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Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

From Islam to Christianity and even the scriptures of Pueblo Indians, Coral holds an indispensable seat in every history. While Islam considered Coral as one of the Gems of the Paradise and Indians consider it one of the Gems in the four elements of life. Romans were not ignorant towards coral effects, as they were the ones who first used Coral Tinctures for Gemstone Therapy in the ancient times. In addition, history quotes Coral to be hung around the necks of children to evade danger.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

In the better half of human history, Coral was believed to be the Blood Rosary to cure your heart and head together. Egyptians, on the other hand, believed that the red shiny luster of Coral owed it to the healing divine blood that could even wake the dead in the afterlife!

·        Alternate Names of Coral

Moonga, Angaarak, Precious Coral, Eye of the Soul, Blood Rosary, Blood Stone (misnomer), Sea’s Garden and Small Stone;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

·        Hardness of Coral on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

·        Origin of Coral

Mediterranean Sea, China, India, Australia, Taiwan, Canary Islands, Italy, Hawaii, Dead Sea, and Malaysia;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

·        Coral Represents the God

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

  • Mars: God of War, Hindu;
  • Medusa: Gorgon Sister, Greece;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Coral

Libra, Cancer,  Aquarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn and Taurus;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Coral


Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

·        Coral Color energies

Red, Black, White, Orange, Blue, Pink and Brown;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

·        Numerical Vibration of Coral


Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

·        Coral activates the Chakra (s)

Crown, Third-Eye, Sacral, Throat, Root and Heart Chakras;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

Being an organic gemstone, it is natural that Coral fades with wear and tear easily than its counterparts. It is important to use Coral sparingly to keep it in the best luster and shine. Coral is becoming rarer with every passing day due to the limitations in coral gemstone mining, imposed around the world due to extinction.

Coming from the Womb of Mother Sea, Coral is available in a wide range of colorful and classic shades. Often mistaken with ivory and even jasper or red stones, Coral is a positive energy that broadens the spiritual and physical awareness of the user.

According to Hindu beliefs, not all corals work the same way as Oblong Corals are considered less in power than their triangular counterparts. Coral is formed by marine animals and it was named after the eponymous mellow colors such as pink and red as discovered in. Seen in translucent to opaque varieties, Coral is a gorgeous gemstone that loses its strength with time, due to the presence of calcium carbonate.

1.      Red Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

A renowned and common variety of Coral, Red Coral is a base chakra opening stone that also treats physical allergies including chronic cough and the common cold. Seen in characteristic blood red to pale red, red coral is also seen in dark pink shades. Red coral is formed from the animal Corllium rubum and known to emanate powerful charges when purified with Cow Milk before energy work.

2.      White Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

Seen in ivory white color, most corals are available in a spotless or dirty white color. Made from calcium carbonate, white coral clears the Crown Chakra of the wearer by connecting the physical body with the ethereal plane. White Coral is also effective in cell renewal and reverse-aging, when used with the right chakras.

3.      Horn Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

With an Aquarius- specific trait, Horn Coral is often found in the shape of a tooth or horn. Horn Coral is a rare and enticing variety of Coral that asserts connection with the spirit animal. Moreover, Horn Coral is widely used by crystal lovers for reinstating hearing to vision loss and is often called the Dragon Tooth Coral for its pink, orange, beige, green and white shades.

4.      Pink Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

Seen in pale to dark pink shades, pink coral resonates with Cancer-born people. The heart chakra gemstone is ideal for filling feminine minds with courage and support in times of agony. From treating reproductive disorders to that of eyes, heart and stomach, there are many uses of incorporating pink coral into your daily energy works.

5.      Precious Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

A mesmerizing color of a coral gemstone in a light pink shade, precious coral is high on demand, but less in availability. The mystic powers of precious coral have been known to bring life to the dead and heal many irreparable physical ailments.

6.      Fossil Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

A lesser known variety of Coral that is extremely rare is fossil coral which refers to a type of agate that has superimposed on a fossilized coral. A gorgeous souvenir from history and the magic in nature, Fossil Coral is also renowned as Agatized Coral. Fossil coral is seen with shades of orange, gray, white and peach colors.

7.      Momo Coral

"Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral"

Coral gemstones that display orange to pale red colors are called Momo Corals. These salmon colored corals are extremely powerful for calming as well as stimulating the wearer. Momo coral is considered ideal for growing traits such as Diplomacy, and Discipline in the wearer.

8.      Sardegna Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral


A moderately red-shaded coral is called Sardegna Coral is considered the divine incarnation of Mars in the Hindu Mythology. The fading or mild red coral is considered an important stone for Intuition and Imagination too!

9.      Noble Coral

"Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral"

A perfect variety of coral often called the Angel-Skin Coral, Noble Coral is a gorgeous gemstone high in demand across the world. Noble coral is seen in a characteristic medium to a deep variety of red coral with branched patterns that emanates energy of healing, comfort and relief in the wearer and his or her aura.

10. Moro Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

A deep red shade of coral with intense brightness is called the Moro Coral. Commonly called the Red Japanese Coral, Moro Coral is named for its ox-blood kind of color energy. Lesser in value than precious or red coral, Moro coral often fades faster than the other varieties of the Coral gemstone.

11. Green Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

A gemstone for boosting creativity, Green Coral energizes the wearer by rejuvenating multiple chakra points. Seen in pale to forest green shade, green coral is opaque and seldom transparent or translucent. The most famous of green coral is The British Crystal Skull in the British Museum of Man in London.

12. Blue Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

The epitome of sea goddess is well imbibed in the aquatic blue variety of coral as it energizes the Throat Chakra to find peace with ups and downs in life and reality around you. Blue Coral is an immensely powerful gemstone that is seen in pale blue and indigo shades around the world.

13. Yellow Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

Seen in beige to yellow opaque hues, yellow coral works best with other gemstones of the same color such as sapphire and citrine. Yellow Coral is an empowering gemstone that fills the wearer with joy and contentment too.

14. Black Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

A precious and popular coral gemstone that is high on-demand, black coral commands the number 33 and dispels dark energies from the wearer. Black coral is often seen in pitch black with webs of intricate white veins and bands on the gemstone, making it even more gorgeous and powerful to control the mind.

·        Physical Effects of Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

A strengthening gemstone that is capable of restoring glow to your skin and bust stress for your mind, coral is an indispensable gemstone for working women.  Found in tropical to subtropical waters, Coral also heals severe diseases such as Smallpox and Typhoid too.

When used regularly with lower chakras, Coral restores the fertility of the female reproductive system. For pregnant women, Coral necklaces around the hips are ideal to protect your unborn child and prevent all kinds of abortion. In addition, Coral cures heartburn, hearing loss, hiccups, indigestion, flatulence, and constipation too.

Coral gemstone also brings down high fever and anxiety attacks in the users. For children, Coral heals venomous bites as well as chronic stomach disorders. For adults with arthritis, coral restores the knee health and rheumatism for a pain-free future!

·        Spiritual Effects of Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

The core quality of coral is how it protects the wearer just as Mother Sea does. Coral is a support gemstone that clarifies life decisions and choices as advocated by spiritual masters and shamans around the world.

Coral was once widely used by Shamans and Spiritual Masters for telepathic communication and works well the same way today as well, when used by people intimate with their crystals. Coral can introduce you to a new life above the ordinary, that of the higher realm.

By connecting the wearer to the ethereal plane, coral introduces new energy dimensions to the spiritual conscience of the crystal user. Moreover, ideal alignment of chakra helps the user communicate with the spirit or guardian angels effortlessly.

·        Emotional Effects of Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

Coral is a calming and balming gemstone that can soothe your heart in times of pain. Coral stimulates one’s imagination, sensitivity, and composure with oneself that leads to peace and contentment.

Red coral frees the crystal user from self-inflicted miseries. Coral is also ideal to get rid of jealousy to guilt and curses or evil eye as it cleanses you with the divine blood. The organic gemstones make the person fill with beauty, self-confidence, and pride as well.

Yet another significant fact about coral is that it supports and empowers the master during times of agony. Coral helps the wearer to fight battles with courage and self-esteem. With coral around the neck or wrists, it is often seen that determination of the wearer is also enhanced.

·        Five Facts About Coral

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

1.      Mars is the Hindu God of War, who also empowers the libido or sexual health of the coral wearer substantially.

2.      Coral gemstones are scratch resistant and sans any inclusions.

3.      In the Hindu mythology, Coral holds the position for pleasing the God of War or Mars and must be worn on Tuesday for the best results.

4.      As corals are one of the softest variety of gemstones, it is advised that you rub it with a moist cloth for maximum clarity than harsh chemicals or rugged brushes.

5.      Based on a study of the best corals, astrologers advise wearing coral stones of weight 5 TO 9 CARATS for luck and strength.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Coral

Coral is a powerful gemstone with many healing powers for the physical body and the spiritual self. From enhancing communication with the subconscious to spirit guides, Coral can implement many positive traits in the wearer.

Coral gemstones must be used for energy work via crystal patches, massaging or programming with the right chakras for the best effects.

If coral is overwhelming your emotions, it is best to take a look at the below to reassure your love for coral.

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Tell us all about your experience with coral gemstones in the comment section below.

Stay powerful~



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