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Why You Should Never  Disturb A Meditating Person?

Why You Should Never Disturb A Meditating Person?

When meditation goes wrong, several dark things can appear in life. This is not a hoax, but the truth that many meditation gurus warn too. It can even happen to people who are meditating for the first time in their lives. Meditation side-effects are trending because many people are doing it wrong. So, today we will learn all about why not disturb a meditating person and what happens when you ruin a meditation experience.

Are you usually disturbed during meditation by family or friends? Once you’re done reading this article, show this to your friends, spouse, kids or family members if you regularly meditate. They will understand.

Why you should not disturb a meditating person

It’s never a great idea to disturb anyone. Moreover, you don’t need intuition to predict if you’re disturbing them before you do so.

The truth be told, the first time I meditated, I was disturbed and my depression had bounced back. Why? Because my little one started screaming mid-way through the meditation. While that’s a routine for mothers, I was a new mother and it took me into a lot of negative places. From other meditation-doers I know, I have compiled the list of things that happen when you’re disturbed between meditation.

·      Stress due to meditation

When meditation goes wrong, the first thing that happens is that you’re ungrounded. The stress you accumulate without grounding keeps amplifying after the occurrence of disturbance. This stress can change the mood due to hormonal imbalance in the brain. When you’re disturbed during meditation, you’re vulnerable. That’s why you get hurt, one too many times.

·      Shock due to meditation

Another bane of disturbed meditation is shock. It does not vanish after the disturbance. Instead, you remain shocked for days after the disturbance hit your meditative state. Shock takes into many forms such as fear and irrational behavior. Shock is also the first stage of negative private speech when you’re disturbed during meditation.

·      Confusion due to meditation

Another widespread negative effect of meditation is confusion. When you’re trying to grow awareness, which is meditation, you can get too aware. It’s just like getting too grounded. Your confusions can be existential or physical too.

·      Poor Coping due to meditation

People almost never talk about how hard it is to cope with the root thoughts that come through when you are meditating. You can sometimes lose sense of reality or experience deliriums because your mind cannot make sense of the awareness you’ve grown. This happens many times when you’re disturbed by someone during meditation.

·      Poor Results due to meditation

Perhaps you started meditating to get rid of your evil thoughts. The only result you however earned was restlessness and anxiety. Is this you? Did someone disturb you during meditation? Did some energy block your bath during meditation? You need to clear your mind. And for the same, crystals can help.

How to Use Crystals to Prevent Foreign Energies from Distracting you During Meditation

When a person is meditating, they are trying to grow awareness in actuality, not relaxation. Hence, they know what’s going in and the same reason is why they are so sensitive. When you disturb their meditative state, it leads to a lot of problems.

However, you can remedy these problems by using a healing crystal to repel negative energies if you’re disturbed during meditation. This is our focus with the five most powerful crystals to help you during meditation issues due to energy clashes.

Let’s find that best stone to help you meditate easily without any disturbances.

·      Black Obsidian for meditation

Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror

The protector stone for mankind, this black obsidian scrying mirror can also deflect evil energies. When you meditate with the scrying mirror facing you, it will display your thoughts and convey it through clairvision. This is a special scrying mirror that can ground you and connect to all the consciousness around you.

Wanna know more about obsidian in detail? Click here!

·      Meditation with Seven Chakra Dowsing Pendant

Gem Stone Healing Dowsing Reiki Chakra - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

When you want to keep rooted in your meditation, you need the power to repel the distractions. One excellent way to do is by using a dowsing pendant (that you can wear while meditating). It will face down to align multiple chakras in unison to make you invincible and powerful.

How to understand the seven chakras in the human body? Here’s the article you need!

·      Tourmaline Wands use for Meditation  

3 Pieces Natural Tourmaline Wands

Grounding crystal that is considered electrical in effects, tourmaline wand can make you deeper involved in meditation. It will make awareness easier by connecting you to nature. The root chakra gemstone is considered a powerful device against EMF stress that comes out of disturbing a meditating person.

Tourmaline wands can also help you connect with your spirit guide because it connects you with the etheric realm. What makes tourmaline wands so special? Read about tourmaline here.

·      Meditation with Black Onyx Ring

White Gold Black Onyx Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Black onyx is an amulet stone that interferes with your aura color. Black onyx can calm your psyche to easily enter the meditative state. It can also keep energy vampires away. Black onyx ring is known to clear the mind and helps you think straight during meditation and by keeping the distractions at bay.

Onyx is a powerful protector you need to know more about. Start here.

·      Amethyst Energy Generator during Meditation  5 Stone Amethyst Pyramid Crystal Energy Generator Reiki (Shipping to US only)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

This amethyst energy generator just need to be in the room where you meditate to reduce the disturbance to you. It can spread harmony around and help you meditate easily. Amethyst generator removes confusions by connecting your crown chakra to the etheric chakra.

The powers and answers about amethyst can be found in this post.

Before you go …

What do you do when you’re meditating and someone disturbs you? We want to know. Would you share it below for our crystal readers? Alternatively, do you use any crystals to help you meditate peacefully? Share with us for a lucky discount on our Store!

Stay powerful~

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