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Which Feng Shui crystals to Cleanse and Charge your New House

Which Feng Shui crystals to Cleanse and Charge your New House

Are you wondering which crystals to cleanse your house before you begin the stay. From attracting positivity to your house to luck, fortune and peace, Feng Shui Crystals can bring many things into your home in addition to erasing the negativity left by the previous owners!

Which Feng Shui crystals to Cleanse and Charge your New House

Read more on using feng shui using crystals for health and body.

Crystals to heal your New House

Which Feng Shui crystals to Cleanse and Charge your New House

From psychic disturbances to health concerns, there are many things negativity from an old house can enter or hinder your life. Whenever you’re shifting to a new house, placing these crystals and conducting the cleansing exercise is essential to renew the aura around the house.

·         Aragonite

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Aragonite emanates wood energy and welcomes energies for safeguarding families and their health within the home. In addition to revitalizing each inhabitant of a house, Aragonite also improves meditation and peace within the home.

This aragonite pendant is an ideal grounding stone is excellent to repel negativity from the neighborhood when placed in the East and Southeast areas of your house.

·         Clear Quartz

Quartz family is known to emanate diverse forms of harmony within the family and home. Clear quartz is a cleansing and amplification stone with endless energy to repel the harm aimed towards your house. It clears the smoggy aura of the previous owners and clears the space from any evil from the past as well.

It is ideal to keep this clear quartz ball in the form of a crystal grid in the central area of your home for a night before moving into the house.

·         Jade

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An amulet for your home, Jade emanates soothing energies that attract peace, happiness, relief and money to your household. Keeping these jade balls in every room helps to diffuse positive energy all around your home and make everyone feel relaxed.

The productive vibe is one of the best-used benefits of jade crystals and using jade stones with darker energies signify potent power such as this beauty.  

·         Rose Quartz

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A mandatory crystal recommended by architects for ages, Rose Quartz must be kept at the right hand corner of your home. It is ideal to make crystal grids with the help of rose quartz stones for every room to help the family members heal their heartaches easily and channel the same into positivity.

The gentle energy of this rose quartz egg is ideal for feng shui as well as an ornament.

·         Tiger Eye

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Yet another amplifying crystal used to power up the energy of other crystals at your home, Tiger Eye can also boost the concentration and productivity in the family members residing at home. The master protector is renowned throughout ages as the best stone to nourish your family from all its distress, as well as ailments.

Keep this heart shaped Tiger Eye to keep your family grounded and away from the harms of the evil eye and intoxications.

·         Landscape Jasper

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For new constructions to house warming functions, landscape jasper is an ideal stone to seal and lock your happiness at home. An intricate part of Vasthu Shasthra or the ancient way of locating favorable parameters to build homes on a plot, landscape jasper unifies the elemental forces to attract prosperity, joy and abundance in your home.

Keep this Landscape Jasper close to your heart or at the most important part of your house with regular cleansing.

·         Carnelian

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The orange healing crystal is widely known for awakening dormant talent within each of us. Wearing carnelian as well as keeping it at your front door dispels negativities from harming your home or people dwelling within it.

Remember to keep this carnelian palm crystal as a dream catcher or as the showcase item as close to the front entry of your home as possible to dispel the evil eye before it enters your sanctity.

·         Amethyst

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A crystal popularized throughout its history for being the stone of de-addiction and sobriety, amethyst is a grounding crystal too. Advised to place in each room, raw amethysts are ideal for absorbing stress and negativity too.

When placed close to the bed, this Genuine Purple Amethyst Crystal Quartz in Tear Drop Air Plant Terrarium Kit also emanates waves that connect with your brain waves to introduce deep sleep.

·         Black Obsidian

Setting a permanent place for the blackest obsidian you can find in your home gives you the shield from psychic disturbances. Veteran advice is to keep the black obsidian stone in a place where most activities at home take places such as a verandah, hallway or living room.

Hanging this black obsidian stones around the house will help in clarifying ideas and taking pragmatic decisions throughout your stay in the house. 

Before you go …

Which Feng Shui crystals to Cleanse and Charge your New House

As a bonus, it is best to add the right crystals than too many crystals as an overpowering mingling of crystal energies create unfavorable physical and spiritual reactions. Choose your favorite stone and spread it around the house in an aesthetic and energy-focused manner.

Tell us all about your Feng shui crystals below!

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