Selenite - These 9 Things About Selenite Will Blow your Mind

by Ceida Uilyc June 19, 2019

These 9 Things about Selenite Will Blow your Mind

One of the few purification crystals that can also amplify the power of other crystals, selenite is a white to orange gemstone that opens your highest chakras. Gypsum stone can absorb evil energies and transform you. Today we will learn Selene Stone facts dug from the secret vaults of expert crystal users. If you’re smitten by selenite, this is all you need to get started as a professional Selene crystal user.

Ready to find out all the secrets of the stone of Selene Goddess?

What is Selenite?

piece of orange selenite

Crystal form of gypsum that opens the higher chakras of crown and third eye, selenite is also blessed by the power of Moon Goddess Selene. It is a memory strengthening divination stone that guides your path and takes you to your destiny.

White to orange in colors, Selene Stone is non-toxic, but it can dissolve in water. If you just ordered a gypsum stone, do not wash it with water as immersing the stone can totally dissolve selenite.  

9 Things About Selenite You Never Knew

Be it is a selenite wand or lamp that you’re smitten by, it never hurts to know more about the stone you love. Selene Stoneis a mystic crystal with many powers. It is seen in varieties of Satin Spar and desert rose too. A personal transformation stone for beginners, Selene Stone can do different things for different people.

I touched the first gypsum stone eight years ago on a full moon and it was divine. It could feel the moon energy in white glowing through my hands to the chakra points. Let’s find out everything about gypsum stone in detail.

1.    Selenite is Stone God Used to Create Life

Natural Selenite Tower - Raw Gemstoneraw stone
Natural Selenite Tower - Raw Gemstone; $42.95 USD

Let me tell you the story of selenite.

When God was creating life, he took a long breath and blew it into the divine light that shattered on earth and formed Selene Stone crystals. Interesting right? If you meditate with the stone, you might see the divine light the legends talk about.

Do you know you can tie a selenite crystal on a tree that does not bear fruit to make it blossom?

Selene Stoneis the very stone that gives life because God used it too. You can use gypsum stone to revitalize your spirit. In Mesopotamian civilization, gypsum stone was kept by the side of the sick to ward away diseases and evil energies. When bonded, Selene Stone can show you the meaning of your life.

2.    Crystals of Selenite are Self Cleansing

selenite wands

Do you know crystals have to be cleaned periodically? That’s because they absorb negativity in the space and surroundings easily. But that’s not the case with selenite. Gemstone gypsum is self-cleansing and you don’t need to clean it.

Gypsum Stone is composed of the rays of divine light. All the evil energy it absorbs; selenite can eject it away upwards. It is a crystal of higher grounding. Gypsum Stone of Selene makes you serene and lightweight. The divine light will absorb all the negativity crowding your head. I have felt that Selene Stone is a high vibration crystal. Do you feel so too?

3.    Selenite Gemstone for Cleaning other Stones

selenite with other crystals

I already told you why gemstones need cleansing periodically and almost religiously. For gypsum crystal, self-cleansing is not the only ability, it can cleanse other stones too. Selenite can absorb the negativity of the other crystals, such as the fire opal pendant you wore all day!  

The crystal can be used in many ways to cleanse other crystals. You can circle Selene Stone over other crystals thrice just like you would do with a clear quartz wand. Gypsum Stone will rotate and scram up the negativity easily. You can also keep a Selene Stone keep next to a gemstone or touch it to cleanse it.

4.    Intuition is an Ability Gained from Selenite

Selenite in hands

As selenite can open your crown chakra, it brings a lot of goodies with it. Crown chakra activation is also excellent for raising your intuition. You will begin to hear your inner voice and communicate with it. Intuition will also make you see visions about dangers before they happen.

The intuitive ability of Selene Stone is a power that helps you foresee the future and your destiny. It can help you raise your third eye chakra to find psychic protection powers too. Selenite and its powers of crown chakra can be explained here. But, if it is third eye chakra that you want to activate with Selene Stone, click here.

5.    Selenite Gives Psychic Awareness  

9 Things about Selenite wands spheres

When you receive the voices of spirits and beings from other realms, it is called psychic awareness. With Selene Stone , you don’t need a bona fide gift as the stone activates psychic abilities automatically. All you need to do is bond with the gypsum crystal.

I like to keep the gypsum stone on my crown chakra to make me more aware about my subconscious thoughts. This is proven when you’re stressed. Selenite can be held at eye level and gazed into for direction and guidance. You will start seeing what other people can’t see.

6.    Spirit Communication with Selenite

Natural Rough Orange Selenite Crystal Raw Gemstoneraw stone

Natural Rough Orange Selenite Crystal Raw Gemstone; $35.95 USD

You hear angels on full moon night? Perhaps you’ve heard or seen spirits. If you want to strengthen your spirit communication skills, you don’t need a throat chakra stone. All you need is a Selene Stone. Touch it on your throat or point it at your throat before a spirit welcoming ritual to see the wonder.

Selene Stone can link your reality with that of the spirits. It is a stone that enhances your psychic awareness, making it easy for you to communicate with spirit energies.

7.    Selenite can Cleanse People and Places Too

Selenite heart

Selenite can cleanse itself. It can cleanse other crystals. What else can Selene Stone crystals purify? It can purify spaces and people too! Don’t worry if someone touched your crystal, it will repair itself without breaking.

Gypsum Crystal can also be kept anywhere to cleanse that space. If you live in a place full of traffic and electromagnetic stress, the crystal rays of Selene Stone can absorb all of it. Gypsum crystal removes negativity from your life. It can dispel hexes and curses that are aimed at you when you place a desert rose at the entrance of your house.

8.    Moon Energy with Selenite Wand

Natural Selenite Wand for Healing Reiki Chakra (2.7"-3.5")Wand
Natural Selenite Wand for Healing Reiki Chakra; $19.99 USD

Do you know about full moon cleanse? I hope you do, if not check it here. Well, with full moon, powerful energies come down to earth. If you keep a gypsum crystal wand out in the moonlight to soak the moon energies, it will become powerful.

Selenite wand rituals and manifestation will be quick when you set it on the full moon night. That’s because Selene Stone is believed to encompass the powers of Selene Goddess of the moon according to the Greeks.

9.    Selenite is a Karmic Therapy Stone

selenite stone

If you’re troubled in this life, chances are you’ve done something terrible in your previous life. Selene Stone can cleanse all of these karmic debts by spreading the divine white light.

Crystal users believe Selene Stone can guide you to do penance for all the bad karma in your previous lives. Gypsum Stone works on the psyche by opening your crown chakra and changing your perspective in this life.

10.    Selenite for Good Luck

Natural Selenite Quartz Crystal Lamp
Natural Selenite Quartz Crystal Lamp; $51 USD

When you think of good luck, citrine is the first stone that pops into your mind, right? Do you know selenite can remove obstacles in the way of your wealth and attract financial independence to you? It is one of the special stones that can bring abundance and prosperity into your life. How? Selenite is liquid light. It can dissolve the negativity and hurdles or challenges you are facing in life.

When you embrace the power of Selenite, it will remove failures from your life. The stone is a magnet for success. And through success, good luck will be your charm.

Before you go …

Found everything about Selene Stone? Anything bothering you about the stone selenite? Share it with our crystal community with your DOB and I will tell you if it’s the right stone for you.

Stay powerful~

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

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Gillian Edwards
Gillian Edwards

October 31, 2019

My date of birth is 27/1075. Can you please tell me if Selenite is the right crystal for me?

Rose Fraser
Rose Fraser

October 25, 2019

Was wondering which crystal suits me … My dob is June 3, 1955. Thank you

Wendy Fish
Wendy Fish

October 14, 2019

I am interested in learning more about crystals and I was wondering if selenite was a crystal that was good for me. My dob is 11/21/1964. Thank you

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