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What Happens If Your Crystal Breaks or Fades

What Happens If Your Crystal Breaks or Fades

If you’re feeling guilty about discovering your crystal broken, cracked or faded than before, you need to calm down and understand a bit of Crystal Physics before drawing your own conclusions.

We understand the distress jam in your brain wondering and worrying if your favorite crystal is useless now that you accidentally broke it or left it out in the sun. You’re apprehensive because you are not aware of how crystal magic actually works.

Let me guide you through the simplest basics to resolve your woe as well as understand how crystals actually make magic.

Broken Crystal meaning

I dropped my crystal and it broke the first time I gifted it to my daughter. I was terrified because the stone was clear quartz.

It worried me if my favorite crystal was trying to alert me or give me a message. For a split second, I even considered if my child is cursed. Phew!

So, I totally get what you’re feeling. Crystals are alive, but they don’t die upon breaking unless you are really cursed by an evil power. I’ve got plenty of solutions anyway. So, chill down and read on!

What happens when the light hits a healing Crystal?

What Happens If Your Crystal Breaks or Fades

When light particles hit a crystal, your crystal will either heat up by absorbing the light or undergo color discharge. Simply put, when light hits your crystal, the photon in it pushes out the extra colored atom in your crystal. The more you keep the crystal in sunlight, the more colored atoms will get kicked out, leading to a faded crystal.

As some crystals are also manufactured with irradiation, fading is natural too. If you forgot your crystal for too long in the sunlight, fear not because a few days in dark corners will bring back the color to your crystal.

Specifically said, light with Ultra Violet rays are capable of penetrating the crystals and changing its atomic structure, leading to deterioration in color. If you have a faded crystal, store it in a dark corner after a sunbath. Moreover, there are certain crystal showpieces that come with LED fitted underneath. If you have one of the kind, you should check if the LED is ordinary or UV Treated. The latter will cause fading of crystals.

My crystal bracelet broke. What do I do now?

The first question to ask when your crystal breaks is the time.

  • Where are you wearing the crystal bracelet when it broke?
  • Did someone touch you and the gemstone bracelet broke?
  • Could you feel anything when the stone bracelet broke?
  • How many pieces did your bracelet break into?
  • Did you feel any new energy where the crystal bracelet broke?

Although these questions can sound twisted, they can help find the answer why your crystal broke. Oftentimes, you will actually have a faint idea of why it broke too, even though you don’t realize it at the moment. I’ve written all the ways to find reasons why your crystals broke as well as how to fix it. I will help you!

Do crystals lose their energy when they break?

That’s a question to answer when I can touch your broken crystal. If the crystal broke because of practical reasons and not metaphysical, there are good chances the energies are intact. But, it will not be the same energy as it were.

What happens if you break a crystal?

Depending on the broken shards, the energy of the crystal will be split too. In short, yes, the crystal might lose energy after it breaks. But that doesn’t mean it will keep going lower in energy.

In fact, I have seen broken crystal pieces growing into entirely new crystals with dynamic inclusions that can shock you.

So, have faith!

My crystal wand is cracked, what do I do? 

Where were you doing a crystal when your gem wand cracked? If so, the energy ritual may be too much for the wand you were using. You need support crystals or even a grid to contain the colossal energy you’re amassing. However, the good news is when a wand breaks into two, you get two wands. All wands will grow and become a single energy point.

How does the broken wand look? Compare the shape of your broken crystal with this crystal shapes to find out what to do with your broken crystal!

What happens when someone touches your crystals? Can it Break?


Your paranoia about your beloved stone breaking upon someone’s touch is not a paranoia. It might be a signal from the stone itself. Do you get me?

Once upon a time, ten years ago when I was in the Himalayas, McLeod Ganj, I experienced a deep dissociative effect while meditating with my amethyst geode. In between the meditation, I saw a black light and my purple energy ray to the sky breaking. It was horrifying because I heard the sound of shattering amethyst in my head.

When I opened my eyes, I saw this guy who was talking to my husband. They were walking towards me and I instantly felt dizzy. The next thing I heard was this stranger introducing himself. He asked if my Amethyst was real and where did I buy it.  I was trying to walk away but stopped when the amethyst geode in my palms broke. I excused myself and ran to the room. We never saw the guy again but apparently, he duped our neighbors of $500 on the excuse of a hot spring.  Even if it was late and the amethyst was broken, we were saved due to the stone!

So, if you’re feeling like another touch can break your crystal, I say, lock it up! Why take chances, eh?

Is dreaming about a broken crystal bad?

Was it really a nightmare? Otherwise, dreaming about your favorite crystal breaking can be a sign!

I once saw a dream where I was finally buying the dress I saw from my favorite designer. Just as I was about to touch the frills of the gown, my howlite crystal broke and all I could see was white and black shattered glass.

I woke up scared. As I was not such a crystal believer but a psychology enthusiast, I went ahead and bought the dress trying to arm my neuronal pathways. As luck wouldn’t have it, I got the dress three days later, but when I wore it, I got pricked by the zip on the side. I bled some but I instantly knew what I was dealing with.

I went and checked my howlite bracelet and it was broken. Sigh!

Dreaming about a broken crystal can also direct towards an unfulfilled promise or vow. Does something spark to mind?

But, another time I saw an onyx break in the dream, I ended up shifting to a new place that almost changed my life for the best.

So, it can be varied depending on the dream. Write your dream in the comments below and I will tell you what it means!

My crystal necklace broke. Can I still wear it?

It depends on how broken your gemstone pendant or necklace is. There are times that a crystal breaks into a definite number of pieces. Besides the meanings, it can still be worn if there are no rugged edges.

However, it is best to take your crystal to a professional jeweler and get it polished if it's broken to avoid safety issues such as injuring yourself.

That being said, one of my onyx black pendant that broke, broke into two pieces. I got one-half polished and drilled the other to make a crystal bracelet. It’s polished without rugged ends, so that’s another way to reuse your broken crystal necklace or pendant.

Is it bad luck to break a crystal?

While some believe, breaking glass is auspicious (in Eastern philosophy), it needn’t be the same always. Although, in most cultures, breaking a crystal accidentally can mean metaphysical reasons than your fault.

So, it’s not your fault, a’right. Your broken crystal was written in fate way before you knew it.

The best you can do is get a reading if you’re worried your crystal breaking was a bad omen or signal.

Or, leave me a comment below telling everything you’re feeling.

My Yoni Egg is cracked. Can I use it?

You should not use a cracked crystal egg as yoni eggs. As cracked and broken crystals can react vigorously with your vaginal liquids and temperature, it is best to leave the broken crystal in a bowl and use it for feng shui.

    NEVER EVER use a broken yoni egg!

    5 Practical Reasons why Crystals Break

    Now, forget all about bad omen for five minutes while I tell you the practical or Scientific reasons why your crystal broke. If it’s a not a metaphysical reason, you will find one of the following practical causes valid in your mind.

    ·      It was Chipped

    Was your gemstone chipped from earlier? Was the crystal breaking off from sides? Perhaps something hit the cleavage (perfect pressure point where the crystal breaks) and it broke.

    ·      It had too many Inclusions

    When you buy a crystal, inclusions make the patterns on it look dynamic. In fact, every crystal has inclusions like a fingerprint. If there are too many, the crystal can break from inside due to the presence of large inclusions.

    ·      It met with Radiation

    Has your crystal been in an overly radioactive place? If it has, you need to worry about geopathic stress. The electromagnetic radiation from a new geeky gadget you bought can be a reason too. Rethink!

    ·      It fell too many times

    If you’ve been careless with your gemstone, it can fall out of hand many times. Did the crystal break due to a fall? If that’s the case, it’s time to get a new stone. Go shopping!

    ·      It met with a Crazy Frequency

    Did you feel a crazy frequency lately? You won’t recognize it but your crystal will. Investigate around if other crystal users felt the same. Resonance can be deeply affected by varied frequencies just like when someone else touches your crystal!

    11 Metaphysical Reasons why Crystals Break

    What does it mean when my crystal breaks? Why does my crystal break? Is something bad going to happen to me or my family? If you’re wondering or questioning yourself since your gemstone broke, you need to check the following 11 significant reasons why gemstones and crystals can break due to the spirit or metaphysics!

    ·      How many Pieces did the Crystal Break into?

    How did the crystal look when it was broken? If you haven’t read up about Crystal scrying, it is an ancient art of crystal gazing to pick up ethereal messages. Was it shattered or broke into two pieces? While two translates to a new person in life, three translates to your baby and four a family and so on. Tell me your date of birth with one picture of the broken crystal and I will personally scry it for you.

    You can read here about crystal scrying!

    ·      Bad Omen

    As we discussed above, if something bad happens to your life, crystals can break.

    However, usually, when something bad is going to happen in your life, the crystal doesn’t break. It changes colors or shows you visions. While broken crystal can mean extreme reasons, sometimes it’s the wind telling you what the future has in store for you.

    Be alert after your crystal breaks.

    ·      Geopathic Stress

    As mentioned in scientific journals and endless newspapers, EM radiation can de-stabilize our body as well as the mind. When a crystal breaks, it can be a signal our Mother Earth is going through something serious.

    ·      Your Stress

    If you’ve been outta your mind lately, there’s your bid reason why your crystal broke and said goodbye. It has happened to me when I defied what my amethyst told me outright. I was congratulated with a shattered amethyst by my bedside when I woke up. It taught me a great deal!

    ·      Drastic Changes

    Are you going through a nasty divorce? Perhaps the love of your life left you. As I know too well, heartbreak can be a prominent reason why your crystal is shattered. It can be a sign your life is undergoing major transitions. Is it?

    ·      The Crystal is not for You

    If you’ve been working with the healing crystal that broke for long, you need to rule this out. But, if you’ve been a crystal lover who just bought this crystal and it broke within a day, it is a clear message. The crystal cannot get attuned to your energies. It is best to move on as bonding will be chaotic or painfully long!

    ·      Did someone Other Than You USe it?

    Like I said above, foreign energies can often cause a hurricane inside your gemstone. It is the best to keep support crystals around if you feel the strange new touch can harm your crystals.

    TRUST your GUT, it’s the crystal energy speaking to you!

    ·      You need a change in life

    If you’ve been using the crystal for a long time and suddenly it broke, it might be the sign that it’s time for a change. Wind of change doesn’t wait. If you flow with it, your destiny will be closer and the crystal was just trying to tell you that!

    ·      it was Too Much for your Stone

    Did you try a new ritual with the stone? Once when I tried Ouija board, my first crystal that my aunt gave, a howlite just shattered with a pop sound. It was scary, but I didn’t invite any demons into my dormitory that night!

    ·      Did you Communicate with other Beings?

    Once last year, when I was trying to honor the souls on All Soul’s Day, I talked with Gaia and my grandpa. It was amazing. I talked for so long that I forgot about time and slept off.

    When I woke up, I found my lapis lazuli broken in the shape of a cross. I buried it the day after!

    ·      Wrong Decisions

    Did you take a screwed up decision lately? I know it can be hard to talk about so I will share.

    When I was applying for colleges, I saw a college in the hills of Kerala and decided to go there before my entrance results were out. It was horrible with ragging and poor teachers. Within a week, three of my crystals, citrine, obsidian and rose quartz broke in three days. Fortunately, my dad got the message of the crystals and got me outta there in a week to where I really belonged!

    What Powers does a Faded Healing Stone have?

    What Happens If Your Crystal Breaks or Fades

    When you leave the crystals under UV light for long, it undergoes fading and according to Crystal Physical, color discharge changes the proportion of crystal’s Color energy. Some crystals even change from their natural color to white or solid colors when done with a healing work.

    A faded crystal means no decrease in its powers, when the crystal has faded without the touch of UV lights. Sometimes, crystals can fade color naturally when their work with you is done. The next best step is to pass the crystal onto someone you think it will help the best.

    If your lifestyle has changed or if bad luck is en route, crystals can lose their original shade.

    What does it mean when my crystal fades or loses color?

    Just like broken crystals, color changes in gemstones has another story to tell. While some may be helping you out, other crystals might be fading trying to protect you.

    Another theory I have about fading crystals is overuse. I have leeched to crystals such as rose quartz, that became plain white during my teenage years. I was lost and hunting for love. It was a message I received late and when I found my soulmate, the crystal retained the color.

    If it doesn’t work, bury your stones in a flower pot or the backyard garden.

    What happens when your Crystal Cracks, Breaks or Chips off?

    What Happens If Your Crystal Breaks or Fades

    A crystal can break due to a variety of reasons include climate or lifestyle changes or plainly, the destiny. If you have a broken crystal, stop worrying because breaking does not mean that the crystal is not powerful anymore.

    Fragile crystals with a low count on the hardness scale can easily break when they fall from even a short height. When a crystal shatters, it can also be a warning that its work with you is complete. Mostly, whenever a crystal breaks, you should check how many parts has it split into. Yet another reason is if you have a higher frequency than that of a crystal, you can break it with your slightest touch. Crystals like obsidian and quartz are known to break when touched by people who are deeply disturbed or in poor physical health.

    Depending on the impact of what caused the crystal to crack, you can save the crystal for future use. Except for the shape, when crystals break nothing changes internally. Avoid putting super glue to join broken crystals because such crystals infuse a chemical vibration within your crystal vibrations when used for magic works.

    4 Ways to Prevent your Healing Crystal from Breaking?

    ·      Periodic Spiritual Cleaning

    All of us clean our jewelry with a soft bristle brush or microfiber cloth. But, how often do you cleanse your stones? All you need to do is hover the clear quartz over the stone you just used thrice, after use. This will dispel the negativity it absorbed, preventing the stone from breaking.

    ·      Infusion and Multitasking

    Your crystal is not mutating when it breaks. It exploded due to the overcharging. Why don’t you reduce the burden on the stone by infusing it under the moonlight in a water-filled Tibetan bowl? It will be repaired by divine forces!

    ·      Meditating and Bonding

    If you haven’t bonded yet, your crystal can find it hard to attune to your energies. Sit down and meditate with new crystals for at least 18 minutes at the end of the day!

    List of Soft Crystals that can Break Easily

    1.    Selenite Chipping Off

    Not many people see it, but selenite is a soft stone can chip off easily. It is gypsum, guys. Even though folklore regards it as liquid divine light, the stone can fall apart in scales.

    Use it with care!

    2.    Amethyst Split into two

    Did your amethyst split in two? It means your destiny is facing a dilemma. You need help from high above. It is best to keep both the crystal pieces together in a Tibetan bowl under the moonlight for 10 hours.

    3.    Broken Crystal Pendulum

    When the crystal pendulum breaks, it is definitely because it is overcharged. You must avoid using a pendulum for hefty crystal rituals as the vibrations can turn out to be too much. Use a crystal wand instead!

    4.    Fluorite Crystal broke

    Did your fluorite break? I hope it's not shattered because I know what happens when you accidentally drop a fluorite. Let it rest if you feel it just needs healing, especially if the stone is intact. Mine got reset in 2 weeks!

    5.    Carnelian Broke into a Million Pieces

    All you can do now is broom the pieces of the carnelian and fill it in your flower pots. As carnelian awakens root and sacral chakra, your plants will be rejuvenated.

    6.    Fire Agate Broke in Two

    It is sad when fire agate breaks. I had an eye fire agate that was so pretty, but it slid off my fingers during a vacation and hit the rocks. I remember the two halves glistening on the beach rocks. I made two pendants with it and the energy feels like it doubled!

    7.    Broken Rose Quartz Crystal

    A delicate crystal with 7 MOHS, it is not easy to break a rose quartz. Although, if the color of the rose quartz faded with use, there are high chances it can break if you continue overcharging it. Store it away for a while until the color returns!

    8.    Turquoise Bracelet Broke with a Pop

    My truth stone and confidence bracelet made of turquoise broke in between a party and fell off to the ground. It was pretty, but I couldn’t find any more than three pieces. I was so shattered, but I realized, it was a karmic debt. I was lying to myself and turquoise meditation with the broken parts taught me that!

    9.    Shattered Clear Quartz

    Did your clear quartz fall down and shatter? Don’t worry, scoop it up and fill it in a clear jar. Keep it in your north direction without closing the bottle. You will love the feng shui!

    Can you fix a broken gemstone using Alchemy?

    Yes, you can.

    Been there, done that!

    In fact, a broken crystal can be reset using nothing but energy. You can bury it or place it in a bowl with all the pieces intact. See the magic in three full moons!

    What to do with broken crystal?

    How to Store Soft Breakable Crystals? Don’t wonder, learn from the experts who made tons of mistakes before writing this. Experience matters!

    ·      Chipped Crystals

    If your stone is just chipped without any rugged ends, you can use it as usual. Be sure to clean the stone with a soft cloth before you start using it.

    ·      Broken Crystal Pieces

    If it’s reusable pieces that are intact, then you can make a handful of crystal jewelry from broken crystals!

    ·      Shattered Crystals

    Scoop it up and share it with your garden or feng shui energy. That’s the only option for shattered crystals!

    How to Bury a Broken Crystal?

    • Scoop up the crystal.
    • Tie it in a paper.
    • Set your intention while holding it in your palms.
    • Dig a 1-foot hole.
    • Bury it and chant your intention while putting the soil back in the hole.
    • Pick it up after three full moons for a pleasant surprise!

    What powers does a Broken Healing Stone have?

    What Happens If Your Crystal Breaks or Fades

    Crystals when broken, do not lose their power, but if your long term favorite crystal has cracked, it can be a sign that it has completed everything it could do for you.

    The first thing to do when a crystal breaks is to put all of its parts together and conduct an energy work by thanking or offering gratitude to the crystal for having helped you through.

    If your crystal has broken into two parts, you can also reuse the crystal pieces by keeping it at opposite falls within a room or boundary to create double the energy vibrations. Two parts of the same crystal have a wider whole energy vibration than one crystal.

    If your healing stone has broken into powders, it is useless. Otherwise, you can give it to someone who can make use of it. If your couple or twin crystals are broken, it means that your eternal bond is broken as well. When a protection crystal breaks, danger is near and the breaking of the crystal is a mere warning.

    In a Nutshell

    What Happens If Your Crystal Breaks or Fades

    If your Crystal is Broken = Gift it to someone else and check out new crystals that can help you in newer ways

    If your Crystal has Faded = Leave it in a dark corner without sunlight for up to three months.

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