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These 9 Things about Selenite Will Blow your Mind

Selenite - These 9 Things About Selenite Will Blow your Mind

One of the few purification crystals that can also amplify the power of other crystals, selenite is a white to orange gemstone that opens your highest chakras. Gypsum stone can absorb evil energies and transform you. Today we will learn Selene Stone facts dug from the secret vaults of expert crystal users. If you’re smitten by selenite, this is all you need to get started as a professional Selene crystal user.

Ready to find out all the secrets of the stone of Selene Goddess?

What is Selenite?

piece of orange selenite

Crystal form of gypsum that opens the higher chakras of crown and third eye, selenite is also blessed by the power of Moon Goddess Selene. It is a memory strengthening divination stone that guides your path and takes you to your destiny.

White to orange in colors, Selene Stone is non-toxic, but it can dissolve in water. If you just ordered a gypsum stone, do not wash it with water as immersing the stone can totally dissolve selenite.  

9 Things About Selenite You Never Knew

Be it is a selenite wand or lamp that you’re smitten by, it never hurts to know more about the stone you love. Selene Stoneis a mystic crystal with many powers. It is seen in varieties of Satin Spar and desert rose too. A personal transformation stone for beginners, Selene Stone can do different things for different people.

I touched the first gypsum stone eight years ago on a full moon and it was divine. It could feel the moon energy in white glowing through my hands to the chakra points. Let’s find out everything about gypsum stone in detail.

1.    Selenite is Stone God Used to Create Life

Natural Selenite Tower - Raw Gemstoneraw stone
Natural Selenite Tower - Raw Gemstone; $42.95 USD

Let me tell you the story of selenite.

When God was creating life, he took a long breath and blew it into the divine light that shattered on earth and formed Selene Stone crystals. Interesting right? If you meditate with the stone, you might see the divine light the legends talk about.

Do you know you can tie a selenite crystal on a tree that does not bear fruit to make it blossom?

Selene Stoneis the very stone that gives life because God used it too. You can use gypsum stone to revitalize your spirit. In Mesopotamian civilization, gypsum stone was kept by the side of the sick to ward away diseases and evil energies. When bonded, Selene Stone can show you the meaning of your life.

2.    Crystals of Selenite are Self Cleansing

selenite wands

Do you know crystals have to be cleaned periodically? That’s because they absorb negativity in the space and surroundings easily. But that’s not the case with selenite. Gemstone gypsum is self-cleansing and you don’t need to clean it.

Gypsum Stone is composed of the rays of divine light. All the evil energy it absorbs; selenite can eject it away upwards. It is a crystal of higher grounding. Gypsum Stone of Selene makes you serene and lightweight. The divine light will absorb all the negativity crowding your head. I have felt that Selene Stone is a high vibration crystal. Do you feel so too?

3.    Selenite Gemstone for Cleaning other Stones

selenite with other crystals

I already told you why gemstones need cleansing periodically and almost religiously. For gypsum crystal, self-cleansing is not the only ability, it can cleanse other stones too. Selenite can absorb the negativity of the other crystals, such as the fire opal pendant you wore all day!  

The crystal can be used in many ways to cleanse other crystals. You can circle Selene Stone over other crystals thrice just like you would do with a clear quartz wand. Gypsum Stone will rotate and scram up the negativity easily. You can also keep a Selene Stone keep next to a gemstone or touch it to cleanse it.

4.    Intuition is an Ability Gained from Selenite

Selenite in hands

As selenite can open your crown chakra, it brings a lot of goodies with it. Crown chakra activation is also excellent for raising your intuition. You will begin to hear your inner voice and communicate with it. Intuition will also make you see visions about dangers before they happen.

The intuitive ability of Selene Stone is a power that helps you foresee the future and your destiny. It can help you raise your third eye chakra to find psychic protection powers too. Selenite and its powers of crown chakra can be explained here. But, if it is third eye chakra that you want to activate with Selene Stone, click here.

5.    Selenite Gives Psychic Awareness  

9 Things about Selenite wands spheres

When you receive the voices of spirits and beings from other realms, it is called psychic awareness. With Selene Stone , you don’t need a bona fide gift as the stone activates psychic abilities automatically. All you need to do is bond with the gypsum crystal.

I like to keep the gypsum stone on my crown chakra to make me more aware about my subconscious thoughts. This is proven when you’re stressed. Selenite can be held at eye level and gazed into for direction and guidance. You will start seeing what other people can’t see.

6.    Spirit Communication with Selenite

Natural Rough Orange Selenite Crystal Raw Gemstoneraw stone

Natural Rough Orange Selenite Crystal Raw Gemstone; $35.95 USD

You hear angels on full moon night? Perhaps you’ve heard or seen spirits. If you want to strengthen your spirit communication skills, you don’t need a throat chakra stone. All you need is a Selene Stone. Touch it on your throat or point it at your throat before a spirit welcoming ritual to see the wonder.

Selene Stone can link your reality with that of the spirits. It is a stone that enhances your psychic awareness, making it easy for you to communicate with spirit energies.

7.    Selenite can Cleanse People and Places Too

Selenite heart

Selenite can cleanse itself. It can cleanse other crystals. What else can Selene Stone crystals purify? It can purify spaces and people too! Don’t worry if someone touched your crystal, it will repair itself without breaking.

Gypsum Crystal can also be kept anywhere to cleanse that space. If you live in a place full of traffic and electromagnetic stress, the crystal rays of Selene Stone can absorb all of it. Gypsum crystal removes negativity from your life. It can dispel hexes and curses that are aimed at you when you place a desert rose at the entrance of your house.

8.    Moon Energy with Selenite Wand

Natural Selenite Wand for Healing Reiki Chakra (2.7"-3.5")Wand
Natural Selenite Wand for Healing Reiki Chakra; $19.99 USD

Do you know about full moon cleanse? I hope you do, if not check it here. Well, with full moon, powerful energies come down to earth. If you keep a gypsum crystal wand out in the moonlight to soak the moon energies, it will become powerful.

Selenite wand rituals and manifestation will be quick when you set it on the full moon night. That’s because Selene Stone is believed to encompass the powers of Selene Goddess of the moon according to the Greeks.

9.    Selenite is a Karmic Therapy Stone

selenite stone

If you’re troubled in this life, chances are you’ve done something terrible in your previous life. Selene Stone can cleanse all of these karmic debts by spreading the divine white light.

Crystal users believe Selene Stone can guide you to do penance for all the bad karma in your previous lives. Gypsum Stone works on the psyche by opening your crown chakra and changing your perspective in this life.

10.    Selenite for Good Luck

Natural Selenite Quartz Crystal Lamp
Natural Selenite Quartz Crystal Lamp; $51 USD

When you think of good luck, citrine is the first stone that pops into your mind, right? Do you know selenite can remove obstacles in the way of your wealth and attract financial independence to you? It is one of the special stones that can bring abundance and prosperity into your life. How? Selenite is liquid light. It can dissolve the negativity and hurdles or challenges you are facing in life.

When you embrace the power of Selenite, it will remove failures from your life. The stone is a magnet for success. And through success, good luck will be your charm.

The first historical mention of the gemstone selenite is found in Mesopotamia. Archaeologists say selenite was one of the chief ingredients used to build sick rooms as it was believed to cleanse out evil spirits easily. In fact, banishing with selenite is popular in early scriptures. You can find crystal rituals and concoction recipes that considers selenite as Ninurta, which when mixed with Bitumen, ousts Assakku, the demon of all evil.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

Selenite has different shapes and forms throughout history and its various civilizations. One of the popular Kabbalistic myth believes god created vessels of divine light in the beginning. Although the vessels of divine light got shattered right after he created them. Kabala believes selenite contains these light rays as it is always striving to reunite the divine light to the heavens as it was intended to.

In the medieval ages, selenite was believed to contain the image and soul of the moon. People believed selenite grew and shrank according to the moon’s phases.

·        Alternate Names of Selenite

Gypsum, Satin Spar, Divine Light, Liquid Light and Desert Rose;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

·        Hardness of Selenite on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

·        Origin of Selenite

Morocco, Algeria, U.S.A, Sahara Desert, Australia, Italy, Peru, England, and China;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

·        Selenite Represents the God

  • Selene: Goddess of Moon, Greek;
Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite


    ·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Selenite


    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    ·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Selenite


    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    ·        Selenite Color energies

    White, Green, Brown, Yellow, Black, Blue, Orange, Red, White and Indigo;

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    ·        Numerical Vibration of Selenite


    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    ·        Selenite activates the Chakra (s)

    Crown and Higher Chakras

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    ·        Selenite Properties: Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Selenite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    Besides selenite containing anti-venomous esoteric elements, the Greeks were stubborn that selenite was nothing but the moon, sometime ago. The ethereal radiance emanating from selenite has acclaimed many celestial natures.

    Scientifically called gypsum, selenite originates from the Greek word for ‘moon’ called selene.  When you analyse selenite, you get calcium sulphate in its hydrated form. The innocent looking gemstone is an orifice of positive energy. It contains very little flaws and striations that stretch until the end of the crystal. The formation of selenite can be briefed as crystallization of water locked in land areas.

    The enlightenment stone for higher chakras, selenite portrays perfect lattices with least breakage, even with a low mohs hardness. Moreover, selenite comes from a unique category of crystals that need not be recharged as it can do so on its own.

    1.    Selenite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    The most popular variety of gypsum, selenite is the transparent variety of Gypsum. It is a unique gemstone with its own properties. Selenite is categorized as the colorless type of gypsum and is crucial for awakening higher chakra powers. It is seen rarely with opaque texture when with geode and is named as a translation of ‘Moon’.

    2.    Satin Spar

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    A unique variety of selenite or colorless variety of gypsum, satin spar has silky to fibrous crystal lattice looking akin to satin fabric. Satin Spar selenite is often revered as the pearly stone of higher chakra powers. If you’re lucky, you can see satin spar selenite with coloration too.

    3.    Desert Rose

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    When selenite is seen with rose shaped crystals, it is called Desert Rose. Exhibiting colors such as yellow to orange, desert rose is a unique variety of gypsum with exceptional powers. The mid chakra gemstone made from gypsum is seen with a scaly crystal structure that looks like the petals of a rose.

    4.    Sand Gypsum

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    The mix of gypsum with sand results in Sand Gypsum. Seen in white distinct tiny stones, sand gypsum can be opaque or transparent. You can find gypsum sand in New Mexico and observe it at White Sands National Monument. The unique variety of gemstone is considered excellent for Garden Feng Shui.

    5.    Alabaster

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    A massive variety of gypsum with fine grains, alabaster is named after the color it emanates. The unique variety of gypsum gemstone is also used to refer to the banded aragonite gemstone. Alabaster Gypsum is seen in pure white to light pink and yellow shades. It is considered excellent for multiple higher chakras such as heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.

    6.    Salmon Alabaster

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    A unique variety of Alabaster Gypsum from Russia, Salmon Alabaster is seen in salmon pink color. It is often seen with yellow to orange and deep salmon pink colors with opaque texture. Salmon alabaster is excellent for speeding recovery of immunity in the wearer.  

    7.    Ram’s horn

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    A curvy variety of Gypsum that is a lookalike of the horn of a Ram. Sediment in white curves on a grey-white backstone is the characteristic of Ram’s Horn Gypsum. The unique variety of gypsum awakens third eye chakras and help you reform. Ram’s Horn is seen in white, brown, yellow, orange and grey colors.

    8.    Yellow Gypsum

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    Looking akin to yellow topaz, yellow gypsum is most favored in transparent varieties. The mid chakra stone is seen in a wide range of colors, and often with blurring inclusions. Gypsum selenite in yellow is a calming stone with immense powers.

    9.    Atacamite Gypsum

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    The green variety of gypsum is often seen with the presence of atacamite, giving it the special tone. Atacamite gypsum is seen in a variety of colors, shades and dynamic patterns. The green gypsum variety can form scaly structures and mushy black-green patterns on the gemstone. It exhibits colors such as dark emerald green, pale yellow, beach, white and black.

    Another variety of atacamite gypsum is paratacamite gypsum, which is the name for geode variety of gypsum.

    10. Gypsum Rock

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    When a rock is found with a high composition of gypsum, it is called gypsum rock. Often, gypsum rocks are found around the world with many inclusions of Calcite, Clay, Dolomite and Halite. It is considered excellent for the stability of the wearer!

    11. Gypsum Quartz

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    Gemstone gypsum mixed with clear quartz forms Gypsum Quartz.  It is a powerful gemstone to amplify your crown chakra powers. Gypsum Quartz is often seen in double terminated quartz crystals and can harbor powerful energies when worn as pendants.

    12. Gypsum malachite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    When gypsum healing crystals exist with the green stone malachite, it is called gypsum malachite. You can see colors such as brown and green on the malachite mix of gypsum. A crown chakra stone that blends well with heart chakra creates a powerful higher chakra. Use gypsum malachite in your bedroom for best effects!

    13. Manitoba Gypsum

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    The olivine variety of Gypsum is called Manitoba Gypsum. It is mined from Manitoba and is regarded as a unique type of gypsum. The lime colored stone is also best for physical disorders affecting the mid chakras.

    14. Butterscotch Selenite or Butterscotch Gypsum

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    Seen with scaly and granular formations, Butterscotch variety of Gypsum is eponymously named for its colors. It looks like Jasmine or bunch of roses when seen in rough varieties. Butterscotch selenite is often mined from Australia, in Mt. Gunson. It is considered ideal for people going through confusions.

    15. Pyrite Gypsum

    When gypsum is seen in colors such as Black and Silver, it is due to the presence of pyrite in its lattice. Pyrite Gypsum is seen in white, black, grey, violet, silver, yellow and pale green colors. The powerful stone is ideal for protection and lower chakra powers.

    16. Haiweeite Gypsum

    When gypsum is seen with nodule like formations, it creates a varied and diverse structure. Haiweeite gypsum glows and is seen in  parrot green color in addition to pale green and black or brown shades. Haiweeite gypsum forms rutilations that make the gem looked cracked or frozen at all times.

    17. Rosasite Gypsum

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    When Gypsum exists with rosasite and dolomite, it creates a wide array of colors. From red to orange, teal, lavender and green, rosasite gypsum glistens too. It is excellent for the throat and solar plexus chakras, according to experts.  

    18. Azurite Gypsum

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    When gypsum occurs with azurite gemstone, the combination is referred as azurite gypsum. A colorful variety of gypsum, azurite gypsum exhibits colors such as Indigo and white. The bright stone often portrays indigo inside and white outside. It is a spectacular stone for astral travel and divination!

    19. Hourglass Selenite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    A unique variety of selenite is the hourglass selenite. It looks like an orange hourglass shape is trapped inside a white covering. A startling selenite to hold, hourglass selenite is said to be an emotional time machine as it connects higher chakras with the heart chakra.

    Hourglass selenite is chemically described as double terminated selenite with brown flaws or inclusions inside it. The unique type of selenite is mined from Alfalfa County in Oklahoma.

    20. Acicular Gypsum

    A grey variety of gypsum with dense structure is an acicular selenite. The gemstone looks like a sparkling hedgehog and is considered excellent for people going through emotional traumas. If you want to find the best acicular selenite, head to Australia!

    21. X Selenite

    When gypsum or selenite is seen in the rough with luster and colorless feature in the shape of a startling X, you get X Selenite. The stone is a powerful crystal of metaphysical traits and can heal emotional traumas and simultaneously awaken divination in the wearer. It can help you see into the future or destiny, as you choose!

    22. Prismatic Gypsum

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    When selenite is seen with long and sleek crystals on cauliflower bulb like white formations, it is called a prismatic gypsum. The unique stone attracts powerful energies for angelic communication. If you’re looking for prismatic selenite gemstone, head to Clark County in Nevada NOW!

    23. Sklodowskite Gypsum

    When gypsum exists with the uranium mineral Sklodowskite, it is called Sklodowskite gypsum. You can see a wide variety of colors such as Brown, Yellow and Bright Olivine in Sklodowskite Gypsum. It helps in relieving the emotional burden.

    24. Fishtail Selenite

    Also popular as Angel’s Wing Selenite, fishtail selenite is a calming stone that helps you make angelic communication. Seen with scales of white and transparent hues, fishtail selenite helps to make your mind purer and positive.

    25. Gypsum Flower

    The rose petaled variety of gypsum with a twisted swirl is called gypsum flower. Unlike desert rose selenite, gypsum flowers are curved and similar to a bunch of Ram’s Horn Gypsum. It looks like frozen water or floral formations. Gypsum flower is considered auspicious for brides to be!

    ·        Physical Effects of Selenite

    If you’re suffering from short term memory loss or chronic forgetfulness, Selenite can work better than Omega!

    Selenite was often used by mother’s to help children get rid of nightmares. You can use a selenite to program your child’s higher chakra while giving the goodnight kiss. It is excellent to target the free radicals causing your aging and wrinkling of the skin. When used in Hair therapy, selenite also helps to nourish frizzy hair.

    Being a crown chakra stone, selenite is excellent for physical balance and relief from disorders such as Vertigo. It was also once used profusely as a Fertility magic stone in the early centuries. You can also use Selenite for Speech therapy as it is a clearing stone.

    Another optimum physical healing power of selenite is in the Spinal column. When used regularly, selenite brings muscular flexibility as well as superior strength to tendons and bones. It also cures epilepsy by calming your nerves in ways you never knew.

    ·        Spiritual Effects of Selenite

    As selenite was one of the early crystals made directly by the creator, it is believed to contain many secret spiritual powers. Firstly, selenite is excellent for psychic awareness as it is a shaman’s stone. The white gemstone helps to unlock your destiny and help you get through fate related hardships with double the power. It also doubles your physical and spiritual lifespan if you wear it every day of your life as it helps to keep you recharged just like itself.

    Doing crystal programming with selenite is fruitful because it helps in connecting with the liquid light around the cosmos. That’s why selenite brings etheric healing to its user too. The scattered divine light can help to meet the higher self.

    Selenite helps with karmic therapy and dream recall as it can take you through multiple dimensions through your slumber or programming sessions. The soul connection stone is triggered by divination, foresight and intuition.

    You can use selenite healing crystal for purification and protection too as it is always guarded by the eyes of Angels and spirit guides!

    ·        Emotional Effects of Selenite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    As you must’ve noticed from the powers of selenite, it is a stone that calms the nerves. You can use selenite to forgive guilt and get control in emotionally disturbing times. It is a powerful stone used to balance emotions to power up your emotional intelligence. Selenite does so by boosting your grasp on empathy.

    When used in the bedroom or for powerful crystal rituals, selenite contains the power to eradicate negativity. Selenite encompasses the ability to make you telepathic as it is excellent to connect with people and pets around. You will invoke powers to understand the bigger picture in any situation.

    Another little-known power of selenite is its tranquillity and calmth. Spirited by the poppy plant, selenite derives happiness, love and euphoria in the wearer. As selenite is a connector stone, you can get over hurdles in life and see through evil with the help of selenite stone.

    ·        Five Facts About Selenite

    1. Selenite dissolves in water, so avoid full moon infusion therapy with water. Instead, add the crystal to a Tibetan bowl without water to continue the ritual.
    2. Selenite, or Gypsum has the same chemical elements as Anhydrite with the only exception being the former is hydrated unlike the latter.
    3. Selenite shines as fluorescent yellow under UV rays of shortwaves. It is also observed as a phosphorescent stone.
    4. Selenite is seen in all textures, namely, transparent, opaque and translucent with a silky or vitreous luster.
    5. Alabaster selenite is the most popular variety of selenite gypsum with ancient history quoting tombs of elite people in Rome and Egypt. Even today, alabaster selenite is revered in Japan!

    Before You go …

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Selenite

    Selenite is not an ordinary stone even if it’s available all around. It is a unique stone with countless merits and qualities. Achieving the complete spectrum of selenite or gypsum powers is tough. Start by connecting with selenite  healing crystal. It will direct you to the destiny you need to unlock and help you stabilize physical, emotional and spiritual realms of your life.

    Enthralled by selenite? Have you ever used selenites? Tell us all about your selenite journeys in the comments below.

    Stay powerful~

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