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Don’t Use These 20 Healing Crystal Shapes In The Same Way

Crystal Shapes: How to Use 20 Crystal Shapes

Did you know a crystal wand focuses the energy while a crystal cluster spreads the energy? It’s kinda opposite effects, right? While diamond features royal cuts like the princess to cushion cut, other semi-precious gemstones are either naturally born with a unique shape of artificially polished to look so. Crystal shapes are different.

Regardless of the method, the final shape of the crystal in your hand needs activation. It’s not that the stone won’t charge otherwise, it’s just that the charge will be menial. As crystals are governed by cosmic laws, abiding by it can yield to bigger power than your current strength.

We will learn all about healing crystal shapes of 20 types of crystals today along with how to use each gemstone according to its shape.

What Do Gemstones Based On Different Crystal Shapes Mean?

Were you drawn to the wand or the cluster pictures here? Depending on your aura and chakra energy, each of us needs different crystal shapes at a different time of our lives. Rather than me force-feeding you, go ahead and pick your own shape from the list of 20 different healing crystal shapes and their uses below!

1.   Tumbled Crystal Shape

Tumbled Rose Quartz Stones

Tumbled Rose Quartz Stones; $25 USD

When a raw healing crystal is polished just enough to retain the natural shape without rugged edges, it is called a tumbled crystal. You can also buy multiple tumbled stones of one gemstone to amplify multiple energies.

How To Use A Tumbled Crystal?

Affordable than the other crystal shapes, tumbled gemstones can be used for making crystal grids, elixirs, bath and feng shui.

2.    Twin-Crystal shape

Twin Crystal Crystal Shapes

Also popular as double terminated crystal shape, twin crystals are balancing stones that can simultaneously absorb positivity and dispel negativity. They have two terminations, made naturally or polished artificially.

How To Use A Twin, Crystal?

Ideal for astral travel and angelic communication, twin crystals are also ideal as powerful feng shui markers.

3.    Gemstone Wand Shape

Natural Labradorite Quartz Wand   AtPerrys Healing Crystals

Natural Labradorite Quartz Wand; $45 USD

One of the most popular ways to use the matchless energy of crystals is by using a carefully constructed wand.

These can be natural with a pointy end or polished to appear so, with added facets on all sides.

How To Use A Wand Shape of Crystal?

Gemstone wands are ideal for a range of crystal work such as astral travel, full moon rituals, chakra training, and healing therapy.  

Read more about crystal wands.

4.    Crystal Shape of Phantom

Phantom Crystals

One of the rarest type of crystal shape, a phantom crystal is single pointed with a cloudy inclusion within.

It refers to the phantom of the ghost from your past karmas as there are many crystals within a phantom stone.

How To Use A Phantom Crystal?

The picturesque stone is a hypnotizing tool used as wands, pendulum, chakra training and in crystal grids. Pair it up with your sacred stones on the Altar.

5.    Cluster Crystals Shape

Natural Amethyst Crystal Cluster
Natural Amethyst Crystal Cluster; $56 USD

A bunch of crystals, often naturally grown into a cluster features cluster crystals.

They are the premium group of gemstones that contain amplified energies.

How To Use A Cluster Crystal?

Best used in crystal grids, manifestation, chakra training, spirit communication, and astral travel, cluster crystals are best as décor to raise the harmony of the space too.

6.    Crystal Pyramid Shape

Light Rose Quartz Healing Pyramid
Light Rose Quartz Healing Pyramid; $24.45

Often created by polishing, a gemstone pyramid features the pyramidal shape that helps to target energy better than wands.

The apex of the pyramid is used for directing energy. Read more about gemstone pyramids.

How To Use A Pyramid Crystal?

Often used in manifestation, crystal pyramids are an excellent way of protection. It preserves energy when you sit underneath.

7.    Crystal Geode Shape

Raw Crystal Quartz Cluster/Geode

Raw Crystal Quartz Cluster; $28.90 USD

A unique stone that has a hollow structure with shimmering inside, geode is pricey, yet powerful.

There are gazillion crystals inside every geode, guaranteeing colossal chakra powers.

Read more about gem geodes.

How To Use A Geode Crystal?

Ideal for purification, chakra training, peace and harmony, crystal geodes also aerate your space with positive energy.

8.    Animal Shaped Healing Crystals

elephant malachite figurine

Animal totems are often made from gemstones, like the malachite elephant in the picture.

It gives double the energy, combining your animal with the spirit energy.

How To Use A Animal Totem Crystal?  

For manifestation to divination and clairvoyance, animal totems are also featured in full moon energy rituals based on the zodiac signs.

9.    Egg Shaped Crystals

Natural Red Jasper Drilled Yoni Egg for Women Kegel Exercise

Natural Red Jasper Drilled Yoni Egg for Women Kegel Exercise; $49.99 USD

Often used as yoni eggs, egg-shaped crystals have a 5,000-year-old history behind it.

Drilled and undrilled yoni eggs both help in strengthening the pelvic floor.

Read more about how to use a yoni egg.

How To Use a Crystal Egg?  

For fertility rituals and heightened libido as well as reproductive healing, crystal eggs help immensely. Bond before using the egg in your yoni.

10. Palm Stone Crystal 

Assorted 7 pieces lot Palm Stone Jade Crystal Reiki Healing Chakra With Free Pouch   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Assorted 7 pieces lot Palm Stones;$33 USD

Flat and shaped according to comfort, palm crystals are made from tumbled stones.

These oval stones fit perfectly in the palm and hence are easy to carry with you.

How To Use A Palm Stone?   

Used for meditation and alertness, palm stones are supplement crystals you can use during various crystal therapies.

You can also arrange palm stones as feng shui décor.

11. Crystal Pendulum

Natural Amethyst stone Pendulums - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™
Natural Amethyst Stone Pendulum; $49.50 USD

A pointed crystal that is polished into the tiny device to check the vibrations of chakras, crystal pendulum is manmade.

There are natural crystal pendulums, but they are rare.

Read more about crystal pendulum!

How To Use a Crystal Pendulum?

All you need to do is lay down and hold the crystal pendulum over each chakra after communication signals for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ from the crystal. Afterward, follow the vibrations and stop only when the vibrations stop.

12. Yoni Wands

Popular as crystal dildos, yoni wands are made from one piece of the gemstone. They are mirror polished for safety and made in curved shapes for ease of use.

How To Use a Yoni Wand?  

Typically, a yoni wand is built to insert inside the yoni for massaging and energizing the sacral chakra. You can also heighten your libido and build the pelvic floor with the same therapy.

13. Cube Type of Gemstone

Square Shape 925 Sterling Rainbow Mystic Topaz Necklace

Square Shape 925 Sterling Rainbow Mystic Topaz Necklace; $37.95 USD

A peculiar type of gemstone, cubic or square stones is cut and polished in such a way that it perfectly conserves the energy.

It is a manmade work of wonder you can carry it always for protection.

How To Use A Cubic Crystal?

Used to build a strong foundation for grounding, cubic stones are ideal for crystal yoga and meditation as well.  

14. Crystal Ball

100  Natural Labradorite Quartz ball   For Healing   matans

Natural Labradorite Quartz ball; $45 USD

One of the divination props to peek into the future, a crystal ball is a scrying device that reveals visions with the help of ethereal beings.

Read more about crystal balls!

How To Use A Crystal Ball?

You can use a crystal ball to find the future, past or present. It can show you the destiny too.

15. Crystal Mirror

10 cm Black Obsidian Scrying  Mirror

Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror; $38.99 USD

Another crystal gazing device used is a crystal mirror. It is a scrying device made in a round flattened shape to reveal visions.

Read more about crystal scrying mirrors!

How To Use a Crystal Scrying Mirror?

You can use a scrying black obsidian mirror to find the future or past, in addition to revealing secrets and truths too.  

16. Natural Point

crystal shapes natural shape

A wondrous natural gemstone shape, hard to find, natural points are dual-valued. They can help you absorb chakra and dispel the energy when faced away from the chakra point on your body.

How To Use a Natural Point Crystal?

You can use it in pendulum, wand, healing, chakra training, scrying and feng shui works.

17. Abundance

abundance crystal green

One of a kind stone, abundance crystals are made with a pointy end surrounded by tiny crystals at the base of the stone.

How To Use an Abundance Crystal?

You can use an abundance stone for seasonal rituals, to attract money or work on your chakras.  Abundance stones are also ideal on crystal grids.

18. Heart-Shaped

Set of 13 Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones

Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones; $97.95USD

Representing composure and compassion, heart-shaped gemstones work on the healing chakra located in your chest.

How To Use a Crystal Scrying Mirror?

Heart-shaped stones work much like palm stones.

It is a support stone to hold onto when you’re in fear or lacking in strength. You can also use it as feng shui or décor accessory around the home or office for good vibes.

19. 7 Chakra Crystal Generator

7 Chakra Energy Generator   Chakra Grounding Bracelet (Shipping to US only)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

7 Chakra Energy Generator + Chakra Grounding Bracelet; $39 USD

Combining six sides meeting at the central point, generator crystals are made with different stones or one stone, depending on the use.

They amplify energy and direct it with efficiency.

How To Use a Crystal Generator?

You can use a crystal generator for chakra training or in a crystal grid for the manifestation of affirmations. Making elixir with crystal generator work well too.

20. Rough Gemstones

Bulk Rough Stone Mix   Over 25 Stone Types  USA SHIPPING ONLY    AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

Bulk Rough Stone Mix; $60 USD

Raw stones are unpolished stones that are brittle too. Read more about using rough gemstones.

How To Use Rough Crystals?

You can use it as feng shui or décor as these stones are too soft or rugged to use in crystal rituals.

Before you go …


Are there any shapes we don’t know about? Here’s one I haven’t added yet- Star Shaped. Have you used a star-shaped crystal? We haven’t yet. So, please tell us all about it in the comments below for a secret discount.

Stay powerful~

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