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11 Symbolic Crystal Jewelry Styles That Are Stunning and Healing

11 Symbolic Crystal Jewelry Styles That Are Stunning and Healing

Being a crystal user takes pride and power. To make your life easier, we picked 11 symbolic gemstone jewelry along with their powers and esoteric meanings to help you do crystal rituals. Excited already? Start exploring symbolic crystal jewelry right AWAY!

Healing Crystal Jewelry With Meanings for Gemstone Lovers

11 Symbolic Crystal Jewelry to Make a Statement

Want earrings to pendants and sandals made with healing crystals to spike up your powers? We’ve compiled the best crystal jewelry plus their meanings to help you find fashion statement accessories that build personality!

1.      White Fire Opal Star of David

David Star White Fire Opal 925 Sterling Silver Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Referred to as the Shield of David or Maegan David, this white fire opal ring is a six pointed ring ideal for crystal rituals. If you’re a modern Judaist or supporter of the faith, White Fire Opal Star of David Ring will protect you with the power of Crown Chakra.

2.      Tree of life Turquoise

Tree of Life Turquoise Pendant - Handmade Copper Wire Wrapped

Enwrapped in an oval turquoise, this tree of life pendant has a story to tell. Tree of life itself stems from the ancient legends of Druids of the Celtic Lands. It elaborates the story of how the tree itself reaped elixir of life at once to grant the power of immortality to mankind. Empowered by the throat chakra of vishuddhi, the tree of life turquoise pendant is wired with copper!

3.      Marine USMC Ring

Heavy USMC Anchor Ring - Stainless Steel

Does the marine anchor and USMC remind you of dear times at the sea? Perhaps it reminds you of someone you loved. Trending in 2018 as the popular symbolic jewelry, this marine USMC ring is made of heavy Stainless steel. The anchor illustration is also accompanied by the wings representing Marine honor!

4.      Love Knot Heart Pendant

Want a real gemstone love charm? We’ve got your back!

When we chanced upon this pretty pendant in the shape of a knot adorned with multiple healing crystals, we had to stock it. The simple pendant is made with five crystals of colors red, purple, pink, green and white at the center. The cubic zirconia loveknot ring is made of zinc alloy!

5.      Cube Crystal Pendant

Magical Cube Pendant Necklace

Encircled in the symmetric cube made of Sterling Silver, this heart shaped crystal inside the cube boasts many magical powers. In esoteric observations, cube represents the never-ending cycle of immobility. It is truth and honesty harnessed into one!

6.      Swan Jewelry Set

Swan Jewelry Set  Necklace   Earrings    matans

Teaching the productive lesson of self-esteem, grace and matchless beauty, Swan jewelry set of pendant and earrings is available in multiple colors such as flamingo pink, ocean blue, crystal white and starry yellow. Made of zinc alloy, wearing swan jewelry can enhance your elegance when clubbed with casual or formal wear!

7.      Triangle Pendant Necklace

Marble Triangle Pendant Necklace

While Christianity symbolizes the Holy Trinity of Almighty God, Son and Holy Spirit in the triangle, others believe triangle contains the magic of the number three due to its three sides. It is an infinite connection with the higher realm. On the flipside, alchemical symbolism refers to the triangle the three planes of living as felt by the conscious mind!

8.      Punk Skeleton Statement Necklace

Skeleton Statement Necklace & Earrings Sets

From evil magick to sorcery, skulls have been revered as the epitome of black magick for centuries. If you’re a modern Wiccan or crystal users, skull type of jewelry can signify your dominatrix traits or belief in the occult. Wear this stylish punk skeleton necklace available in colors of White and Orange.

9.      Air Dried Lavender Pendant

A quaint and beautiful piece of jewelry to own or gift, this pendant with air dried bright lavender in it is a steal! The 25 mm wide and 33mm long pendant is covered in glass around the metal made of copper alloy. The chain necklace is durable and looks trendy due to its air dried lavender color!

10. Pentagram Pentacle Angel Wings Pendant

Pentagram Pentacle Angel Wings Pendant   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   3

Another one of the evil misnomers, the pentagram has a rich history. In case you’re a wiccan or pentagram lover, we suggest you get this pentacle angel wings pendant and wear it as a talisman to flaunt your belief, yet keep close to it at all times.

11. Natural Dandelion Seeds in a Bottle

Etymologically, dandelion seeds are translated as lion’s tooth. However, symbolically, dandelion seeds represent the manifestation of dreams and desires. This natural dandelion seeds pendant is also adorned with a tiny slab of text saying ‘Wish’ to protect and make your dreams come true! The bohemian style pendant is set in glass and hung by link chain made of zinc alloy.

Before you go …

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Here’s a surprise item that you never thought you could have. We picked the loveliest Boho style sandals made from gemstones! This Bohemian Gemstone sandal is made with more than 12 tiny crystals and four giant crystals. You can don it on the beach or with any casual wear. Revamp your look by getting gemstone and healing crystal styled wardrobe this year. Get started with symbolic gemstone jewelry for magic rituals NOW!

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