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Secrets Behind The Fragrance Of Lily Incense

Secrets Behind The Fragrance Of Lily Incense

A flower native to England, lilies are the epitome of peace that sometimes they are called the peace lilies. They heal eye diseases to infections easily even trains the brain. Emotionally, lily is known to heal the scars and that’s why it has been renowned as a peace stone. Lily is a sacred flower hand-rolled from pure extracts to bring you the all-natural incense you can attune your mind to. Today we will learn all about the metaphysical properties and powers of lily incense in detail.

Let’s get started!

Defining the Features of Lily Incense

While most species of lilies are odorless, the once taken to make scents have a rare ability to make you feel intoxicated. Perhaps that’s why it is the 4th most popular flower in the world, right?

The first time I saw a lily, it was floating on the water. My mom loved the pink stargazer lilies and when I saw how this flower could live on both water and earth, I was enlightened. It was like a miracle flower bright under the orange sun of the mid-afternoon breeze. I fell in love with lily and followed mom’s lily love.

En route, I met with so many experiences that really define the metaphysical powers of lilies. I have tried gemstones with lilies and found stunning results of holistic healing that you must try too.

Let’s find out what lily can do for you.

What is the Chakra of Lily Incense?

The essence of Crown chakra is filled within the flower lily and in the hand rolled incense you get when you buy from us. “Crown Chakra is the last and core etheric chakra within us”. It helps you develop intuition and stay connected to multiple realms at once. Read more about crown chakra if this is the energy you’re looking for by clicking on this article.

Throat Chakra is the second powerful chakra that gets activated when you light up a lily incense in your room. Lily can help you be more honest, genuine and loyal to yourself and others around you. It is the scent of peace because it naturally invokes feelings of positivity and goodwill. You can learn about the metaphysical powers of throat chakra for lily incense in this post.

Which planet rules Lily Incense?

Mercury is the most prominent ruler of lily. When you light a lily, it can remedy the malefic effects of mercury too. If you’ve been having problems with your skin and lungs, you can seek the help of mercury by spending time with lily incense smoke. Mercury is the planet of communication and helps in awareness, personally. In short, all the blocks in your destiny will be removed if you seek the help of mercury with lily incense.

The next celestial body that influences lily hugely is the Moon. It is a flower that heralds the moon energy of rebirth and regeneration. It is the ruler of beauty and love. Being a water element ruler, moon enhances your social relationships and empathy. It helps you see the emotional side your life you’ve been missing out on. Moon helps to restart life on a positive note too.

Which is the Zodiac of Lily Incense?

Lily is a dual faceted incense serving two zodiacs really well. Gemini is the first zodiac sign that it serves well. If you were born under the constellation of Gemini, using lily incense in your everyday life can do significant things. Often playful, you can also get moody and lily incense meditation can enhance your mood and keep you cheery.

If you’re a Virgo, pride always gets in your way. With lily incense in your life, you can scale your aims and ambitions like a winner because it makes you naturally lucky. Your perfectionist and possessive tendency will cease if you spend more time with lily incense. It connects you with nature and humble reality you’ve been missing.

Another zodiac that benefits from the use of lily incense is Taurus. Lily helps to calm down and focus on the reality for a Taurian. Your stubbornness and head-weight will come down. Soaking in the scent of lily will help you stay committed, dedicated and successful in your ambitions.

Who is the Goddess of Lily Incense?

Given by Apollo to Aesculapius, the Roman God of Healing, Lily beckons the power of this healer man-god. Aesculapius is a healer god who was actually as human as you and me. Aesculapius or Asclepiads can be noted from Iliad from 8th century B.C.E. He was the first healer to have a staff and snake. He also has a tiny assistant by the name Telesphoros.

Offering prayers to Aesculapius used to provide devotees with manifestations of their desires. Lily is an incense that was used to invoke Aesculapius into the temple. Healing ability of Aesculapius will be transcended to the person who prays with the incense made of lilies.

What is the Feng Shui of Lily Incense?

When you place a lily incense in the south or southeast corner of your house, it can spread vibrations of harmony and growth. Actually south is the direction of love and marriage, so lighting lily incense in your bedroom is an aphrodisiac with many medicinal effects.

On the other hand, southeast and northern corner of your house invokes spiritual growth. You will experience enlightening situations and revaluation of self-growth as well as that of your spirit when you spend time with lily incense lit in the northern corner direction on the compass. Easy right? Try it today!

Outlining the Metaphysical Benefits of Lily Incense

Lily is the flower of humility and prayer. White lily is a sacrificial flower that marks new beginnings. This second-anniversary flower when hand roller from organic extracts can create mystical vibrations to awaken energies you never knew existed within you. It is the flower of innocence and what you will experience in the extreme trance of lily incense are many boons.

I will explain one-by-one so that your metaphysical focus is precise when you do the session yourself.  

·      Peace, Harmony and Sleep  

The biggest merit of lily is that it’s a peace flower. When you smoke the incense made from these lily flowers, it emanates vibrations of peace. Positivity will spread everywhere and fights will stop. People with hatred in their heart will be cleansed. There will be the echo of cooperation and calmness everywhere.

Another beauty of lily essence and its striking peace is the way it soothes the body. Once you soak in the fragrance of lily essence,  

·      Safety and Talismanic Powers

Anointing incense made from natural and organic lilies behave like amulets protecting you. It is an incense you can use to increase the defense energies of your house when living in a crowded area. Lily helps to repel negative energies without stop. When smoked in the morning, lily incense can purify your aura to protect you for the rest of the day.

·      Health and Healing

If you’re looking for incense that imparts health, Lily is the one you will fall in love with. It can relieve sacral chakra disorders including that of pregnancy problems. Infertility in men and women can be resolved by including lily scent in your life. The overall healing of lily also resolves sight or vision problems.   

·      Meditation and Mindfulness   

To be fully immersed in a space is to commit to a goal. When you’re meditating, the essence and fragrance of lily can help you stay focused and push the distractions away. The scent of lily helps you see your actions in visualization. It lasts throughout the day whenever I light lily in the morning.

·      Memory and Brain Power

Another fancy power of lily is how it influences the brain. When you inhale the scent of lily from our natural incense, it can boost your brain power by relaxing your nerves. It helps to light up the logical centers of the brain and treat forgetfulness. Lily being a crown chakra scent, the sky is not the limit with it!

Which Gemstones Works best with lily incense?

Natural Selenite Tower - Raw Gemstone

The best stone that works with a lily incense is Selenite. The stone of moon goddess Selene, the gypsum stone is a sacred crystal. It awakens the crown chakra to help you become aware of not only your reality but the etheric realm too.

Selenite works wonders when used by a Taurus born person with lily incense burning in the backdrop. It is the scent of Gods and no affirmation will go unturned if you try it on a full moon night.

Selenite helps to balance emotions and boost your ability of telepathy when used parallel to lily. It reveals your destiny, fate and the bigger picture. Use it always before starting any ritual because it is just as powerful as a clear quartz!

Click here to know read more about Selenite in this healing crystal handbook.

When to Use Lily Incense?

40 pcs/set Floral Incense Cones - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Lily is a sacred scent. You and I both get it. But, where do we use it? The best occasions for lily are many. That’s why I cherry-picked the top five so that you can try at least one by the end of this post with your selenite.

Remember that Lily is a sacred fragrance, that’s why using a gemstone with it such as selenite will cleanse you and make you scared too. Let’s begin!

1.    Protection Charm of Lily of the Valley

When you use lily at your home, it cleanses and sanctifies the place. You can use the charm and power of lily to perpetually protect you by lighting the incense made of lily at your entrance. It will protect your home and the energies that come into it.

Lily of the valley can repel psychic attacks, curses and black magic or evil eye out of your way. It is a sacred scent that beckons the power of moon to brighten your space and keep negative energies away.

2.    Fertility Rituals with Lily Incense

When you’ve been trying to conceive for years, your hope in birth can fade. Don’t let it happen to you. Make your dream of becoming a mother or father real by using a lily incense in your bedroom.

You can meditate together when you light lily incense at night before going to bed too. Fertility grids that are purified with lily incense also favor pregnancy and conception. It can also make you more passionate by working on your sacral chakra. Do you know any other fertility ritual? We’d love to know in the comments below!

3.    For Passing Exams and Interviews

Are you afraid you’re going to flunk in your upcoming exams? Perhaps you have an interview for your dream job and you can’t do anything but freak out. For any of these hurdles, lily can melt the thorns out of your way.

The day before the interview or the exam, use lily incense in your study room or where you prepare. Light it as an anointing scent before you go for your interview or exam. The invigilators will realize your luck and question paper will be easier than you expected.

4.    Crystals First Aid Kit

Another little know power of lily incense is how it can purify wounds and speed recovery. If you had a minor cut or burn and want it to heal quickly, soak yourself in lily incense.

If you’ve been going through a difficult time, emotionally, lily incense can help. Just spend time in prayer while the lily incense is lit!

5.    Spiritual Attunement with Lily Incense

If you want to elevate your mind to the universe it can’t see, lily can show it to you. All you need to do is choose your favorite stone, spirit stone and meditate. Lily can enhance your visualization and make you see destiny easily. It will take you on a calm and quiet type of astral travel unlike the rollercoaster ride it generally is.

Before you go …

Are you in love with lily? What do you use it for? Ever tried lily with selenite? Share your date of birth below and I will tell you if lily is right for you.

Stay powerful~


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