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Rainbow Moonstone Rings

One of the popular rainbow rings, rainbow moonstone is also called white Labradorite. It is a special moonstone that shows iridescence in flashes of rainbow light on the stone. Rainbow moonstone is believed to contain secrets of the angels. Let’s find out the best rainbow moonstone rings.

·      Vintage Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Vintage Silver Real Moonstone RingRing10

One of a kind crystal that radiantly glows with a rainbow color under different lights, rainbow moonstone connects with your third eye and crown chakras. It can make you intuitive and enlightened.

·      Natural Moonstone Rainbow Ring

Natural Moonstone Ring - 925 Sterling SilverRing10

Artisanal and exquisite, this rainbow moonstone ring can help you communicate with your spirit guide. Bearing the power of open third eye chakra, rainbow moonstone crystal ring can show you visions.

·      Antique Thai Ring Rainbow Moonstone

Antique Thai Black Moonstone Ring6White

A bezel set ring in round shape, this Thai black rainbow moonstone ring is one to cherish. It has the energy to balance your heart with mind. It is a guardian stone that shows you the way to destiny. Rainbow moonstone ring is great for anxiety and panic attacks.

·      Moonstone Sterling Silver Ring

Moonstone Silver Ring - Sterling SilverRing10

Simple yet dainty, this white rainbow moonstone ring makes you glow with the beauty of the moon Goddess Selene. Rainbow moonstone ring in 925 Sterling Silver has the ability to connect with your higher chakras to make you wise and intelligent.

·      Feather Bezel Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Stylish Feather Bezel Moonstone Ring - 925 Sterling SilverRing

Shimmering with a reflection of the s red and white stones set around, this moonstone feather bezel rainbow ring is one of a kind. The feather-like design is a reminder of how it guards your spirit. Rainbow moonstone ring is a psychic protection crystal.

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