Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health? We Have ‘em all!

by Ceida Uilyc September 27, 2017

Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health? We Have ‘em all!

Gemstones were used since centuries as antidotes to physical and spiritual questions.

One of the most important to draw from is how gemstones can be used for pink of health. To do so, you must diagnose the weak areas of your body and then use specific gemstones to target the chakra that can heal the specific organ or body part.   

Top 12 Best Crystals for Health and Rejuvenation

Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health? We have ‘em all!

Using crystals for various forms of diseases is not new. In fact, if you dig deep into Ancient Chinese, Indian and Western medicine, you will find plenty proofs of how gemstones were an indispensable part of every doctor’s routine.

1.     Black Agate Crystals for Eyes

Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health? We have ‘em all!

Ideal for common eye diseases such as conjunctivitis and disorders of the ocular cavity, black agate is a choice crystal cools your eye nerves to prevent black eye bags too. From the beauty of your eye to its health, black agate activates the Third Eye Chakra, which will also help you open the spiritual eye.

Bonus Gemstone for Eye Health: Tiger Jasper

2.     Amazonite Crystals for Mouth

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The perfect crystal for preventing plaque to cavities and even tooth decay, amazonite is a savior to those suffering from osteoporosis. Amazonite can remove teeth infections to decade-old cavities with a swish.

Bonus Gemstone for Tooth Pain: Aquamarine

3.     Clear Quartz Crystals for Brain

Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health? We have ‘em all!

An ultimate crystal to heal you, gemstones for brain affects the higher chakras. Clear Quartz activates the Crown chakra, located on top of your head to repair the brain disorders in the wearer. Considered one of the best purification crystals, Clear Quartz can rewire your brain after removing toxins and hindrances that affect its health.

Bonus Gemstone for Brain Health: Amethyst

4.     Aquamarine Crystals for Throat

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An excellent gemstone that removes throat pain and disorders quickly, Aquamarine also stops infections in the respiratory tracts. Aquamarine activates the throat chakra to remove lung infections to serious breathing disorders in the gem user. 

Bonus Gemstone for Throat Health: Yellow Jasper

5.     Rose Quartz Crystals for Heart

For those with blood circulation and heart-related disorders, there is no better healing crystal than rose quartz. Rose Quartz brings self-love to the health of one’s blood vessels as well as purification. Use a rose quartz gem elixir to drink every day before bed for maximum heart healing with gemstones.

Bonus Gemstone for Heart Health: Peridot

6.     Amethyst Crystals for Lungs

Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health? We have ‘em all!

It is important to circumvent the higher chakra imbalances when you’re treating lung related disorders. In fact, Amethyst activates the Third eye and Crown Chakras to repair Smoker’s Lungs to infections without raising a red flag.

Bonus Gemstone for Lung Health: Amazonite

7.     Amber Crystals for Stomach

Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health? We have ‘em all!

An excellent stone that helps in keeping the stomach health alive, amber affects the Solar Plexus Chakra quickly. When used as a crystal patch, amber relieves pains of the stomach to cramps during menstruation and pregnancy too.

Bonus Gemstone for Stomach Health: Malachite

8.     Citrine Crystals for Digestion

Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health? We have ‘em all!

If you’ve been tired with constant indigestion, heartburns, constipation or similar other digestive disorders, citrine can heal it with no side-effects. Regardless of how chronic your issue is, solarize a citrine crystal power into drinking water and consume the save to help the gemstone collect and remove the toxins in your digestive tracts.

Bonus Gemstone for Digestion: White Sapphire

9.     Emerald Crystals for Elimination

Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health? We Have ‘em all!

For those of you worried about the liver health due to alcoholic lifestyle, keeping an emerald will help you kick the habit and heal yourself. It is best to use emerald through massages on the liver area to strengthen it and flush the toxins.

Bonus Gemstone for Elimination Organs: Sodalite

10.Hematite Crystals for Limbs

Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health? We Have ‘em all!

Yet another strengthening crystal, often referred to as the Bezoars, Hematite is a root chakra stone that sets your limbs steady and invincible. Hematite is highly effective when worn as a bracelet or anklet wherever you go for protection!

Bonus Gemstone for Hands and Legs: Ruby

11.Garnet Crystals for Immunity

Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health? We Have ‘em all!

If you’ve been bothered with autoimmune disorders, Garnet will help you strengthen the WBCs quickly. Garnet empowers the Sacral and Heart chakra, which boosts circulation and one’s natural strength to repel allergens and pollutants.

Bonus Gemstone for Strength: Moss Agate

12.White Fire Opal Crystals for Balance

Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health? We Have ‘em all!

An excellent gemstone if you’ve been suffering from dizziness or vertigo, White Fire Opal balances both the hemispheres of a human brain. By doing so, white fire opal fills the life force into the wearer by awakening the Sacral Chakra energies.

Bonus Gemstone for Dizziness: Blue Sapphire

What we recommend …

As a bonus, use Smoky Quartz Crystals for clearing confusions and Black Tourmaline for emotional health. All you need to make the above crystals work is by making a gem elixir with amazonite and gargle or drink the same every night before bed.

Which of the below crystals made you feel stronger for a wink? Ask us the right gemstone for your ailment in the comments below.

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Stay powerful~

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

6 Responses

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

October 31, 2017

Hello Valleria,
You stay strong and our blessings are en route to you. Although we can send you positive vibes faster than a gift. Here’s an exclusive list of crystals for colons-
We’ll make a post just for you, Valleria.
Please stay strong and update us. What crystals are you using now?

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

October 31, 2017

Hello Nikki, seems like your point-on with the Aquamarine. It does help with the throat as it is a throat chakra. Aquamarine is also excellent for the mind too, hence making an elixir and using it will help your memory loss, according to its ancient traits.
Here’s everything you need to know about aquamarine-
Stay powerful!

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

October 31, 2017

Hello Alexia, thanks for taking the time to write for us. We have made a blog post exclusively for your concerns. You can check out the total crystals and choose one that best applies to your issue here
Please update us on how you’re doing. Good day, Alexia!

Alexia Hamilton-White
Alexia Hamilton-White

October 28, 2017

Hi there. I suffer from chronic fatigue, I could sleep all day and night. I have to take huge doses of iron every day because of something to do with my blood platelets being small. Please could you recommend something that will keep me awake!


October 27, 2017

Hi I have had migraines for 6 weeks now. CT scan all clear been under shit loads of stress. My brain now can’t cope with any information or thinking. Very very low of energy . Forgetful short term. More angry as tired and over it. My hubby is disabled and he’s not easy hubby can still stand small times but he’s getting worse now do more yelling and swearing going on. I brought Aqua marine off you as I Always wanted one and read up it helps with my pus throat. Don’t think straight either. How’s this for good reading

Vallerie Maas
Vallerie Maas

October 27, 2017

I have been subscribed to you for about a year now … have ordered your most beautiful Rainbow Fire topaz Pendant which I received in good order and love wearing .. My birthday was a week ago and lo and behold … I never received anything from you guys …. my address has changed to no 4 Peach Tree Crescent, Sunningdale Bloubergstrand, Cape town … Code 7441 … my ID is 4710130107089 and as you can see I just turned 70 …. just love crystals …. I am having an operation on my Colon next week and would like to know what I should wear for a speedy recovery and quick healing.

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