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Why Opals are not Cursed Stones? Find out

Why Opals are not Cursed Stones? Find out

The beauty of opal is the reason why people think of it as a cursed stone. Opals are beautiful and fiery stones but they are known to turn pale when there is poison or retain the blonde hair color and even believed to lose their sparkle when the owner dies. These are just the superstitions and myths about opals over the top of my head. To decipher the reality why opals are not cursed stones, you need to understand the myths from its origin.

Today we will dissect every myth to find the reality behind opal gemstones. Are you in?
Let’s begin!

Who said opals were cursed?
Black Opal Gemstone

Centuries ago, the medieval humans when saw opals, they believed it to be scary because of the flashes of fire within it. The exquisite play of fire within the opal was once used by witches to focus their spells and energy works and hence, were thought of as a curse. See, these negative stories about opal were going on in rumors just as the glories of opal.

When did the Rumors about Opals begin?

I have a specific date actually. It all began with the novel Anne of Geierstein where the author Sir Walter Scott created a character who wore opals, the Baroness of Arnheim. The story is beautiful, but it ends tragically with the character dying when a drop of holy water falls on her opal. When the color of the opal fades with the sanctified water in the story, the Baroness dies too.

One popular story made a lot of money for the publisher and royalties for the author, but the fiction affected the sales. It dropped by half even decades after the book ran out of popularity because the fiction stayed alive!

Even diamond geezers are to blame for the superstitions against opal because they triggered it all the ways they could to raise the value of diamonds.

Why are Opals not Cursed?

100% Natural Ethiopian Rainbow Opal

While history quotes that Romans loved opal, it was often gifted by the emperor to his wife for prosperity and luck. Some even believed opals contained the arrow of cupid to make your true love come closer to you. It was even known as the hope stone!

Do you know what else proves opals are not cursed? The amazing reign of Queen Victoria in two centuries ago. It’s actually a very lucky stone. Another proof is the Academy Award win of Cate Blanchett who won it when she wore the Chopard Australian opal.  

Can I wear an opal?

Of course, you can.

The popular superstition says people who are born in October should be the only people who must wear an opal. I am a December baby and I wear opals all the time. The truth is, there are no bad gemstones unless your astrologer specifically reminds you about any stone that’s bad for your chart. Every gemstone is special. If you get attracted to the opal crystal, pick it and wear it. If you are getting negative vibrations from the stone, do not wear it. The principle is as simple as that!

My fire opal is cracked. Can I wear it?

Stylish Natural Ethiopian Fire Opal Bracelet

How cracked is your fire opal? If it has just chipped slightly or you are seeing new inclusions, you can wear it. But, if your fire opal is cracked and rugged from the sides, there is no point of wearing it as it can injure you.

Instead, you can use the cracked fire opal with energy works. You can even attempt to join it by doing the following. However, often it is the will of the crystal to break when it cracks into two more crystals. Rejoice, you have two crystals now!

  • You can take your cracked opal and place it in a bowl together.
  • Circle your clear quartz thrice over the stone.
  • Now bury the bowl as it is in a flower pot or in your garden.
  • Dig it out and use it after one full moon.

Are there other Opal Superstitions I need to know?

Natural Colorful Ethiopian Opal Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

We talked about how opals can make your hair blonde and detect poison in the introduction of this article. There are many more myths about opal that you should know. Not knowing can scare you and increase the negativity towards the stone if you’re caught unaware.

  • If Opal is not your birthstone and you wear it, you will be cursed.
  • If you gift an opal, the relationship will break.
  • If Opal is worn on the engagement ring, the groom dies and the bride will be a widow.
  • If you wear opal and go to church, you can die.
  • If you wear white opal, you will be unlucky in career.

How to use an Opal in 3 Ways?

I have used opals since I was a little girl. It has protected me, nourished me and even supported me when I needed love. Opals are magical unless your spirit guide tells you otherwise. That’s why, if you’re new to opals, I want you to check the following ways to determine what opals can do for you.

·      Jewelry

Vintage Opal Jewelry Set

Being a crystal junkie, I have many opals but my favorite is the Ethiopian opal pendant that connects with my crown and heart chakras simultaneously. Wearing opal as jewelry, helps you stay connected to multiple chakras and keep it charged. Opal rings nourish the aura, just as opal bracelets.

·      Pendant Wand

Opal Choker Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Want to crystal energy works? Make a crystal grid and activate it with this pendant wand made of opal. You can also use this pendant wand as jewelry that keeps your lower chakras in check as it is pointing down.

·      FigurineGanpati  

Black Natural Opal - Top Quality

A god respected by Buddhism and Jainism apart from Hinduism, this black opal is a luck stone that attracts success and wealth when it is placed in the northern direction of your home. Know more about opals in this handbook here. If you’re looking for fire opal knowledge, this FREE handbook is all you need!

Before you go …

Opals are beautiful stones full of mysterious powers. If you heard how opals are cursed leave us your questions in the comments below. We will help you out!

Stay powerful~

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