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Which Are The Perfect Stones To Wear With Black Onyx?

Which Are The Perfect Stones To Wear With Black Onyx?

We all know how powerful crystal pairings work. They can create new directions for the energy through you. These perfect combinations, when used with the ultimate protective stone black onyx can generate protection to strength, mobility, and clarity in thoughts. By wearing the right stone with your black onyx, you can also amplify the benefits you’re already getting. More on it below, scroll away!

7 Ideal Stones to Wear with Black Onyx

Everyone knows black onyx is a protective stone, but when you pair the gemstones I tell you, do new energies happen? Of course. Let’s see which are these new energies that appear only when mingled with the energy of black onyx. But, that’s not all. I will be helping you decode how to use these crystals with black onyx too. Start reading …

1.    Carnelian Black Onyx Egg

Natural Red Carnelian Crystal Egg

This is beautiful gemstone egg has unforeseen powers to stabilize you. Carnelian, when mixed with black onyx, can help you find strength and stamina you need in life. Placing the carnelian egg with black onyx will clarify your vision too.

  • Take your carnelian egg and black onyx in your hand.
  • Close your palm and eyes.
  • Now, imagine a black light erasing the disorders in your body, bit-by-bit.
  • Visualize until your complete body is cleansed with the black light.
  • Your egg is charged.
  • Place them in the Eastern direction now.

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Benefit of Carnelian and Black Onyx together

Do you know black onyx can heal the body? Many shamans use it exclusively for health rituals as it can retain the strength needed for immunity to work. When you add carnelian to the mix of black onyx, it becomes a soothing crystal pairing that can heal your Heart and Stomach.

2.    Black Onyx and Amethyst

Natural Amethyst Pyramid

When you mix a powerful crown chakra stone such as amethyst with black onyx, many miracles happen. It can raise your intuitive vibrations in the mind and help you understand right from wrong. This crystal pairing is advised for people going through changes in life. Black onyx gives stability by grounding while amethyst connects the body to the higher angelic realm to seek spirit-guide advice.

  • Take your amethyst pyramid.
  • Place it in front of you.
  • Now place your black onyx in the right palm.
  • Close the right palm.
  • Now, place your left hand on the amethyst pyramid.
  • Chant your affirmation until you feel it is charged (for at least 10 minutes).

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Benefits of Crystal Pairing Amethyst with Black Onyx

The first and foremost effect of pairing amethyst with black onyx is the way it eliminates addiction from the mind. You will see visions of your destiny and exactly what must be done to trigger de-addiction. Your rehabilitation at home is black onyx and amethyst combo.   

3.    Black Onyx and Pearl

Freshwater Pearl Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Pearl is a stone of luck and healing. It can purify the physical body from deficiencies and occasional back-fire of the immune system. When mixed with black onyx, the powers of pearl expands. It gives you clarity in action by clearing the negativity from your body.

  • Take the pearl earrings in your left hand.
  • Place the left hand with the earrings in between your brows.
  • Now chant the affirmation or pray to moon goddess for healing.
  • Your earrings are charged.
  • Do the above before wearing them!

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Benefits of pearl and Black Onyx Stones

Do you know the effect of pearl on Thyroid Disorders? It is known to regulate the natural thyroxine to help you become alright again. When pearl mixes with the protective energy of black onyx, it affects your own body first. Pearl helps to stimulate your thyroid (underactive) and reset all your problems from allergies to fibromyalgia and joint pain quickly.

4.    Zircon and Black Onyx

Round Yellow Zircon Ring- 925 Sterling Silver

The ancient stone that reveals the history of the earth itself can be used for attaining peace and enlightenment. Zircon, when combined with the energies of black onyx, can take you back on a ride. Often when you’re traveling the astral realm, you need to be extra careful and black onyx helps you with that.

  • Take your zircon pendant.
  • Place it on your third eye chakra.
  • Now close your eyes and meditate.
  • You will feel the heat where the zircon is placed.
  • Now wear the zircon pendant.
  • Take the black onyx and touch the zircon pendant.
  • Clutch the black onyx in the right hand or wear it as a ring on the right-hand index finger.
  • Your zircon and black onyx are in sync.

Benefits of Zircon with Black Onyx Crystal

The best way to bring intelligence into your life is to look into your spirit. Often, the reason why we act stupidly or have brain fog is that Satan or evil energy is blocking destiny. Zircon with black onyx will show you the penance you need to do in order to attract Wisdom and Knowledge into your life.   

5.    Moonstone and Black Onyx

When moonstone enters your life, the transformation is rapid. You will see through a new perspective because moonstone works on the mind and heart at once. It raises the inquisitive chakra of the third eye to give you the powers of clairvoyance and clairvision. Are you ready for it?

  • Take your grey moonstone bracelet with both hands.
  • Close your palms circling around the bracelet.
  • Now touch the bracelet on every chakra.
  • Visualize the heat from the stone cleansing you.
  • Your bracelet is charged and ready to be worn!

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Benefit of moonstone and Black Onyx

We know black onyx helps in keeping the health and psyche of pregnant mothers in check. Yet another benefit of black onyx is how it regulates the female ovaries and the male prostate to release eggs or sperm that are healthy for pregnancy. Reproductive healing with black onyx can be achieved by using a grey moonstone.

6.    Black Onyx and Emerald

Emerald Ring Rose Gold Plated   matans

A gemstone for healing the disorders of the heart chakra, black onyx has rare abilities when mixed with black onyx. It can heal and even attract prosperity and abundance into your life. Emerald brings warmth, love, care, and empathy too.

  • Take your emerald ring on the right hand.
  • With the selenite wand in the left hand, hover over the emerald ring.
  • Now close your eyes and visualize the energy of the wand uplifting your ring.
  • Your ring is charged once you touch the wand on the emerald center stone.
  • Do the above before wearing the ring at all times.

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Benefits of Black Onyx Stone with Emerald

Emerald has the rare ability to Protect your Love. If you’re afraid of cheating or affairs in the life of your partner or yours, embrace the power of emerald and black onyx. You can wear it as a couple to drive away infidelity.

Before you go …

Black onyx promises a lot of powers and now you have the best stones to assist you with black onyx. Try it today and let us know of your favorite black onyx crystal combinations.

Stay powerful~

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