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Know The Controversial Powers Of Fire Opal Rings and Use It

Know The Controversial Powers Of Fire Opal Rings and Use It

Why do you wear gemstone rings? Because it can beautify your fingers or because you have magic at your arm’s end?  I wear gemstone rings so that I can restore my chakra powers in a wink, any time. Do you know fire opal is ruled by the sun? It also beckons the energy of Egyptian God Anubis. That’s why you feel the fiery energy when you wear fire opal rings. Today I will teach you many more powers of fire opal jewelry that will shock you. It’s more magnificent than you can imagine!

Secrets of Fire Opal Rings are Revealed

While some people even believe it is bad to wear opals other than in October, history proves otherwise. In fact, the deeper the fire of an opal, better its capability of attracting powerful energies that lead to wealth, health and spiritual union that can change your life!

When I began my study on fire opals, I had no more than five fire opals. After 12 years with fire opals, I have learned about miracles in my own life as well as that of others. And, I will teach all the secrets to you now!

Why Wear Fire Opal Rings? 

Benefits of wearing fire opal rings are limitless.

It can HEAL your BODY.

It can HEAL your MIND.

It can HEAL your Spirit.

Why? Because fire opals can control almost all chakras including Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Root to combine impetuously flush your crown chakra. It is a chakra training tool that you can use for many reasons. I’ve mentioned all the I can about the rough advantages of wearing fire opal rings below.

·      Blood Circulation and Health with fire opal rings

Do you know fire opal can balance the heart chakra by activating solar plexus? All you need to do is point it at the heart and say your affirmation. Once your blood is healed, the body falls back into order.

·      Fire opal rings to Attract Money by Wearing on the Right Hand

An abundance stone, fire opals, when worn as rings, can attract wealth and good fortune towards you.  All you need to do is wear it on any finger on the right hand after setting your money magnet intention to do so!

·      Fertility and Libido with fire opal ring

As fire opal beckons the power of Ops, wife of Saturn and origin of fertility, red or orange color fire opals are powerful. It works on the female reproductive system to boost the chances of pregnancy.

·      Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection using fire opal rings

As fire opals can bridge the gap between mortal and immortal reality, it can also uplift your soul. Keep it under the bed when sleeping to have a lucid dreaming or dissociative experience such as astral travel.

·      Fire opal ring for Creative Energy and Productivity

Adam wrote to us telling how fire opal ring on the right hand helped him to get inspired. Read it!


How to Use Powers of Fire Opal Rings?

It’s not that hard to wear the fire opal ring correctly to attract all its powers. I will tell you the step-by-step way to wear it to making all the above benefits a reality!

  • The first step is to clean your fire opal ring.
  • You can clean the ring with a microfiber cloth for a lasting shine.
  • You must clean the crystal ring with a clear quartz before wearing it.
  • Wear it on the finger while chanting your intention for five minutes.
  • You’re all set!

7 Forgotten Types of Fire Opal Rings by Chakra Power

Fire opals were once believed to contain the souls of gods. The fiery energy of these stones has made mankind do more than miracles. From changing the weather to mood and luck, fire opals can do a range of things. Why do you think celebs like Irene Neuwirth are hooked on it?

Find out the powers of fire opal rings that can work in your life.

·      Natural Blue Fire Opal Ring

Authentic and dazzling like a calm blue ocean, this natural blue fire opal ring is best for throat chakra energies. It guides your path to reveal the truth. When you gaze into this fire opal ring, angels will speak to you in tongues.

What does the Verified Review for this fire opal ring Say?

100% satisfaction guaranteed with customers raving about the look and authenticity of this fire opal ring buy.

·      White Fire Opal Australian Ring

White Fire Australian Opal Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   3

A beautiful three stone white fire opal ring, this is a crown chakra generator ring to add to your collection. Be ready to enter a new world, when you buy this dazzling blue fire opal ring. It is the stone of enlightenment!

What does the Verified Review for this fire opal ring Say?

With 4.5 Stars out of 5, this is a handpicked product crafted to perfection. It is reviewed as lovely by almost all our customers.

·      Red Fire Opal Ring

Red Fire Opal Ring   Sizes  6 7 8   matans

Ideal for awakening the seat of your sexual energy or kundalini force, this red fire opal opens the Sacral Chakra. CZ stones are embedded on the side of the ring to shimmer your fingers. The bright energy of the gemstone can turn you a new leaf!

What does the Verified Review for this fire opal ring Say?

With 5/5 Stars, this red fire opal segment ring has a unique charm and comfiness about it. Most customers claim they were complimented on it more than once!

·      Green Fire Opal Ring

Unique Fire Opal Ring - 925 Sterling

A dramatic swirling green fire opal on a slim sterling silver band, this fire opal ring blends well with casual and office wear. It raises your heart chakra to keep you calm and cool throughout the day.

What does the Verified Review for this fire opal ring Say?

A rare and unique design, this 5-star product is recommended as lovely by our verified buyer, Connie. Thank you, there!

·      Pink Fire Opal Flower Ring

Pink Fire Opal Flower Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

An ornate ring in a floral pattern, this pink fire opal raises the heart chakra and the sacral chakra vibes. In short, it can make you beautiful and attract your true love, at once. It’s a win-win for love and happiness with pink fire opal.

What does the Verified Review for this fire opal ring Say?

Out of 39 verified reviews, we have 100% five-stars for each buy. Simply put, this is a fire opal ring you can buy with trust. It is reviewed, authentic, light and sparkling by buyers.

·      Orange Fire Opal Ring

Orange Fire Opal Garnet Silver Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Adorned with the blazing fire of solar plexus and root chakra, this orange fire opal also raises the life force within. It promotes physical healing and emotional freedom to first-time users by aligning the lower chakras.

What does the Verified Review for this fire opal ring Say

Our best-seller product, we have 5/5 stars out of 236 reviews on this product. It changes color like a REAL mood stone and promises a long-lasting sparkle and beautifies the hands, according to lovely ladies who bought this already. 

Here's a video of the ring in real-time colors without any filters. 

Buy it right away AFTER you check it out!

·      Tear Fire Opal Ring

Tear Fire Opal Black Gold Ring   matans

Made from softest pink fire opal, Tear Fire Opal ring is a protective stone that adds beauty to your aura. It is an excellent gift for your wife if you want something extra natural to keep the fidelity intact!

What does the Verified Review for this fire opal ring Say?

With almost all the buyers saying they loved it, this is a princess-perfect pink fire opal ring to wear at home or for your next party. Be ready to be the spotlight when you do!

7 Fiery Fire Opal Crystal Combinations

What are the perfect stones to wear with a fire opal ring? I’ve tried a million times until I found all the right answers. It’s your turn to find your perfect crystal pairing too!


·      Blue Fire Opal and Emerald

Blue Fire Opal & Emerald Ring - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

When you mix blue fire opal and emerald, what you get is the truth with compassion. This is a crystal pairing fit for empaths searching for their destiny. While blue fire opal makes you wise, emerald makes you humble. Together, it can make you the most charismatic person ever!

Read Verified Reviews of this Item by REAL buyers by clicking HERE!

Targeted Chakras in this Crystal Pairing Combo

The throat chakra is activated by blue fire opal while emerald awakens the Higher Heart Chakra when you wear this ring.

·      Amethyst and White Fire Opal Ring

Amethyst and Opal Sterling Silver Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

One of the sacred combinations for high crown chakra energy, Amethyst with White Fire Opal makes you intelligent and clever at the same time. By wearing this fire opal and amethyst ring, your connection with the subconscious and guardian angel betters.  

Read Verified Reviews of this Item by REAL buyers by clicking HERE!

Targeted Chakras in this Crystal Pairing Combo

Crown chakra is activated by both amethyst and white fire opal while amethyst also aligns the Third Eye Chakra to give insight when you wear this fire opal ring.

·      Mystic Topaz and Blue Fire Opal

Mystic Topaz Opal Silver Ring (Silver Plated)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

Inlaid with blue fire opal, mystic topaz and cubic zirconia for added grandeur, this ring is a crystal pairing for reaping success. It helps to dispel negativity and evil eye on you be seeing angelic communication. The powerful crystal ring of fire opal can protect you and lead your way to glory and prosperity.

Read Verified Reviews of this Item by REAL buyers by clicking HERE!

Targeted Chakras in this Crystal Pairing Combo

Blue fire opal awakens the throat chakra while mystic topaz fuels the third eye to attract positivity towards you.

·      Green Fire Opal and Emerald

Green Fire Opal & Emerald Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A five-stone green fire opal ring with a halo of six emeralds encircling it, this green fiery ring is an eclectic ring to buy. It flushes out sadness, grief and bad luck from your life. Meditating with this ring on your heart chakra can melt your arrogance and make you happier in life. That’s because heart chakra revives blood vessels too.

Read Verified Reviews of this Item by REAL buyers by clicking HERE!

Targeted Chakras in this Crystal Pairing Combo

Green Fire opal and emerald both activate the heart and higher heart chakras. They are ideal for those suffering from heart-related ailments too.

·      Mixed Fire Opal Ring

Mixed Fire Opal 925 Sterling Silver Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   6

Ever wanted all the varieties of fire opals on one ring? We’ve crafted the 7 chakra activator ring with blue, pink and white color fire opals stacked on one sterling silver ring. Use this higher chakra fire opal ring for manifestation rituals.

Read Verified Reviews of this Item by REAL buyers by clicking HERE!

Targeted Chakras in this Crystal Pairing Combo

This ring is one of the best generator opal rings for the awakening heart, crown and throat chakras.

·      Blue Fire Opal and Aquamarine

Blue Opal Aquamarine Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

Reminiscing the ocean vibes, blue fire opal with aquamarine is a calming stone often used for meditative vibes. It helps you reclaim lost treasures when you meditate with the ring on your mid chakras. The healing crystal ring of fire opal can help you find the truth as well as wisdom in your life.

Targeted Chakras in this Crystal Pairing Combo

Both blue fire opal and aquamarine awakens the throat chakra together. Use it in a grid that needs high manifestation energy!

·      Orange Fire Opal Multi Gem

Orange Fire Opal Multigem Silver Ring   matans

Wanted the fieriest fire opal with a range of other perfect crystal combinations? I’ve got the secret product that aligns multiple chakras.

This fire opal ring is designed in a floral pattern with orange fire opal in the center and crystals such as peridot, topaz, amethyst, and ruby surrounding it.

Targeted Chakras in this Crystal Pairing Combo

Orange fire opal awakens the sacral and root chakra while peridot fuels the heart chakra. Amethyst is known for its crown chakra and topaz for its throat. Ruby helps you find peace with heart and sacral chakras. Now, you’ve got a 7-chakra ring.

Buy it HERE!

Before you go …

Blue Opal and Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K Solid Gold - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Fire Opals activate multiple chakras based on the color of the gem you use in the ritual.

Here’s a secret tip for #TangerineFireOpals, please keep it away from direct sun, especially during scorching summers as I have personally broken many like this when I started out!


Never seen a fire opal? Check this video of the blue fire opal VIDEO review on YouTube.


Follow AtPerrys Healing Crystals for more crystal videos!

Stay powerful~

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