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How To Use Psychic Stones For Spiritual Prowess?

by Ceida Uilyc December 09, 2018

How To Use Psychic Stones For Spiritual Prowess?

Do you know we have up to 31 senses, unlike the 5 senses we are taught in school? As humans use a very little percentage of their brain (definitely more than 10%), we have untapped potential within each of us. Besides normal abilities, all of us have psychic abilities. If you’re wondering what yours are, click on this ESP Test to found out how psychic you are. The fact is these psychic abilities are useless unless we put them to use. Today I will teach you how to use the insurmountable power of psychic stones for spiritual powers you never knew you had within!

What are Psychic Stones?

I told you how each of us has special psychic abilities. These are supernatural powers when we are born and embossed into our soul. You can call it super-normal powers to better understand it. The fact is, these powers remain dormant until you start to trust your inner spirit. To amplify psychic abilities, you think you have, psychic stones can help.

Watch out for the strongest crystals for the third eye because that’s the best stone to improve your psychic powers. Here is a list of psychic abilities that can be worked with crystals.  

5 Ways to Use Psychic Stones for Spiritual Powers

How do psychics use healing crystals? Is there a shortcut to growing psychic powers without waiting for 100 years or doing meditation for 100 hours? YES, there is!

Truth is, the hard way to obtain psychic abilities take wrenchingly long. Taking a shortcut might sound like cheating, but trust me, it’s not. In fact, when you take the help of a crystal, you are not taking just a shortcut, you are gaining all the powers you will have to wait for years to grow.

How does it work? By collective consciousness.

You are actually gaining the powers heaped by crystals users, shamans, and witches from the past. That’s why using the best psychic stones for spiritual enlightenment can be life-changing. It changes your neural wiring or brain chemistry by joining with the powers of crystals.

Find out how to use psychic stones for spiritual prowess that you read only in history!

·      Agate Psychic Stones for Spiritual Intuition

Natural Stone Bullet Shape Healing Point Pendant Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   3Do you know the best stones for healers to wear? It’s a red agate!

Why? Red agate is a willpower stone that taps into the psychic power of intuition by raising your higher and middle chakra energies. When you wear a red agate wand pendant like the one in the picture above, your spirit is awakened.

A sort of non-linear communication buds from this stone, helping you find meaning in the cosmos around you via intuitive vibes. You will suddenly recognize the crystal vibrations of the people, things and time itself, around you!

All you need to do is hold the red agate wand pendant in the center of your palm and meditate for five minutes before wearing it.

·      Blue Apatite Crystals for Reversing Psychic Attacks

Blue Apatite Healing CrystalDo you know blue apatite can be used against psychic energy vampires?
It is a stone that activates your neural energies via meditation. When negative energy is intentionally aimed at you, all you need to do is protect yourself by creating a blue apatite grid and meditate within it.

The most important stone for attuning your spirit energies, blue apatite works on dual chakras- third eye and throat. When you bond with a blue apatite, the best psychic effects are dream recall and lucid dreaming.

Kyanite psychic powers can be actively substituting with blue apatite for psychic protection.

·      Labradorite Gemstones for Astral Travel and Telepathy

Natural Crystal Labradorite Raw GemstoneThe first time I looked at a Labradorite while holding it in my palm, I went into a short trance for 5 minutes, according to my bestie Lana who was standing beside me. Only I remember the cosmos I traveled that day!

Labradorite for astral travel develops psychic abilities because it does two things- protects and stimulates your higher chakras. It can commune with your guardian angel to show your destiny and even develop telepathic psychic abilities quickly.

Enhancing spiritual abilities with Labradorite is effective when you use rainbow moonstone along with it.

·      Moldavite and Mediumship for Psychic Prowess

Green Crystal Stone Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   4Ever felt like you were sensitive to telepathy or prophecies in the presence of someone?

I feel that whenever my mom is around, I can see through thoughts.

One such stone that connects you with spirits and angels at the same time is moldavite. The mediumship powers of this higher heart chakra stone are actually astonishing.

Here’s the clip to a moldavite psychic experience that we found enlightening!


·      Azurite Healing Stones for Clairvision and Clairvoyance

Natural Blue Azurite NecklaceEver felt like you could see things before it actually happened? Well, to common folks, this is called prediction, but if you believe in psychic abilities it is called a clairvision. When you can hear the same psychic vibes that translate to premonitions, it’s called clairvoyance.

Crystals for claircognizance are many, but azurite is the only one that can clarify the intentions behind it. As the sparkling blue stone is a hotspot of third eye chakra, meditating or gridding it welcomes limitless psychic energies.

The truth is, azurite works by aligning all the chakras in the body to raise higher. It results in higher vibrations that lead to a sense of awareness at a heightened level.

Before you Go…

I say everyone is psychic because there were times you could sense what was happening before it happened or a strange déjà vu, right? That’s the tip of the psychic abilities you have. When you use psychic stones, it will heighten your sensitivity to the secrets of the cosmos.

Psychic stones are actually crystals for balance and harmony. Share your date of birth and I will do a crystal energy reading RIGHT NOW!

Stay powerful~

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

10 Responses

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

December 16, 2018

Hi Elayne:
As Cherry said, precision is the tool here. Thanks Cherry.
But, I can feel your energy crystal clear so I will tell you what I am reading about your spirit, alright.
I see that you will have happiness from friends this week. If they ask you to join for a game, go for it because you’re bound to win something by the horoscope.
Something that will overwhelm your heart is coming as a surprise from your soulmate. It’s no ordinary gift; this is what you’ve always wanted since you were a little girl of 5.
You will feel that you have a lot of energy this month. In fact, it will make you take up extra responsibilities in a wink. But, please keep checking on the weight of these responsibilities because taking one too many can ruin your chance of success at any.
This is a time to find answers to conflicts in your career and love too.
Good day, there.


December 12, 2018

@ Elayne Duncan, Ceida would need to know your birthplace for a truly accurate reading, but to begin with, try out Peridot. By month, it’s your birthstone (and mine — I’m August 29th). It’s also a lucky crystal, by virtue of its ability to repel negative energy and draw in positive. Worn by an August baby, its luck is multiplied; worn by an August baby in August itself, the good luck gets exponentially multiplied. But don’t wait for August: Peridot is a great crystal to wear any time for us August babies!

Love and Light.

Elayne Duncan
Elayne Duncan

December 11, 2018

8/27/63. I was born in early morning. 4am-6am.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

December 11, 2018

@Serap: Cherry is totally. Get a black tourmaline pendant and wear it always to repel the black forces. If you think there is a psychic attack on you, make a grid.
Find out more about it in this post- https://shop.atperrys.com/blogs/healing-crystals-blog/30-crystals-for-black-magic-and-protection-from-curses

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

December 11, 2018

Thank you so much Cherry.
I will add it in the next update. But like you said, Lapis is a whole galaxy on its own. How did we get so lucky to have it on earth, right?


December 11, 2018

@Serap S Metin; Amethyst, Black Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian or Black Tourmaline will protect you against dark forces. With these crystals, you need never be afraid of the evil eye, hexes, jinxes, curses or psychic attacks, ever again. Please just make sure you give them adequate rest, cleanse and recharge them when you fel their power diminishing or when they request it. A little tip: Black Tourmaline is so powerful, it doesn’t require cleansing and rarely needs a recharge. Simply touching it to an Amethyst or Clear Quartz cluster (or if you have one – though they’re very rare – a Generator Quartz Crystal) is enough to refresh the stone.

Love and Light.


December 10, 2018



December 10, 2018

Ceida, you missed out Lapis Lazuli. Revered for such a long time, Neolithic cultures even used it in burials, and the Ancient Egyptians carried on the tradition. Remember what I told you about my Lapis pendant, and the little trip it took me on when I first held it (which just happened to be on my birthday)? The way that little sweetheart has been working lately, it’s next stop the Andromeda galaxy! All I have to do is ask. (A trip to Andromeda would be so totally awesome — I’ve always felt a powerful pull towards it, ever since I first saw a photo.) Lapis can do so much to enhance intuition and psychic powers…… is the reason you didn’t include it, because it deserves a whole post to itself?

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

December 10, 2018

@Sylvie: Happy Birthday, Sylvie.
Based on the information you’ve given, I can conclude a range of things. At the end of the reading, I will suggest the best stones for you as well.
- You are an optimistic Sagittarian who likes to prepare for the future.
- You are also good at the work you do and your career will take huge leaps today as well as in the coming days until December 22 (Full Moon).
You need to watch out for your own stubborn thoughts that prevent you from going the extra mile for your friends, family and loved one. You might get agitated fast today, but if you positively let it pass, it will turn into a great positive energy. If you’re thinking of starting to exercise, jog or run, start it because it will stick well if you start right now. You will have plenty of opportunities to divert negative energy but it will require sacrifice of your pride. Don’t delay it, just do what you think as positive without overthinking.
The best stone for you is definitely a Blue Fire Opal. Have you tried it? Check our Sagittarius Birthstones list today!
Peace, love and light to you Sylvie.

Sylvie Legault
Sylvie Legault

December 10, 2018

Today is my birthday. I wish to receive a crystal reading. This is so fascinating to me. Very interested!
Thank you! :)

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