I have up to 100 movies references in my native language to the first night of consummation after pictured with a bed of jasmine.

But, did you know jasmine can remove obstacles from your life? By offering the Hindu God Hanuman with a jasmine fragrance as an offering, you can protect your matrimony from the evil eye of all types. When lit in the southwest direction, jasmine can increase intimacy in a marriage.

Jasmine is the only flower once used in the cup of love for love spells too? So, if you can use gemstones to go into a trance while soaking in Jasmine, you will be happy in love or attract your soulmate, otherwise.

·      Luck and Success

We just talked about how jasmine has the magic of attraction within it. That’s why, it was offered in the morning as a sacred flower in temples and churches. Jasmine can improve your luck karma and attract abundance your way.

For achieving success, jasmine scent is vital because it buds creativity. Jasmine has the unique ingredients that can shoot up straight to your brain and click on the success switch. One such one is Ketone Jasmone.  

Prepare to whiff the sweet scent of success with jasmine!            

·      Safe Travel and Protection

Do you know the Sea Witches used to offer jasmine to the sea for the safe travel of their beloved man? If you’re worried something might happen to your beloved, offer jasmine as a sacred gift to the Gods is excellent.

Just as it pleases us, Jasmine is infamous for its heart-warming scent. You can create a garland of jasmine or let your beloved soak in the jasmine before stepping out of the house. The scent of the divine will accompany him on his way!

When to Use Jasmine Incense

Do you know jasmine was known as the Moonlight of the Grove, Jessamin, Anbar and Poet’s Jasmine? There are many names for jasmine because it is an enchanting scent. It is popular with many nicknames such as the ‘heart’s fortune’. All these names denote the different uses of jasmine as a fragrant flower.

Today we will find out the correct way to use it for three important healing therapies!

1.    Jasmine for Stress Relief and Pain

Natural Selenite Wand for Healing Reiki Chakra (2.7"-3.5")

Lighting jasmine works for busting stress because it is an anti-depressant. It soothes the nerves and removes the effects of cramping to headaches and any kind of pain. If you’re feeling emotional and edgy, get a selenite or a heart chakra stone and light a jasmine incense.

  • Light the Jasmine Incense.
  • Hold your selenite stone in the palm of your hands.
  • Meditate with it until the smoke lasts in the air around you.

Your stress and feelings of pain will disappear. Another useful stone to work with jasmine incense is selenite. Lay down when you’re going on a trance with selenite!

2.    Use Jasmine Incense Before Traveling

A Bottle of Natural Chinese Incense Cones   95 pcs per bottle   matans store.myshopify.com

Are you traveling soon? Perhaps a dear person you know is traveling in the coming days. All you need to do is soak in the jasmine incense so that all the evil eye disappears. As it is equivalent to offering jasmine to the sea gods, jasmine incense will cleanse your aura and avert accidents away from you.

3.    Scrying with Jasmine Incense

10 cm Black Obsidian Scrying  Mirror

Scrying is the art of seeing visions from the other realm regarding your innermost questions on a mirror surface such as this black obsidian mirror in the picture. Next time you want the future to reveal to you, try it with the help of this post.

Before you go …

40 pcs/set Floral Incense Cones - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Our jasmine incense is natural and soft on your chakras, unlike the harsh synthetic incenses. It is charcoal free and sacred. Collected in the night under the moonlight, when jasmine has the most oils, jasmine incense is almost divine!

Use the sacred art of aromatherapy in your crystal sessions from next time.

Stay powerful~

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    Ceida Uilyc
    Ceida Uilyc


    Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

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    Irrespective of this, or your feelings, you are not using the correct forum to voice your opinion. This is a blog, and the comments are for discussion of the post and related topics, and for asking help from those with more crystal experience: I don’t think the site’s Customer Service staff have that much to do with it, and all you’re achieving, is upsetting a group of people whose aim is to share our learning and help people who are making the same spiritual and healing journey. Please, don’t spoil it.

    I hope you do get your goods or a refund – I have been in the same situation with Amazon, and it is very stressful (14 weeks to deliver a plushie from ‘in country’ — not acceptable, and not down to the postal system either), but you will only get yourself a bad name by bringing out the big guns too early: let’s not forget, the goods for sale on this site don’t ship from the USA, or the UK, but probably from India and/or China, which can take a very long time indeed. Like I said: a phone call is a lot harder to ignore, and that’s how I dealt with my problem with Amazon.

    Love and Light.


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    I have to say ye are the worst and most ignorant company ive ever dealt with ive emailed and messaged to which ive had no reply so now im resorting to this!!! If anyone is thinking of buying anything from this company DONT!! If you ask me its a scam they’ve taken my money, not shipped my order or replied to any communication ive tried to have with them, absolutely disgraceful!!! I want a refund!!


    January 03, 2019

    @charlotte shears, one night? I’ve been learning crystals for 31 years in this incarnation alone, and I’m nowhere near done. I’m just lucky enough to have my past life memories to help me along. There is literally a whole new world waiting for you (and indeed anyone with a geniune interest), and one lifetime isn’t enough!

    Love, Light and a Happy New Year.

    charlotte shears
    charlotte shears

    January 03, 2019

    lot to to read and learn in one night, just like healing cystals .

    Mela Crane
    Mela Crane

    December 31, 2018

    Thanks for all the info I am so enjoying all of it.

    Ceida Uilyc
    Ceida Uilyc

    December 27, 2018

    Wow, thanks for the info Cherry. Didn’t know that. Will definitely add it in the next update!
    Love and light to you~


    December 27, 2018

    Jasmine’s history goes a bit further back than that: it was known and loved on Atlantis too. The Atlanteans knew it as “Heart Flower” because of the tremendously powerful effect its scent has on that chakra!

    Ceida Uilyc
    Ceida Uilyc

    December 26, 2018

    Awesome, Mary Jackson.
    Thanks for sharing with us!

    Mary Jackson
    Mary Jackson

    December 26, 2018

    I always light jasmine incense before I sleep. It’s beautiful. i should get selenite too!

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