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How to Care for Healing Crystals for Cultivating Positive Energy

by Ceida Uilyc March 19, 2018

How to Care for Healing Crystals for Cultivating Positive Energy

Positive Energy is what keeps our world alive. If you’re hunting for ways to use gemstones to generate positive energy, you must start with caring for your gemstones. Experts say you must care for healing crystals so that you can make yourself strong physically, emotionally and spiritually. Find out the complete dos and don’ts of caring for healing crystals from the pros!

Why Care for your Healing Crystals

How to Care for Healing Crystals for Cultivating Positive Energy

Gemstones are powerhouses of positive energy. It can cure negative blocks in your physical, emotional and spiritual selves. Healing crystals can make you spiritually and physically energized. We can show you the complete ways to choose and use gemstones that pull your destiny and fortune closer to you.

How to Care for Healing Crystals in FIVE WAYS

How to Care for Healing Crystals for Cultivating Positive Energy

Gemstones are easy to manage. You just need a bit of heart and dedication to get started. Healing crystals are extremely useful. They can help you physically, emotionally and spiritually more than you think. Explore FIVE brilliant ways to care for your crystals like the experts do, in FIVE fabulous ways!

1.      Bond with your Crystals

When you’re looking for ways to get closer to your gemstones, it is best to start with bonding. Just like a person or pet, you need to care for your crystal in multiple ways. Bonding with the gemstones will help you get faster results when you use it for energy healing works. Try it by the end of the day!

2.      Make a Gemstone Routine

When you’re searching for ways to embed gemstones into your life, the best way is to grow crystal habits. Our blog is filled with a variety of gemstone routines if you are new to the world of healing crystals. Gemstone routines ideal to pick up if you’re new to healing crystals are programming, waking up with it or going to sleep with positive affirmations!

3.      Talk to your Healing Crystal

When you’re hunting ways to make gemstones a vital part of your life, it is best to start at the bottom of the ladder. Healing crystals are just like us you and me, so you can talk your heart out.

If you’re conscious of your voice, you can get started by giving it a name. Called the christening of the gemstone, it is easy to bond when you begin communicating clearly with your gemstone. Moreover, crystals peek into your inner life and know you inside-out too!

4.      Create a Bonding Grid with your Fave Stones

Crystal grids are amazing portals of new energies. All you need to get a bunch of crystals and choose your grid. It depends on your affirmation and intents. Crystal grids are excellent ways to amplify the powers you generate from the crystals.

Explore how to make a crystal grid that actually works here!

5.      Be Strict about your Healing Crystals Care

When you’re working with healing crystals, you must be diligent to work regularly with them. It builds and deepens your bond to activate the chakras. Gemstones must be cared like any other accessory. Whatever you do, build habits with gemstones by stacking it with your morning, evening and other-time activities.

Dos and Don’ts to Follow When Caring for your Gemstones

How to Care for Healing Crystals for Cultivating Positive Energy

There are many precautions we take when we try out new things. To keep you safe and happy, we methodized Ten Commandments made of dos and don’ts to follow when you’re handling gemstones for the first time. Dos and Don’ts of Healing Crystal care are easy, so get started right away!

·        Don’t disregard your healing crystal

If you’re not a genuine crystal user, many misfortunes can dawn on you. From angering the gods to displacing positive chakra energies in the body, many things can go wrong when you don’t give the respect your gemstones deserve!

·        Do Respect your Healing Crystal

Akin to the above point, respect your gemstone just like you’d respect a friend. Gemstones are living gifts from the womb of mother earth. Don’t disrespect your healing crystals as it is the orifice of your destiny and positive energy you need to get there!

·        Don’t Leave your Healing Crystal Astray

When you commit to being a crystal user, you take the responsibility of the living stone. The next step is to always have a track of your healing crystals at all times. Hence, you must keep your healing crystals collection organized. It keeps you closer to the gemstones.

·        Do Remember to Store your Healing Crystal Safely

The most important thing to do when you’re buying a healing crystal is to allot a place for storage. Healing crystals must always be stored in special clothes and spaces. If you keep gemstones at the right places, it can help to generate chakra energies to attract fortune, prosperity and many more powers.

·        Don’t Use Silk Cloth when Doing Crystal Rituals

When doing healing crystal rituals, it is important to use things that let you generate the energy quickly. Using a silk cloth will contain the energy you generate to the fabric. Hence, use the healing crystal openly when you’re doing crystal rituals.

·        Do use Silk cloth to wrap your crystal when Storing

When storing your gemstones, it is best to wrap it in a silk cloth. Crystal experts recommend the trick to keep your gemstones dormant than active as the silk contains the energies of the crystal. Hence, your crystals won’t interact with random energies around as well.

·        Don’t give your crystals to a stranger

Always keep your crystals close to you. It is not wrong to share your powers and miracles with the rest of the world, but sharing your crystal is personal. You can always get a gemstone that the person can bond newly than pain your own bond with the crystal, for both of you.

·        Do gift healing crystals to people after buying new

It is advised to give gemstones as gifts to people you care. When you do so, get a new gemstone or healing crystal than sharing yours. Remember healing crystals are tiny sparks of life themselves. Moreover, it is best for the recipient to build a fresh relationship with healing crystals.

·        Don’t replace healing crystals therapy with medicines

You might feel tempted to chuck your medicines when you feel the outburst of healing crystals. However, you must not do it. Healing crystals are your little spiritual helpers that can assist you in speedy recovery than cure the disease altogether. Hence, don’t ignore your medicines, instead combine your gemstones with medicines!

·        Do listen to your doctor before crystal therapy

Your physician is an expert of your body as well as its disorders. Avoid taking risks that involve ignoring the doctor’s advice. Always combine the medicines with healing crystals for a better cure and speedy recovery. It helps your recovery physically and spiritually!

The Crystal Expert Says …

Gemstones are no different than us. You must care for it, if you want to use gemstones for healing. It is the first step to making successful healing crystal rituals quickly.

Sure about healing crystals? Get started after reading our testimonials. The positive energy of gemstones is the result of thousands of years of cultures, traditions and facts. If you’re drawn to gemstones, pick your favorite right away!

Stay powerful~

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

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December 20, 2018

I feel a need to add a few more:

Don’t keep or set healing crystals in plastic. Plastic is a very poor conductor of their energies, and because they’re triers, crystals stored or set in plastic will drain themselves to a critical level, trying to push their energies through the stuff. Only the most powerful of crystals can keep sufficient ‘charge’ after trying to push their energies through plastic one or two times, and every healing crystal I’ve ever encountered, in 31 years as a crystal worker, has a deep dislike of it. The image they show me, is that of a human being trying to walk into the wind of a hurricane: that’s how draining the experience is! I’ve brought crystals aplenty into my life via the power of the internet, but every single one has been packaged in plastic, in direct contact with the stone(s), and all of the stones have deactivated themselves in order to not be dangerously drained during the trip, when they’re trying to help the people who handle them in spite of the plastic. Bonding with them has been easy-peasy; reactivating them and soothing them after the experience, isn’t normally so straightforward.

Do listen to your crystals: they will not only tell you when they need a rest, charge and/or cleanse; they can also teach you their special secrets and what they can do for you as an individual.

Don’t expect that you’ll necessarily know what crystals someone needs or will be drawn to, just because you know their star sign etc. Different kinds of crystals enter our lives when we need them. When this happens, compatibility is a guarantee, whatever your astrological chart says about the matter. Crystals don’t always go by the planets; their influence on our lives is much more direct.

Do trust your crystals’ judgement. If they suggest a treatment that may not be in keeping with astrology, give it a try anyway, because crystals know what they’re doing.

Don’t be afraid to let your crystals move on. Some crystals come into our lives to do something specific, after which they can stay, if the bond between crystal and caretaker is strong enough or if further help/teaching is needed: if not, or if they need to move on and help someone else, you’ll need to let them go with love, even if you know whom they’re going to and are certain that person will mistreat them. It can be painful, yes – the cosmos knows, I’ve had to do this a number of times – but if your mind and heart are open, new crystals will come to you and help heal the pain. There are however certain crystals which will come into your life, become very dear friends (I have numerous crystals whom I regard as family), and never leave you. Certain very special ones will even return to you over multiple incarnations!

Don’t worry if one or more of your crystals goes missing. Unless you’ve been burgled – an event which crystal protection reduces the likelihood of – they sometimes go somewhere quiet in your home or workshop for a rest. When the time is right, you or someone in your household will find them again. Some crystals, though, can dematerialise, either because their work in the material realm is finished and they’re needed beyond, or in order to implant themselves in their caretaker’s aura. This implantation is nothing to be afraid of – it’s not only painless, but very beneficial – as the crystal transmutes its physical form into pure energy. You won’t have a stone hovering in your aura, just extra help to use power you never knew you had!

Lastly, do remember to cherish the crystals you work with. Every crystal, from a humble Milky Quartz to a glittering Diamond, is a gift from the Earth, the Sun and the cosmos. It is really bad to disrespect or mistreat a crystal, and karma will have its say if you do. But Buddhists don’t altogether have karma right: it won’t hang around waiting for your next incarnation, it’ll come and bite you in the backside in this life, if you transgress in this life. Abusing a crystal is a pretty serious transgression!!

Love and Light to all the world and every living being 😊

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