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This Is What Happens When You Use A Sandalwood Incense

This Is What Happens When You Use A Sandalwood Incense

One of the most sacred plant oils in Hinduism to Jainism and Buddhism, sandalwood was in use since 4,000 years. It’s one of the oldest scents that was used in rituals to cosmetics sporadically. Do you know it was used in Embalming by the Egyptians and building temples by the Greeks? This earthy and purifying scent in its incense form promises so much exaltation too. So, today we will find out ways to use sandalwood incense for healing by referring to the physics and metaphysics.

Defining the Features of Sandalwood Incense

A type of whimsical scenting wood from the Santalum genus, Sandalwood is a pricey wood. It takes 15-year-old trees to cut Sandalwood from Australia and India to make the industry of sandalwood oil, so yes it is expensive. That’s also because sandalwood is sanctified in almost all the religions across the world.

A prominent additive in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, sandalwood is sacred in Islam and Christianity too. From astrology to medicine and magic, sandalwood boasts many properties our ancestors have been studying for ages. It is part of every cure, I promise!

What is the Chakra of Sandalwood Incense?

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When you take a whiff of the sandalwood incense, what you smell is an antiseptic smell that is cleansing everywhere it touches. The prominent chakra elevated by sandalwood is the Crown Chakra. It goes straight to your etheric-physical connecting point to make your aware. Once your crown chakra is activated, sandalwood can awaken your third eye as well.

Unlike ordinary incenses, sandalwood controls a lower chakra too. The stabilizing energy that grounds you, root chakra activation is another chakra power of sandalwood.

Which planet rules Sandalwood Incense?

Another feminine herb, sandalwood is governed by the element of water and ruled by Moon. It is a pristine scent that awakens the true power of the moon. It will help you seek glory by renouncing your bad karma and ruling over your weak sides with strength.

Can you imagine what sandalwood on the new moon can help you do? Reset the clock like a wizard! The woody flavored incense is a sacred wood to the moon, so make sure you spend time with the incense on your own before using it for full moon cleanses.

Who is the Goddess of Sandalwood Incense?

Sandalwood derives its first magical hereditary from its use in Hinduism. It is often symbolized as the scent of Shiva, the Hindu God of Destruction. The goddess related to the scent of sandalwood is Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth.

According to Hindu beliefs, Goddess Lakshmi lives in sandalwood trees and when you burn the incense, she spreads abundance in your house!

What is the Feng Shui of Sandalwood Incense?

Sandalwood is a sacred scent that changes the direction of the wind to flow in your direction. When kept in the South East direction, sandalwood incense harnesses wealth. If you’re interested in growing as a person in your material work, place it around the south direction and burn it in the mornings.  

Another excellent use of sandalwood incense is opening the higher chakras to sense Northeast for spiritual awakening. This direction is doing any crystal ritual too, even meditation. Try it next time!

Which is the Zodiac of Sandalwood Incense?

Cancer zodiac enjoys the most out of sandalwood because of its deep floral and exotic smell. A Cancerian will have a creative time when wearing the sandalwood scent. Use it in dabs and you will attract luck and success your way too!

Sagittarians would also love sandalwood for its bold tones. It is a special scent that unlocks the secret potential in December baby!

What are Sandalwood Incense Used for?

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Do you know most Chinese incenses are made with sandalwood and agarwood? From driving away mosquitos to microbes, sandalwood can repel the evil eye too. It is an herb that smells as if it was taken from the middle of the holiest ritual in heaven.

I am outlining the Metaphysical Benefits of Sandalwood Incense here so that you can find out comfortable ways to figure out how it can be useful in your daily life.

·      Stop Anxiety and Sleep Steadfast

Do you know sandalwood is smeared on the third eye chakra by Hindus in India? That’s because sandalwood has the natural ability to keep cool in the head during most stressful situations.

Sandalwood can stop anticipation, apprehension, and anxiety in its steps because it connects with the muscles and nerves in the body. Ayurveda classifies as a plant with element water because it is cooling.

If you smoke a sandalwood incense and meditate for a few moments, your anxiety will disappear. Do that before sleep and your insomnia will vanish too!

·      Clairvision and Prophecy

Do you know sandalwood is believed to connect the higher realm with our earthly realm? That’s why it is easy to see visions when you use sandalwood for spiritual attunement. You will be able to connect with your guardian angel and find answers of the past and future.

The psychic abilities of sandalwood incense come from its ability to control higher and lower chakras equivalently. If you soak under the scent of sandalwood on a full moon night, you will harness many divinatory abilities.

·      Healing, Purification, and Cleansing

Are you burdened with pain? Perhaps negativity is sediment in you since long, it’s stuck!

Whatever be your dirt, physical or spiritual, sandalwood has many anti-microbial and antiseptic qualities to cleanse you inside-out. It can relieve sore muscles when you’re in physical pain. Sandalwood incense also has the herbal quality of being anti-inflammatory.

In feng shui, it cleans the air and in medicine, it protects the skin against pollutants, and in crystal lores, sandalwood takes you to heaven and back!

·      Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel

Taking your subconscious to the other realm is possible with lucid dreaming. Here, you have no pain or mortal feelings. It takes your mind to the higher above when you lucid dream and you go on a swirling trip across the cosmos during astral travel.

 Sandalwood helps you do both by triggering your visual centers in the brain; it’s a trip to behold. When you light up a sandalwood incense it instantly connects your consciousness to the etheric chakra. Thenceforth, it's your mind taking you around the secret corners of the universe.

I have many stories of astral travel, but each one takes work to reach relaxation. But, when I light up a sandalwood incense, the transition is easy. In areas I can’t light the incense, I take a whiff of the sent and lay back to travel around the cosmos.

·      Meditation and Grounding

Do you know sandalwood has the ability to lower your Blood Pressure? It is a powerful meditation stone that can stabilize your feet on the ground. In simple terms, sandalwood incense means finding the focus of your inner eye. It helps to dispel the confusions and puzzles by lighting your way.

When you’re relaxed, sandalwood is easy to work alongside crystal rituals too. It is the instant-grounding ritual every crystal user must know. By taking deep breaths of sandalwood, your chakra points open up for activation. The warm fragrance fills your pores and uplifts your soul for higher goals.

When to Use Sandalwood Incense?

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Do you know sandalwood was a key ingredient of exorcism rituals? That’s why most of us feel like we are in a trance with sandalwood incense.

For me personally, it’s like the muscles are loosened to zero and I am in heavens in the middle of Gods. I start dancing and worshipping to native Gods during thanksgiving sessions. Nothing beats the sanctity of the sandalwood to please the Gods.

1.    Full Moon Cleanse and Reincarnation

During the full moon, feelings and energies amplify. From the tides to inner emotions, everything boils to its peak. If you use this time constructively, you can dispel the evil energies around you. With sandalwood, you will be able to convey through your past life karmas too.

  • Switch off the lights.
  • Sit it in a sacred room where the moonlight can reach.
  • Light the sandalwood incense.
  • Take a Turquoise stone and hold it in your palm.
  • Meditate until you feel the moon energy is flowing through you.
  • If you hold the trance, you will be able to see into your future reincarnations!

2.    Creating Protection Charms for your Home

Whenever you’re setting up crystal protection around the house, get a sandalwood incense. Before you put up the crystals such as Black Tourmaline, let them soak in the energy of sandalwood for an hour or two.  

You can also trap the sandalwood smoke in a jar and keep your crystals inside the jar as I do. It soaks in without letting impurities touch the process if you close the lid too!

3.    For Immediate Manifestation of Intents

Do you know sandalwood is a manifestation scent? All you need to use is a stone good with the scent such as Emerald.

  • Write your intention on a piece of paper.
  • Roll it on the tip of your sandalwood incense.
  • Burn the paper with the incense and meditate.

Before you go …

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Sandalwood is the scent of the Gods. It’s pure, powerful and purifying. I adore it and you will find dozens of religions places adorned with this powerful herb.

Ever used a sandalwood essence? Buy it now from our naturally rolled charcoal-free stock of sandalwood incense and comes with spiritual benefits because it’s wholesome!

Stay powerful~

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