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Look At What Lavender Incense Can Do To Your Mind

Look At What Lavender Incense Can Do To Your Mind

Do you know when archaeologists broke into King Tutankhamen’s tomb, it smelt of the Lavender from 3,000 years ago? In Tuscany, Lavender sprigs are worn to kill the evil eye and in India, lavender was used to distract snakes? Lavender was even used by Ruben during Renaissance to bring vividness to the paintings. It is an antibacterial and antifungal flower that is made into a paste to make incense AtPerrys. We use the purest Lavender to make our incense and today I will teach you all the things Lavender Incense can do your mind and body!

Defining the Meaning of Lavender Incense

Natural Air Dried Lavender Pendant Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Ancient history talks wildly about the spirits that burrowed into trees. When you use an herbal incense, you are essentially beckoning the powers of these spirits into your roof.

The word lavender comes from the Latin word ‘lavare’ for ‘wash’. So, the meaning of lavender incense is cleaning.

Since early ages, the cleansing and disinfectant properties of lavender on body and mind were obvious. Lavender magical uses were exploited by the Egyptians for mummification to Indians for protection.

What is the Chakra of Lavender Incense?

Crown, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras are empowered by the use of lavender. Soak in the incense while activating or programming these chakras with crystals for a super-strong effect.

Which planet rules Lavender Incense?

Mercury and Venus are both the chieftain planets that rule Lavender. The messenger of gods, Mercury helps in speech therapy while Venus helps in matters of love when you burn the lavender incense.

Who is the Goddess of Lavender Incense?

  • Circe: The Enchantress Goddess
  • Cerrunos: Horned God
  • Medea: Goddess of Prophecy
  • Hecate: Greek Goddess of Magic

What is the Feng Shui of Lavender Incense?

Being simultaneously energizing and relaxing, the scent of lavender is widely used in Feng Shui. If you use lavender as the centerpiece in your home, the effects can be conflicting. Hence, add tiny lavender tints in your South or Southwest directions as it empowers the fire element ideally without clashing with any other feng shui elements.

Which is the Zodiac of Lavender Incense?

Virgo and Gemini are both found to get the most out of soaking in the scent of lavender incense.

Outlining the Metaphysical Benefits of Lavender Incense

20 Incense Smoke Cones   Mix of Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Osmanthus, Sakura   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

Have you heard the story that Adam and Eve took Lavender flowers with them when they were banished from the Garden of Eden? Well, that’s the only thing they took from paradise. Go figure!

Lavender has been around since the start of mankind and hence, we’ve methodized scores of uses of lavender incense on the body and mind. Below you will see the most popular five benefits of using the purple incense in your everyday life.

·      Balancing, Cleansing, and Purification

Being antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory, lavender is physically cleansing as much as spiritually purifying. It can repel insects just as the evil eye. Simply put, burning lavender incense will cleanse everything it touches.

For your mind, lavender incense can balance the emotions and clean the negative thoughts inside-out. When you have spent a day outside, radiation to the evil eye can hamper your mood. This is technical and can be practically removed by a lavender smudge with the incense. Try it if you haven’t already!

As for purification, you can use lavender scent to purify things living and non-living. I have described how to clean the room with lavender incense below. So, scroll on!

·      Meditation, Relaxation and Stress Relief

Being an anti-anxiety herb, lavender is more than a flower. When burned during meditation, it relaxes the muscles and empties the stress hormone in the brain, simultaneously replacing it with relaxin.

Lavender is also an anti-depressant that helps you keep your mind clear without distractions when meditating with it. The relaxation incense in purple is ideal if you’re constantly stressed out when you reach home from the office. Happens to my hubby and every evening before he reaches home, I add this lavender incense cone on this burner and let him soak in it while I give him a foot massage.

If you have a stressful job all day with computers and musical instruments like my husband, it’s best you invest in lavender incense right away!

·      Nightmares and Sleep Disorders

Does your kid wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares? Don’t worry, when I was a kid, I used to have the nasty habit of wetting my bed because of nightmares. Seems like my kid has the same episodes. But it all stopped when I burned this incense cone burner with lavender incense during the bedtime stories in her room.

It works like magic because lavender is quite like the sun. It helps to reset the circadian rhythm and puts you into a deep sleep. Without deep sleep, regeneration doesn’t happen. Moreover, the anti-depressant virtues of lavender propel happy memories in the brain such that your dreams will be happy too. It will dispel the negative thoughts so that you see good dreams alone!

·      For Love Spells and Fertility Rituals

The earliest love potion, Alpine women used to place lavender under the pillow of their lover to make them think about marriage more often. Another folklore is from the Tudors when the girls would drink the early morning dew from the flowers of lavender on St. Luke’s day to catch a vision of their true love.

All the effect of a soulmate and true love by lavender has to do with how it connects the heart to the crown chakra. If you’re a woman suffering from infertility, lavender can help you beget children too. How to do it? I have explained it under the next heading, so read on!

·      Spirit Communication and Astral Travel

Have you ever wanted to meet your guardian angel? Well, now you have a way.

Lavender helps to purify your karmic debts so that you can walk into the spirit realm without harm. When you meditate or lucid dream with a lavender incense burning under your bed, it tends to help you communicate with your spirit guide easily.

It doesn’t stop there, folks!

Lavender can also help you travel the cosmic world with your guardian angel too. Try it tonight!

How to Use Lavender Incense?

Did you know women used to throw wet clothes over lavender bushes for the fabric to absorb the lavender scent while drying? That’s just the tip of the iceberg on what you can do with lavender. Find out more about how to use lavender incense at home below!

1.    Lavender Incense With Crystals

10pcs Lavender Amethyst Gemstones

Purification rituals become easier when there is lavender incense burning in the background. This is because lavender scent amplifies the aura purification energy to do a better job in lesser time.

It is used for chakra training too when you use crystals of the specific chakras as lavender can align multiple chakras at once. 

How to use Lavender incense with Crystals?

  • Take your crown chakra crystal such as the amethyst.
  • Now light the incense and circle it over the stone thrice.
  • Let the stone soak in the smoke by keeping the incense behind the stone.
  • Now that your stone is cleansed, repeat your manifestation affirmation to program it.
  • Repeat it at least 7 times and visualize the smoke propelling your intentions.
  • Soak in the smoke and visualize the fruition for 20 minutes.

2.    Meditation with Lavender Incense

40 pcs/set Floral Incense Cones - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™As I said above, lavender incense is excellent to meditate with. It helps in relaxing your muscles so that you can slip into a meditative vibe easily.

  • Light the lavender incense.
  • Place it behind you.
  • Sit in a lotus position or however you feel comfortable.
  • Do deep breathing exercise.
  • Focus on your breathing.
  • Soon you will drift into a relaxation and calmth that will clear your mind.

3.    Lavender Incense for Infertility

50 Large Incense Cones - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™If you’ve been trying to conceive and nothing is happening, get your partner and a pack of lavender incense cones that are bound to work from AtPerrys. It’s famous already!

Do as I say below because my sister got preganant by this.

  • Light the lavender incense.
  • Sit in a lotus position opposite to your partner.
  • Keep the lavender incense in between.
  • Leave a distance of 4 feet in between you.
  • Take deep breaths.
  • Imagine the lavender smoke going through both of you.
  • Visualize the smoke making a baby in the reflection of both of you.
  • Chant the following prayer to the Hindu Goddess of Fertility called Parvati.

“ Om Bandhooka varnaam arunam sugathram,

Shambhum samudhisya sanairupetam,

Ambhoja mrudhweem abhilasha dathreem,

Sambhavaye nirjjara dharu kalpam”

The above is Parvati Mantra.

Repeat the exercise for a complete month. 

For more prayers to Parvati, click on this link.

Before you go …

Lavender is one of the best healing herbs in the world. It’s good for everyone and claims little to no side-effects. The easiest way to use lavender incense is by burning it in your bedroom for generating love vibes and passion.

Have you ever tried lavender? What did lavender incense make you feel? Tell us in the comments below!

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