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The Ways Crystals For Nausea Really Works

The Ways Crystals For Nausea Really Works

It is undeniable that when gemstones try to clear blocked energy, nausea is one of the symptoms experienced. But if your nausea is physical and disconnected to the new crystals in your life, let us tell you we understand. When my doctor said a migraine was the culprit behind my evening nausea and headaches, I was aghast. I couldn’t live with it. Then I found crystals that stopped the uneasiness altogether. That’s why today we will learn all about crystals for nausea and how it affects the psyche to cure you.

Why use Crystals for Nausea?

Feeling nauseated is the weirdest feeling in the world, coming from a person suffering from occasional reflux and perpetual nausea. Well, that was once upon a time before I found the right crystals to work my magic.

Gemstones for nausea work by removing blocked energy that is making you feel uneasy. The hormones that prevent you from feeling good are merely the result of an underlying problem. It could be indigestion to issues deep down. Whatever it is, healing crystals right for your lower chakras can cure the itch, once and for all.

I have suffered it and that’s one of the parts of pregnancy no one told me about. Crystals helped throughout my nausea during pregnancy like a charm!

I hope it helps you too …

Which Chakra to use Crystals for Nausea?

To combat the problems in your mind and body, you need a round of crystals or symmetrical arrangements to make your manifestations precise. When you use chakras for flushing out the toxicity that is eating you from inside, nausea disappears.

You and I both know how crystals work well for stress to indigestion. While the medicines alleviate merely nausea, crystals do much more. So all the underlying reasons that add to nausea that you don’t know about will be stopped when you use nausea crystals.

Gemstones outlined for healing nausea are targeted on the solar plexus chakra at first and then root, heart and sacral chakras altogether.

Which Crystals for Nausea to Use at Home

Are you feeling down by nausea recurrently? What you need are crystals made to affect your chakra of wellbeing and stability to cleanse you out. We have handpicked seven healing crystal accessories that you can use at home to heal your nausea without leaving the house.

Do you believe in crystals? Then, let’s see how to make it work healing in your life!

1.    Clear Quartz Angel Water Bottle for Nausea

Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

This quartz angel bottle is not like any other bottle. It seeks the help of your guardian angel with its empowering traits. It is the best way to make an elixir with etheric energies to cleanse and purify you. The first step to cleansing your nausea with crystals is a must-have session with clear quartz. You can drink this to lessen the time while amplifying the effects.

Clear quartz awakens the crown chakra that clears all your other chakras subsequently like a divine white light. It’s the most powerful stone for the ultimate cleanse.

How to Use Clear Quartz Crystal Water Bottle for Nausea?

  • Take your crystal bottle with clear quartz pendant.
  • Place it in front of you.
  • Chant the mantra to ‘cleanse you’.
  • Meditate for a few minutes.
  • Fill the bottle with water.
  • After five minutes, your elixir made of purification crystal energy will be ready!

2.    Emerald Crystal Pendant for Nausea

Elegant Emerald Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Emerald is a heart chakra gemstone that cleanses all the toxins physically by increasing your blood circulation. When you wear it on your heart chakra, emerald can work wonders. It can raise your heart vibrations to cure gastric and digestive problems adding to your nausea. It is a protection amulet for kids once mom’s used to use!

Emerald can erase the feeling of wanting to vomit if motion sickness is your problem like it is that of mine. Wear this pendant and go on any journey, you will be fine as a breeze.

How to Use emerald Pendant Crystal for Nausea?

  • Hold this emerald in the palm of your hand.
  • Chant the affirmation to ‘cleanse me from nausea’.
  • Meditate so that your own vibrations bond with that of the crystal.
  • Wear it on you whenever you go out for seven days.

3.    Obsidian Scrying Mirror for Answers to Nausea

Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror

If your nausea is recurrent like I found mine to be, you need a gemstone that can look into the future and recount the things you’re missing out on. This obsidian scrying mirror needs you to gaze while bonding to let it show you visions of cures and answers that stress eating you.

Obsidian is also a protection stone that aligns with your root chakra to give you stability and rest of grounding.  

How to Use Obsidian Scrying for Nausea?

  • Choose a sacred room where you can be alone.
  • Let the window open
  • Light a candle opposite the mirror.
  • Hold the scrying mirror in your palm and gaze in.
  • You will find your answers within minutes.

4.    Meditation with Yellow Quartz Crystal Wand

Yellow Quartz Healing Wand

A powerful solar plexus stone that can strengthen your body by raising its immunity to protect you is the yellow quartz. All you need to do is communicate your problems of nausea with the stone.

Let me remind you this powerful wand when pointed at the stomach where solar plexus chakra resides can flush out the toxins making you free from nausea instantly. It is a stone known to support brain healing as well as metabolism to lose weight. So, if your nausea was due to weight loss, spend time with this yellow quartz wand ASAP!

How to Use Yellow Quartz Crystal for Nausea?

  • Once the wand is cleaned, sit down.
  • Hold the wand with the sharp end towards your solar plexus chakra.
  • You can lay down and ask a friend to do this too.
  • Yellow quartz will need a few minutes to penetrate your aura and chakra.
  • Visualizing healing.
  • Stop only when you feel ready!

5.    Red Jasper Facial Roller for Stress and Nausea

Gemstone Facial Roller Massager - The Natural Face Lift All Gemstones

Another powerful root chakra stone that helps you oust any threats to your body is red jasper. It can neutralize any problems, be it physical or psychological.

Red jasper roller as you can see is usually used to cleanse skin. But, I have used it many times for stress relief and it works way to well by penetrating the aura and the skin easily. The soft stone is good to cleanse your skin and release your problems of nausea to regenerate your body.

How to Use Red Jasper Crystals for Nausea?

  • You can moisturize the face before or after.
  • Take your red jasper roller in the palm.
  • Chant the words, ‘Cleanse me’ until you feel you have chimed with the stone.
  • Now roll it on the face in gentle clockwise motions.

6.    Rose Quartz Crystal Pyramid under the Bed for Nausea

Light Rose Quartz Healing Pyramid

When you use a pyramid, you are using the cosmic symmetry to send messages using a heart chakra stone. Not just any stone, the powerful queen of heart chakra who rules love. Rose quartz works a charm when you place it under the bed when you sleep. The nauseating hormones will be eliminated during the restorative phase of sleep. You don’t have to worry about a thing!

How to Use Rose Quartz Crystals for Nausea?

  • Lay down.
  • Place the rose quartz crystal pyramid on your heart, the zenith pointing up.
  • Now chant ‘cleanse me’ until you attune to the pyramid.
  • Get up after meditating for at least five minutes.
  • Place the pyramid under your bed.
  • Sleep tight!

You’ll wake up brighter than the sun!

7.    Yoga with Bloodstone Crystal Wand

Natural Bloodstone Crystal Wand

Do you know bloodstone is cleansing and protection stone? It can cleanse you by detoxing your body and mind at once. It is said to wash with blood so that diseases never tread back.

Doing yoga with bloodstone is easy if you know how to bond with your stone. As bloodstone is a heart and root chakra stone, it will amplify the fruits of yoga too.

Click here to find out the right yoga poses and gemstones best to use with it!

How to Use Bloodstone Crystals for Nausea?

  • Take the bloodstone wand.
  • Point it at your heart chakra.
  • Now place it on the yoga mat or hold it while doing yoga.
  • The bloodstone will guide you.

Before you go …

If you’re pregnant, you need to check out this article on crystals for pregnancy that can help you out and protect your baby too. Meanwhile, using crystals for nausea is a wise move because it heals your total body.

Stay powerful~

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