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Your Cure To Fear With Crystals In A Minute

Your Cure To Fear With Crystals In A Minute

Do you know 10% of people in the U.S alone suffer from specific phobias? From petty things like public speaking to mundane things such as fear of crowds and even serious phobias such as fear of closed spaces, phobias can be of many varieties. Fear can sweep the ground of your feet and make you feel like you’re dangling midair and ready to freefall at the sneeze of fate. I’ve been terrified in my life on many occasions and the wealth of crystals have enlightened me. So, today is a tribute to the cure to fear with crystals so that you can live your life to the full.  

What is fear?

Scientifically, fear is an emotional response triggered by the cortisol response in the brain to a threat. By metaphysics, fear has to outcomes, either you run or rise to the occasion.

People have different types of fears and one that strangulates me in its invisible grips also freezes me in its steps. I get fear out of uncertainty when my kids are late to home or when the diamond in my engagement ring goes missing. Longer the wait to the answer, the more terrifying the fear. That’s when I began to clutch crystals and seek answers. You have no idea how thorough healing powers of crystals are that it uproots your fears and throws them away!  

Which Crystals to Fear Works Well?

Easing fear is tough but the chakra powers of crystals can help you relieve your fears and rise above with answers from the universe. I have picked out nine best cure to fear with crystals you can use right away. So, feel free to click on the picture to add the one in the image right away to your cart!

1.    Calcite for Panic Attack due to Insecurity

Blue Calcite Stones

When you’re feeling unaware, you’re insecure. The knowledge you need can come from a celestial stone that knows the answers to all questions. If you feel exposed and without self-confidence, blue calcite can neutralize the danger aimed your way while making you aware of the goodness in yourself.

How to Prevent Fear with Calcite Crystals Easily at Home?

  • Hold the calcite stone in the palm of your hand.
  • Close your hands and say a prayer to the goddess of destiny, Laima.

2.    Moonstone for Fear because of Future

Moonstone Drop Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Fearing about things you can’t control is anxiety. Moonstone helps to cure anxiety by reflecting the light of truth in control. You will be privy to the future if you wear this moonstone drop earrings as they connect with your third eye chakra easily.

The new year is a time to make resolutions, but to stick with it, you need third eye insight to stay clear of the harms aimed your way. Moonstone can help you realize the present and future like a shaman without fearing uncertainty.

How to Prevent Fear with Moonstone Crystals Easily at Home?

You need to program your moonstone earrings with a manifestation before wearing it.

  • Take your moonstone earrings in the palm of your hand.
  • Chant the affirmation to the God Shiva.
  • A chant to try is ‘Om Nama Shiva ya’ (I bow to Shiva).
  • Place it your third eye for a few seconds before wearing it.

3.    Onyx For Fear Due To Negativity

Black Onyx Pendant With 925 Sterling Silver Chain   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

If you can stop your train of thoughts from thinking negative, do something extremely positive and the rest will follow. Black onyx is a stone of protection and it can eat away the negativity easily by absorbing negative energy with the help of your aura.

It can cool you if you have a hot temper or moody lately. Read all about in this handbook on onyx.

How to Prevent Fear with Onyx Crystals Easily at Home?

You need to bond with black onyx.

  • Take your black onyx pendant.
  • Wear it.
  • Hold your palm over it.
  • Visualize a cocoon of protection around you, springing from the heart chakra where the onyx touches.

4.    Pink Dolomite Cluster to Stop Fear of Failure

Natural Pink Curved Dolomite Stone

Do you know dolomite makes you feel the joy of a child? It wakes the inner child as pink dolomite cluster has multiple terminations that charge your heart chakra to the height. It can remove the fear of not believing in your skills. Most times, confidence or the lack of it is the culprit of poor decisions.

How to Prevent Fear with dolomite Crystal cluster Easily at Home?

Keeping dolomite in the northern corner of your home will help you gain success.

  • Take your dolomite crystal in the palm of your right hand.
  • Create a manifestation affirmation for success.
  • Chant it thrice and keep it facing the north for three days.

5.    Sodalite for Fear due to Guilt

Is guilt making you scared of everything around you? Vent out your fears and confusions using a sodalite gemstone. It can show you the path to do penance for your sins and free your spirit for what you did in the past. Every step is a lesson to learn and clinging to the past doesn’t help that.

Sodalite will heighten your third eye and throat chakra so that you can see through the blurred veil of your conscience and find forgiveness, enlightenment, and peace from guilt.

How to Prevent Fear with Sodalite Crystals Easily at Home?

I have two ways to recommend sodalite. You can place it in the palm and pray whenever you are afraid. Alternatively, you can keep it under the pillow before you sleep so that your body attunes to the spiritual side during your slumber.

6.    The Power of Tiger Eye Fear of Heights

6 MM Tiger Eye & Onyx with Antique Beads Hamsa Fatima Hand Pendant Necklace for Men - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Are you afraid of heights? Perhaps you get dizzy when you climb stairs. Whatever be the fear of altitude be, you can cure the motion sickness and fear by introducing the holistic healing tiger eye pendant necklace to the mix.

This hamsa necklace can calm you down and strengthen your mid and upper chakras simultaneously. It will give you stability by ground you.

How to Prevent Fear with Tiger Eye Crystals Easily at Home?

  • Hold the tiger eye pendant necklace in your palm.
  • Wear it.
  • Visualize the chakra of tiger eye flushing your toxins from within.
  • Meditate for five minutes.

7.    Howlite for Fear of Darkness

Howlite Beads Heart Charm Bracelets - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Fearing the dark is a natural state of mind. There is nothing unnatural about it. When the light goes out, it’s impossible to see what’s around. But for crystals, they have eyes to the universe unlike us. Howlite can help you see in the dark and avert dangers by strengthening your aura.

Wearing this howlite beaded pendant is a sign of your purity and high positive energy in the aura. It does so by connecting your crown chakra to the etheric realms!

How to Prevent Fear with Howlite Crystals Easily at Home?

  • Wrap the howlite bracelet around your head.
  • Visualize the energy of the howlite blessing you from head to toes.
  • Meditate with the warmth of howlite until you feel light.

8.    Amethyst Crystal Skull to Fear of Abuse

Natural Crystal Amethyst Skull

Do you know the magic of crystal skulls? You can learn all about it in detail here!

“Made in the shape of the human head, crystal skulls are symmetrically designed to enrapture the user into divine light”. With this amethyst crystal skull, your projected fear can be erased and replaced with the divine light. If you have a habit of abusing alcohol, sweets, coffee, cigarettes or anything in life, this amethyst crystal skull can help you.

How to Prevent Fear with amethyst skull and get rid of abuse?

  • Hold the crystal skull in the palm, facing the eyes.
  • Gaze into the eyes and the skull will light up.
  • Seek your answers by conversing with the eye of the skull.

9.    Black Quartz for Unknown Reasons of Panic Attack

Tibetan Black Quartz Crystal Cluster

If stress and fear are just rising in you without any reasons, it might be because you are ungrounded or your hormones are awry. For the speedy recovery of stability, this Tibetan black quartz cluster can help.

Black quartz helps to flush out the toxins and balance your chakra energies. It is a consciousness stone that grounds you.

How to Prevent Fear with Black Quartz Crystals Easily at Home?

Cluster for multiple energies is present in this black quartz. All you need to do is place this black quartz under the bed and sleep for ten hours. Your fears will be gone!

Before you go …

How to Conquer fear using Crystals? All you need to do is share your energies with any of the above stones and the gem will guide you to the answers. What is your birthdate? Let’s find you the perfect fearless stone right away!

Stay powerful~

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