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AtPerry's Healing Crystals - Crystals for Sale

What is AtPerry's Crystal Shop?

Founded in 2015, AtPerry’s is a metaphysical store that sells rocks, healing crystals, gemstones and jewelry for all your needs. The store was started out of the enlightening powers of crystals discovered by our founder on his hitchhike across Asia. We believe healing crystals are fruits of Mother Gaia and these powers must be shared with all of humanity. As our crew hunts for the best crystals and crystal jewelry every day, you can be assured we’ve got the best collection of gemstone and gemstone jewelry.

AtPerry’s aspires to bring natural healing crystals to your doorstep at the best price with Free Worldwide shipping.

May our healing crystals make all your dreams come true!

Read more About AtPerry’s History and Vision.

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What Are Healing Crystals?

Crystals are alive. Born inside Mother Earth, crystal energy can be felt just like heat or cold. For chakra training to astrological remedies, discover healing crystals.

Healing Crystals are natural beings just like the trees, mountain or flowers. The result of diverse chemical reactions inside the earth over a millennium, gemstones are a true wonder of nature. When you touch a healing crystal, there is a transfer of heat and energy that leads to activation of chakra points. These therapeutic powers noticed in the presence of gemstones are the reason they are called healing crystals. With some crystals as old as the earth, there is immense wisdom in crystal use.

Essentially rocks with metaphysical powers, healing crystals have a history of 5000 years! They can influence your body, mind and spirit. Learn more about individual crystals in our FREE Healing Crystal Handbook. From astrology to chakra, benefits and uses, we have covered everything you need to know in the Crystal Handbooks!

One of the purifying crystals with the energy of Moon Goddess Selene within it, Selenite is a stone of many wonders. It can bring precognition and clairvoyance when you meditate with the stone. Selene stone is a gypsum widely available around the world. It rouses your higher chakras to make you intuitive and spiritually perceptive. Circling selenite over other crystals or chakra areas help to cleanse it. 

Wearing and using selenite will also attract light of prosperity and goodwill into your life. It is believed to be the stone that helped God create the world and us in it. Find out the things about selenite to blow your mind.

Purple is the color of enlightenment. It is the central color of crown chakra located above your head. Purple brings grounding and peace to the onlooker. The mysteries and magic of purple can change your life. Explore everything about the color, benefits, uses and powers of the purple color crystals.

One of a kind gemstone that shimmers with a metallic hue, hematite rings are worn for balance. A soft stone that prevents evil energies from striking you, hematite controls your root chakra. Located at the end of your spine, root chakra helps you ground away from negativity and evil energies.

Our crystal experts have sat together and devised benefits of hematite rings and ways to use hematite rings for exclusive intentions and desires. Find out all about right away!

Financial wealth is almost everyone’s problem around the world. How to get rid of debt? Want to find success in your career? Perhaps you want to earn a new promotion or a raise. Whatever be your financial trouble, find out the right crystals for attracting money and abundance into your life.

Embracing the energy of these handpicked crystals can bring financial freedom, luxury and prosperity into your life. Many of the listed crystals are also powerful good luck charms to win jackpots and lotteries too.

What is a Crystal Wand? 

Formed naturally or polished with one or two terminations and six faces, a crystal wand is a powerful prop of power. It was used since the ancient times by shamans and wizards. Now you can learn all about the umpteen ways of using a crystal wand on you or the space around you for specific intentions. From types of crystal wands to choosing your crystal wand, our crystal experts can guide you.

Blog post on the complete guide to healing crystal wands describes how to use crystal wands for purification and protection too.

Display Top 5 Healing Crystal Handbooks of Opal, Amethyst, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Garnet

What Can Healing Crystals Do?

·     Physical Healing

Healing crystals can affect your physical functions. A crown chakra crystal will boost brain power and heal neural disorders while a heart chakra healing crystal will stabilize your blood pressure, heart disorders and lungs. Third eye chakra gemstones take care of your eyesight, hearing and face. Sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra gemstones can diagnose and heal your gut problems. Root chakra crystal gives you balance and relief from headaches, dizziness or vertigo.

·     Emotional Healing

From heartbreak to grief and sadness, healing crystals can also help you balance emotions. It helps you become understanding by increasing your empathic abilities. Heart chakra healing crystals are best cure for pain. Crystals help you see the bigger picture and grow your emotional intelligence.

·     Spiritual Healing

When you bond with a crystal, it can make you intuitive and psychic. You might meet your spirit guide or find your destiny. Spiritual awareness and enlightenment with crystals help you enter a deep-meditative state. It will help your retribution for karmic sins. Gemstones open your spiritual eye to perceive what the naked eye cannot.

How to Use Healing Crystals?

·     Crystal Programming

You can program healing crystals by pointing it at an area on the body. Crystal wands are excellent for focusing the energy of the crystals accurately.

·     Chakra Healing Crystal Therapy

You can use healing crystals for healing or strengthening weak chakras. We have 114 total chakras with seven, most important. By placing the crystal on a chakra point, it is possible to activate it for individual powers.

·     Feng Shui and Astrology

Feng Shui is the art of harnessing positive energies in a space. You can use healing crystals for cultivating good energy and remedying your astrological problems. Wearing healing crystal jewelry according to zodiac sign is ideal for rectifying the faults in your stars.

·     Healing Crystal Grid

When you place healing crystals in a symmetrical fashion and activate it with a crystal wand, the pattern is charged to send messages to the universe. A healing crystal grid uses sophisticated symmetry for manifestation.

·     Meditation with Healing Crystals

Healing crystals each have a different energy. You can discover the healing energies by meditating while touching a crystal. It enhances your meditative mindset by affecting your brainwaves to blood circulation.

·     Acoustic Crystal Programming

You can also charge healing crystals you have with sound waves, especially those of a Tibetan Singing bowl. Using a Himalayan wooden mallet and copper bowl, you can create sounds that energize your crystals.

·     Healing Crystals Jewelry

You can wear rings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, necklaces and earrings studded with healing crystals to carry the healing energies wherever you go. Healing crystal jewelry keeps your chakras connected and in alignment all the time.

Be Naturally Powerful Wherever You Go!

How Do Our Crystals Looks in Real Life?

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    Our crystals are one of a kind. They are a standout addition to your wardrobe because our crystals and crystal jewelry are designed with suave.


      Comfortable to work with or wear all-day long, our crystals are comfortable to handle. Jewelry is constructed for cozy and snag-free wear.


        The metaphysical energies of a crystal make it strong. You will feel bold and beautiful wearing healing crystal jewelry.

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