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9 Gorgeous Moonstone Ring and Earring Designs

9 Gorgeous Moonstone Ring and Earring Designs

A crystal known to be a piece of the moon, moonstone ring meaning is simple. It stands for Intuition, Beauty and Spiritual Awakening. One of the unique crystals that glow like a rainbow on your hands, moonstone ring designs can be accessorized with any style for an upscale look. It is a consciousness stone that helps you unlock the powers of meditation.

Let’s find out everything that makes moonstone rings cherished in the physical and metaphysical ways. Moonstone is said to be a premonition stone. Are you ready to handle the power of this beautiful crystal?

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9 Iridescent Moonstone Ring and Earrings

I’ve often seen moonstone rings on the screen and they have called out to me, no kidding! Moonstone ring and earrings can connect with your higher chakras to keep you aligned throughout the day. They can make you see future and much more! Let’s unlock all the mysteries and find the best moonstone ring for you!

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1.    Antique Thai Blue Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Antique Thai Black Moonstone Ring6White

Do you know dreaming of a moonstone means you have luck in your career en route? It is a lucky crystal that opens your third eye and makes you hear your inner voice. Moonstone antique ring in a Thai setting is bezeled for a snug wear.

Moonstone can guide your path when you wear it as a ring. That’s because the moonstone ring is continuously in contact with your aura. It brightens and amplifies your intentions while aligning your higher chakras with the heavenly realm.

2.    Rainbow Moonstone Retro Earrings

Natural Retro Rainbow Moonstone EarringsEarrings

Wearing moonstone rings on your right hand attracts the power of the moon.  Rainbow moonstone rings shine with what is known as ‘adularescence’. It cleanses the aura and makes you sharp-witted. Rainbow moonstone is ideal for zodiac signs Libra, Scorpio and Cancer. Rainbow Moonstone can show visions as it is a stone that opens your third eye chakra point in between the brows.

These earrings connect with your third eye chakra all-day long. It makes you intuitive and aware of your surroundings. You can even read others' thoughts when your third eye chakra is open. Full moon cleanses for rainbow moonstone earrings charges it with amplifying energies.

3.    Moonstone Sterling Silver Ring

Moonstone Silver Ring - Sterling SilverRing10

Once popular as Aphroselene for having the power of Goddess Aphrodite, moonstone is a divine stone. It can help you communicate with angels by working on both your sacral and third eye chakras. Moonstone ring meaning is higher powers. You will unlock spiritual consciousness when you wear a white moonstone ring like in the picture.  

Filling you with passion and dedication is the power of moonstone. It can bring beauty and abundance beyond your dreams. If you’re struggling with confusions, holding this moonstone ring can help you clear thoughts.

4.    Natural Moonstone Pear Dangle Earrings


Wearing earrings studded with moonstone can keep you connected with your third eye chakra for longer hours. Program the earrings with your intention and wear it. The third eye opening stone can show you soothing visions of hope.  

Moonstone clears stress and radiation from your psyche and space so that you can think clearly. Natural moonstone earrings are a cleansing stone that eradicates negative thoughts. You can use it as work wear or party wear to keep your charm and aura untarnished.

5.    Moonstone Turquoise Crystal Combo Ring

Natural Turquoise and Moonstone Scroll Ring in Sterling SilverRing7

One of a kind crystal that gives peace, when paired with turquoise, moonstone stimulates healing. Together, they open the third eye and throat chakras. It can boost your immunity and health. The essence of turquoise fills you with confidence.

For intuition and better perspective, rub this moonstone turquoise crystal pairing on the third eye or place it there for five minutes while you meditate. It can enhance your charisma around people. You will be filled with enthusiasm and energy wearing moonstone and turquoise together.

6.    Natural Moonstone Ring

Natural Moonstone Ring - 925 Sterling SilverRing10

You can take a peek of the future when you touch a moonstone on the full moon night. Natural moonstone also detoxes the body. Moonstone dispels negativity and evil that has settled on you. You can believe it to raise your third eye energy and make you see vivid dreams.

Dream recall of your past life and peeking into the future are bonuses of wearing this natural moonstone ring. It means your life is about to get clear and the clutter or the negativity will disappear. All the obstacles will part away and pave way for your destiny when you wear the moonstone.

7.    Stylish Pear Moonstone Dangle Earring

Stylish Dangling Moonstone PendantEarrings

An earring that promises calmness and relaxation, moonstone earrings that dangles can keep with the vibrational frequencies of your third eye chakra. Pear shaped moonstone represents happiness and abundance. It will invite luck and prosperity into your life with the blessing of the moon.

Wear your moonstone earrings after programming them with an intention. Moonstone gets the message across and manifests your affirmations. Dangle drop moonstone earrings are gorgeous and intuitive at once.

8.    Feather Bezel Moonstone White Ring  

Stylish Feather Bezel Moonstone Ring - 925 Sterling SilverRing10

Set with a pure pristine white moonstone in a bezel setting, this feather moonstone ring means protection. A little known power of moonstone, it can give you psychic protection when you need it the most.

Feather bezel set moonstone earrings will guide your way and help you see the light when you're lost. It is a clairvoyant stone that helps you communicate with your spirit guide and animal.

9.    Vintage Moonstone Earrings

Natural Vintage Moonstone Round Earrings - 925 Sterling SilverEarrings

Set with a bright iridescence and adularescence, this earring swings with your motions and frequency of the third eye. It is a vintage piece that is adorned with artisanal craftsmanship over a gorgeous crystal.

Moonstone earrings make you aware and empathic. It is a crystal that makes you evolve to the situation and charm everyone around you with charisma. Moonstone earrings also keep your third eye chakra open to perceive dangers before they hit you.

Before you go …

Moonstone is a stone of many mysteries that can bless pregnant mothers to newborn babes. It is a crystal cherished by shamans for its power of bridging into the afterlife.

Have you had significant experiences with moonstone? Share it with us in the comments below.

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Stay powerful~

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