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Spirit Quartz Meanings, Uses, Benefits and Metaphysics

Spirit Quartz Meanings, Uses, Benefits and Metaphysics

A peculiar quartz that looks like an amethyst, spirit quartz is entirely different. It is the stone of harmony and balance. Spirit quartz brings stability as it is a higher vibration stone. Crystal users love it for the radiance. When you hold a spirit quartz, it can cleanse you as well as the space surrounding you. Today we will learn about the powers and metaphysical attributes of spirit quartz in detail.

What Is a Spirit Quartz?

Chemically, spirit quartz is silicone dioxide formed within a quartz group. Popular as cactus quartz Porcupine quartz, spirit quartz is seen in purple, yellow, brown and grey colors. The purple spirit quartz is amethyst, the yellow spirit quartz is citrine and the brown are smoky quartz.

The cleansing and purifying stone spirit quartz has a hardness of 7 on the MOHS. Handle it carefully!  

Spirit Quartz Meaning

Meaning of cactus quartz is peace and harmony. It is interesting that spirit quartz has been used as a medium for communicating with the angel world. It is a mystic stone often appraised by collectors and crystal lovers alike.

Naisha Ahsian talks about spirit quartz as the ‘a hundred singing choir in harmony’. It is a crystal that supports your desires and wishes, earnestly.

What Does Spirit Quartz Look Like?

Spirit quartz looks like a druzy cactus. It has sparkling druzy crystals all over it. You might see a shade of purple, white, yellow, brown or grey too with spirit quartz crystals. The unique appearance of spirit cactus in candle-like protrusions sets it apart from a druzy amethyst or amethyst cluster.

How Is Spirit Quartz Formed?

While amethyst is formed in silica cavities, spirit quartz takes more geode like air bubble to form. It is a peculiar crystal that changes color naturally upon the presence of heat and pressure.

Where Is Spirit Quartz from?

South Africa is the origin of real spirit quartz. If you got your spirit quartz from somewhere else, you know it’s a fake. Spirit quartz shows prism faces. The locality of mine where spirit quartz comes from is called Magaliesburg in Witwatersrand mountain range in a region called Gauteng.

Varieties of Spirit Quartz

What are the types of spirit quartz around? There are not so many that you can’t count in a palm. Real spirit quartz exists in specific colors associated with the central mineral. Let’s find the one that you will love!

·      What Is Aura Spirit White Quartz?

Seen in white color with translucent to opaque nature, white spirit quartz is a support stone that accelerates healing in the body. It is a feminine stone that beckons blessings to you. Aura spirit quartz in white is a intuition stone. Have it with you when you are trying to communicate with spirit guides.

·      What Is Amethyst Spirit Quartz?

Seen in purple color, amethyst spirit quartz is also called lavender spirit stone. It is a beautiful cluster of amethyst purple that aids in amplifying your spiritual awareness. Amethyst spirit stone can clear your mind from negativity if you hold it in your palms. It is a serene stone of great powers of the higher chakra and the earth star chakra. Keep it beside your bed for vivid dreams!

·      What Is Smoky Spirit Quartz?

One of the essential stone of higher chakras, smoky spirit quartz is seen in brown and grey colors. It opens the solar plexus chakra to accelerate healing. Smoky quartz also connects you to the earth star chakra making you grounded. If you hold a smoky spirit quartz, it will clear your confusions.

·      What Is Flame Aura Spirit Quartz?

A transformation stone, flame aura spirit quartz is made like most aura quartz- titanium coated. The same is the reason why it’s a powerful protection crystal that creates rainbow aura colors. Flame aura spirit quartz contains fire energy to spark up your energy and stamina. Use it for guiding your lower chakra alignment.

·      What Is Angel Aura Spirit or Aqua Aura Spirit Quartz?

When you see a spirit aura quartz in blue, please understand it is a metal-coated, specifically gold. The clear spirit aura quartz is bonded with gold to create such an effect. It is a luck crystal that gives you tranquility and patience.

What Chakra Is Spirit Quartz?

Multiple chakras are awakened by the spirit quartz. It is clear when you handle spirit quartz by it color. Aqua aura spirit crystal awakens your Throat chakra or the Visdhuddha where your speech is purified and empowered.

The chakra opened by spirit quartz is Crown chakra. It opens when you use purple or white spirit quartz. Crown is the chakra of clear thinking and protection. Spirit quartz in brown color opens the Root chakra to ground you. It will connect you to Mother Gaia.

Citrine and smoky quartz spirit quartz both open the Solar plexus chakra in your body. It accelerates healing and stability.

How Do I Clean Spirit Quartz?

  • Take your spirit quartz in your palms.
  • Circle your clear quartz thrice over the spirit quartz.
  • Do it before and after your crystal sessions.

How to Charge Spirit Quartz?

When you have spirit quartz in your hand, you can do multiple things with it. Being a high vibrational stone, spirit quartz imparts energies to crystals around it. Let’s find out how to charge spirit quartz so that you can find its powers.

·      Spirit Quartz Grid

This is a powerful way of learning about the powers of your spirit quartz. Make a crystal grid and place the spirit quartz in the center of it. As spirit quartz amplifies other crystals, it will make a powerful addition to the first layer of the grid.

·      Tibetan Bowl

When you recharge your spirit quartz by placing in a Tibetan bowl, it can purify and amplify its powers.

·      Affirmations For Manifestations

To create affirmations for manifestations, you need desires. Write down what you want, form it into a sentence and chant it to match the frequency of the spirit quartz!

·      Meditation And Yoga

You can also hold the spirit quartz in your palms and meditate for a few minutes. It gives you concentration and willpower.

·      Décor And Feng Shui

By placing the spirit quartz in the northern direction, you will invite harmony and goodwill. It can be changed with feng shui!  


Are you smitten by spirit quartz? Share your spirit quartz stories with us below!

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