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9 Shocking Things Your Jewelry Says About You

9 Shocking Things Your Jewelry Says About You

Jewelry adds jazz, jive and character to your personality by highlighting your elegant tastes. Accessories were built to highlight or pinpoint one’s tastes through attire. Regardless of whether you’re a believer or not, people often judge another based on your clothes, style, hair and jewelry.

If you have favorite crystal jewelry, find out what it says about you to others before wearing it everywhere.

What Your Jewelry says About You: 9 Fashion Codes to Know

9 Shocking Things your Jewelry Says about You

Accessories have always been fashion antidotes or disasters. In order to realize how your jewelry speaks about you, try picking jewelry that resonates with you. Crystals are ideal jewelry to accessorize with based on your emotional bonding.

In short, you never get another chance to make a perfect first impression. So, choose your jewelry well.

1.      Beaded Bracelets

9 Shocking Things your Jewelry Says about You

The best chakra generators to multi gemstone bracelets are embedded with diverse colors of crystals.  If you choose one crystal to bead your entire bracelet like with a Tiger’s eye, you can create a classic yet soft look too.

Choose your beads cleverly according to the crystals that resound with your birthstone or core chakra to radiate your preferred aura too. For meditating, beaded crystals bracelet is ideal.

Try this multi beaded Reiki Healing Crystals with 7 different crystals NOW!

2.      Gaudy Necklace

9 Shocking Things your Jewelry Says about You

A bold necklace is a statement maker any day. Often, huge necklaces are nothing but a sign of a loud and bold personality. It means that you don’t fret about making a courageous or revolutionary decision. Chunky crystal necklaces can be protective as well as a signal of how daring you are. Excessively showy is just one synonym of gaudy necklaces, but they can often be a symbol of wealth too.

If you want to own a bold personality that cannot be questioned or changed by anyone, you need this chunky Ethnic Collares Colorful Beaded Necklace in Sterling Silver.

3.      Elegant Pendants

9 Shocking Things your Jewelry Says about You

Simple, yet refined, pendants made of crystals are a charm in every era. A tiny pendant that is also your favorite color is outstanding with casuals and formals. Pendants with a small glow are ideal for people with soft or humble personalities. A must have for every woman, elegant pendants that are also your birthstones in tasteful shapes are ideal for activating the heart chakra as well.

Try this Magical Cube Pendant Necklace today to give your attire a dash of the coolest personality and positivity!

4.      Studded Belts

9 Shocking Things your Jewelry Says about You

Belts embedded with multicolored crystals are attractive and captivating on men and women. In addition to making an amazing partywear studded belts are ideal for casuals or holidays too. Make a DIY studded belt with crystals on your own TODAY!

Buy this pack of 25 variety of healing crystals and fix it onto your favorite belt for a Stylish Crystal Belt!

5.      Colorful Earrings

9 Shocking Things your Jewelry Says about You

Ideal to spice up any attire, earrings in various colors and crystals are excellent for boosting the crown and third eye chakra too. Wearing colorful earrings means that you’re an outgoing person with intense self-love. According to your earring personality, pearl earrings suggest understatement while chandeliers show luxury and beaded signifies free spirited nature of the wearer.

Earrings hold much more than ornamental value and funky crystal earrings look daring on men as well as women! Try this Hollow Fringed Feathers Long Paragraph Earrings for a stunning makeover.

6.      Eventful Rings

9 Shocking Things your Jewelry Says about You

Rings are a timeless sign of class and beauty. Depending on whether your ring is metal, wood, crystal or precious, your personality is judged differently. From promise rings to engagement rings and wedding bands, each ring holds a unique value.

Pick your favorite from our inventory of the best crystal rings.

7.      Choker Necklace

9 Shocking Things your Jewelry Says about You

From the history signifying that the most open minded women wore choker ribbons, the first replica of choker necklace, today, choker necklaces are unisex. From a gothic hue to a rebellious behavior, choker necklaces also marked the emblem of the elite or creamy layer of the society too.

Try this Chic Owl Eye Pendent Necklace with deep blue crystals to prove your choker point.

8.      Color Coordinated Jewelry

Matching the colors of your jewelry gives off a vibe of perfectionism. If you’re obsessed with colors, coordinating your jewelry colors with the ones you love will radiate an ordered and disciplined personality.

Try our bestseller jewelry to pick your mix and match favorite ornaments!

9.      Inspirational Jewelry

9 Shocking Things your Jewelry Says about You

From skulls to princesses, there are designer jewelry that signify a cause or idea. Even engaged rings can be customized in a traditional claddagh ring or infinity ring. From emphasizing your manliness to feminine grace, you can choose rings with embedded or engraved messages or symbolic bracelets.

This Love Drift bottle Pendant necklace with a heart shaped teal crystal inside is amazing for people who wants to add substance to their personality.


9 Shocking Things your Jewelry Says about You

Jewelry defines you as much as you define yourself. Pick a jewelry with a color and design that radiates you. From personalized jewelry to heirlooms, you can use valuable ornaments to deepen your aura. When you select crystal jewelry, your aura grounds and empowers your personality.

For a guide on how to pick the right crystal for you, read more on crystal healing jewelry here.  

Stay Powerful!

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