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9 Crystals For New Beginnings And New Year 2019

9 Crystals For New Beginnings And New Year 2019

Jupiter will be in transition during 2019. If you think 2018 was a scoop, wait till 2019 rolls out. It’s going to be a bright year full of responsibilities and commitments for people across the world. From world leaders to religious chiefs, new beginnings have set sail already. I will teach you how to prepare yourself for New Year and which crystals to keep close to you. Read to add the best year to your life?

Let’s begin!

What’s the Energy of New Year?

The year 2018 was big and it is ending now. There are many energies that flowed through last year and many more which didn't. The end of the year is a significant time that sees the accumulation of positive karma as well as negative karma. Let your negative energy go during this time of the year and celebrate the New.

2019 is coming and I will just share what I saw in my scrying mirror and lucid dream sessions about the new year. It’s gonna be a lot of Huge changes next year guys, that’s what the stars tell me.

You are going to see the miracle of cosmos and find many answers to spiritual enlightenment with 2019. The energy is positive and I am sensing a lot of abundance for cold spirited zodiacs. What is your zodiac? Share it with me in the comments below to find your birthstone!

Astrology predicts Jupiter will be in session during the new year. Many crystal lovers will be attuned to meet your spirit animal and travel far and wide in the universe. There will be challenges this year, but nothing will make you happier than the results. You will emerge victorious if you’re fair and true to your sweat during the year.

I think it will be the year of Sacral Chakra, the outburst of your life force or kundalini energy. Prepare for the best, folks!

Can Crystals help me during the New Year?

With the predictions done, I think the year has a lot in store for each of us. We have to do our part and help you through the way, seek the help of crystals during the new year. Gemstones can help you set your resolutions right and propel it with your chakra energies to emerge as a winner.

For starters, crystals can help you get refreshed throughout the new year; it’s gonna be hectic!

How to Celebrate New Year with Crystals?

Gemstones have been the best man of all my main events in life. They have guided me and seraphed me to happiness. That’s why this year I am sharing my personal notes on using crystals for exact benefits on this New Year. Don’t leave the page until you find the right stone for your glorious new year!

·      Protect Yourself On New Year With A Black Obsidian Pendant

Black Obsidian Blue Sand Stone Labradorite Water Drop Pendulum Healing Chakra Reiki Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Are you feeling like this New Year is going to be too much to handle? Get rid of your stress by wearing black obsidian on your heart! The miracle stone of protection, black obsidian pendant deflect the evil eye and keep you unharmed. It can repel energy vampires and feng shui energy mistakes too.

Click here to know more about black obsidian!

How to Protect yourself with Black Obsidian Pendant

  • Take your black obsidian.
  • Keep it in the palm and close it.
  • Chant the below thrice.
  • “Seal me with your Protection”
  • Clean it with clear quartz when taking it off.

·      Wear This Amethyst Ring To Stay Committed To Your Resolutions

Amethyst Ring White Gold Filled   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Want to clear your brain of all the fog of negativity? If you feel like you can’t stay committed to your goals, it is time for a mind detox session with the crown chakra ring amethyst.

Do you know amethyst works on the nerves right as you touch it? It is a gemstone that shakes off the confusions and helps you determine your true desires. In ancient times amethyst was exchanged between lovers to strengthen their devotion to one another!

Click here to know more about Amethyst!

How to Stay Committed with Amethyst ring for New Year

  • Take your amethyst ring
  • Keep it on top of your crown chakra.
  • Repeat your manifestation affirmation made from your resolution.
  • After meditating for a few seconds or minutes, wear the amethyst ring.
  • You can do it together as a couple for promise rings too!

·      Find Love In Your Heart With The Oneness Of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Heart Ring - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Sometimes all the celebration can see too much? If New Year feels alone or loveless, you need the divinity of rose quartz. This powerful heart chakra stone can spread feelings of love all around it. The moment you touch it, your own heart chakra escalates and fills the body.

If you’re searching for a soulmate, rose quartz with jasmine can give you visions and guide you to lucid dreaming too. Perhaps you’re seeking forgiveness and happiness or the love of nature. Rose quartz connects with the heart of you and I as well as the whole world around us!

Click here to know more about Rose Quartz!

How to Find Love with Rose Quartz on New Year?

  • Hold this rose quartz ring in the palm of your hand.
  • Talk to the stone, open your heart.
  • Meditate and when you’re done, wear it.
  • Do the above in the mornings to keep your Anahata chakra powerful!

·      Attract Wealth Your Way With This Pyrite Cluster  

Natural Dark Crystal Pyrite

Do you know pyrite has the natural ability to attract wealth your way by clearing your hurdles and paving opportunities? When used in the right way, pyrite can hold your luck for you.

Pyrite is awakened by the element of fire. It can protect you from harm’s way, physically and spiritually. It’s a great charm to use multiple crystals at home to harness money and spherical pyrite at your office of money safe.

Do give it sun once a week. Pyrite can fade with the sun.

How to Attract Money with Pyrite Cluster Cluster?

  • Take your pyrite cluster.
  • Say your affirmation for wealth.
  • Place the activated stone in the Southern direction.
  • Your manifestation is set!

·      Celebrate Abundance With The Precious Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian Opal Necklace- 925 Sterling Silver

If you’re looking for creativity and taking your mind to the next level as a crystal user, Ethiopian opals can help direct you. I spend time with my Ethiopian opals in the sun to see it dazzle and trance into new realms.

This is a special variety of opal that helps you release your fears and become one within yourself. It attracts prosperity when kept in the southwestern part of your house according to Feng Shui.

How to Pull Abundance towards you with Ethiopian Opal?

  • Cleanse your opal stone necklace in your palm.
  • Circle it with a selenite.
  • Let the light shimmer on both the stones while you gaze.
  • Visualize abundance by lighting up your root chakra.
  • Meditate for at least 30 minutes.
  • Relax and cleanse yourself with sandalwood incense

·      Communicate With Your Guardian Angel Using Celestite

Natural Celestite Crystal Cluster

Clusters are ideal during the new year because they supplement and amplify your energies sporadically. And if you really want to commune with the other side, you need symmetries that blend into the language of the universe.

This cluster looks like a geode due to its clusters. It is a powerful purifying crystal that can set the stage for your mind to meet your guardian angel.

How to Use Celestite to Communicate with your Guardian Angel on New Year

  1. Place the celestite in your palm.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Bond with the crystal for 3 seconds.
  4. Settle the crystal in the Northwest direction.
  5. Call upon your angel.
  6. Celestite will lead the way.

·      Wear A Turquoise Pendant To Manifest Your Intentions

Tree of Life Turquoise Pendant - Handmade Copper Wire Wrapped - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

2019 is expected to be the year of opportunities. You make it or break it this year and that’s why you need a strong throat chakra to help you stabilize. It will give you the additional energy to send your messages and desires to the universe and get it realized during the new year.

Activate the pendant and wear it at all times for manifesting intentions, anywhere and everywhere!

Click here to know more about Turquoise!

How to Manifest Intentions with Turquoise Pendant?

This tree of life turquoise pendant needs a special activation.

  • Hold the pendant in the palm of one hand.
  • Hold any wand over the tip of the turquoise.
  • Visualize the energy sparking up and lighting your tree of fire.
  • Burn your manifestation in the mind’s eye and it will be realized.
  • Cleanse the space yourself with clear quartz.

·      Attract Luck with a Citrine Ring

Citrine Gemstone Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

Deeper the color of a citrine, deeper the magic that thrives within. Citrine essentially sets your life in order. Think of it as the Mrs. Poppins of your spiritual reality. Citrine will clean your problems and help you get lucky in the career.

Click here to know more about Citrine!

How to Find Luck by Wearing this Citrine Ring?

  • Set your manifestation on the ring while holding it in the palm.
  • You can also use a crystal wand to activate the ring while chanting the intention.
  • If you have nothing to say, thank the crystal for lending its energy to your cause.
  • Wear the ring and cleanse before night.
  • Repeat it every Thursdays and Saturdays.

·      Setup A Healing Crystal Grid For Prosperity

7 Chakra Healing Crystal Grid Kit

A healing grid made of gemstones help you align your message to the universe in the language of sacred symbols. It takes a few seconds to build crystal grids.

Click on the image in the picture to buy one right now!

Click here to know more about crystal grids!

Before you go …

Refurbishing your space with crystals for New Year will cleanse the energy and strengthen your mind. It’s a win-win for nature and you.

Himalayan Rock Salt Bowl Lamp (Shipping to US only)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   3

Get a Pure Himalayan Salt Lamp to cleanse the air by clicking the pic above, if you like it. That's your ninth crystals for New Beginnings!

Let all your evil energy around dissipate with the help of healing crystals. It can absorb negativity and lead the light. 

I love it. Who loves Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Stay powerful~

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