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Anti-Aging Gemstones for the Fountain of Youth

Anti-Aging Gemstones for the Fountain of Youth

Aging is a natural phenomenon. For some, aging brings joyful glow, but for others, it brings poor health to diminishing beauty.

Anti-Aging Gemstones for the Fountain of Youth

From attitude to diet, genetics and lifestyle, many factors affect the process of aging. If you want to stay young and youthful, the best way is to restore the collagen and elastin you’ve lost due to aging. The best solution is to use gemstones to amplify the secretion of beauty hormones through rigorous crystal therapy!

How to Use Anti-Aging Crystals  

Anti-Aging Gemstones for the Fountain of Youth

Gemstones when used on the Crown, Third Eye, Heart and Base and Sacral chakras, in addition to heart chakra helps to restore the beauty as well as reverse processes of aging in users.

If you want to stop wrinkles to lines and lose skin or pigmentation, it is wise to use anti-aging gemstones to restore your natural glow.

Few smart ways to use gemstones for reversing aging are-

·         Crystal Grid

By arranging multiple gemstones in a specific pattern, crystal grid is a powerful crystal ritual for beauty enthusiasts. You can make a crystal grid by placing your core beauty crystal in the middle, with 2-6 crystals in a circle around it. Ensure that you use purification, amplification, and health restoration crystals to stop aging ASAP.

·         Gem Face Wash

If you use water soaked in gemstones, you can actively reverse aging problems sooner than later. As gem elixir, it is created by infusing the powers of a gemstone into the water. To do so, take a Tibetan singing bowl such as this, fill it with water; now, keep the gemstone of your choice immersed in it under the full moon light or sunlight for up to 8 hours.

You can use the water to wash your face as well as to create gem elixirs for drinking.

·         Gem Bath

By using gem infused water, one can help the gem energy penetrate the skin efficiently. Moreover, massaging or soaking oneself in the gem bath also helps the user heal inward diseases efficiently.

·         Crystal Programming

By aiming or pointing the gemstone at a specific chakra, it is easy to charge the chakra energy.

After finding out your deficiency in chakra power, program the chakra to flush out the toxins using impetuous crystal energies.  

Which Gemstones are best for Reversing Aging

Anti-Aging Gemstones for the Fountain of Youth

One of the natural processes that affect every person, aging can be speeded using many factors such as environmental pollution, age, stress and way of life.

To control and curb it, the best methods are plenty. Apart from herbal and natural remedies to stop aging, other clever methods involve gemstone programming.

1.      Clear quartz

anti-Aging Gemstones for the Fountain of Youth

 A purification stone that clears the free radicals and dead cells in the skin, clear quartz is a gemstone for retaining the fountain of youth.

Clear Quartz is the ultimate crystal for reversing aging. It improves the clarity of the skin by clearing blemishes and activation of Crown Chakra.

2.      Amethyst

anti-Aging Gemstones for the Fountain of Youth

Yet another gemstone that flushes out toxins from the skin, Amethyst is a higher chakra crystal. Amethyst is a Third Eye and Crown Chakra gemstone that naturally ejects stress hormones from the body.

By regularly using Amethyst for programming the Third eye chakra with its placement in between the brows, one can use this purple gemstone to amplify the effect of other beauty crystals.

3.      Black Tourmaline

anti-Aging Gemstones for the Fountain of Youth

An excellent gemstone that breaks the toxins that clog your facial and skin pores, black tourmaline harmonizes and balances multiple chakras of the human body.

Using gem elixirs, black tourmaline also ensures psychic protection that keeps the wearer protected from pigmentation-related aging processes.

4.      Fluorite

anti-Aging Gemstones for the Fountain of Youth

A balancing stone known to bring spiritual enlightenment to wearers, Fluorite activates Heart and Throat Chakras.

By using Fluorite wands to charge these chakras, you actively boost the blood circulation and energizing your aura. It can also boost the root chakra energies in the body to rejuvenate the chakra balance.

5.      Rose Quartz

Anti-Aging Gemstones for the Fountain of Youth

Yet another heart chakra stone that increases blood circulation, Rose Quartz is a quintessential beauty stone.

When used on the mid-chakras, Rose Quartz also increases self-love and breaks distress hormones in the body.

6.      Aquamarine

Anti-Aging Gemstones for the Fountain of Youth

A gorgeous gemstone that also helps the wearer dispel stress by clearing frustrations, Aquamarine is also a protective stone. It activates the higher heart and throat chakra when programmed as a gem elixir. Aquamarine was known as the Stone of Mermaids for its effect of retaining youthfulness in the users.

7.      Labradorite

Anti-Aging Gemstones for the Fountain of Youth

Powerful anti-aging crystals not only stop aging, but also increase the production of youthful hormones such as Elastin and Collagen.

Labradorite is one such gemstone that also puts you in a trance-like-state to dispel your distresses. When used to program the base chakra, labradorite also activates the Third Eye Chakra.

What we Recommend …

Anti-Aging Gemstones for the Fountain of Youth

A bonus gemstone that helps people age gracefully, Mookaite Jasper affects the ailing by slowing down aging. If your motive is youthfulness or stopping aging, use the above gemstones and tell us how you feel.

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Stay powerful~

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