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How To Stop Panic Attacks With Crystals?

How To Stop Panic Attacks With Crystals?

Panic attacks are like real-life demons that eat the good life out of you. I have suffered it and if you’re like me or your loved one is, I have the box of cures for you! Medication is important but today I will help you learn the crystal magic to get rid of panic attacks without medication. From how to stop a panic attack while it’s happening to prevent it forever, I have all the tweaks to stop panic attacks with crystals that transmute into your aura and energy. It is 100% spiritual, so prepare to be amazed!

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What is a Panic Attack?

The first time I was cornered into a panic attack was right 5 minutes before the end of my ninth class final examinations. It was downright scary.

I had to complete one more five-mark question (out of two) that I full-well knew, but my hands were not moving. I had the extra sheet and a pen full of ink but I couldn’t move. I tried to speak and it was as if my voice had drowned. All I could see was the shivering fingers. I clutched the question paper tight and the next thing I remember was fainting and falling onto the floor.

Although I couldn’t score my best in the exams that year, my bigger problem was the panic attack itself. I didn’t know what had happened and neither did my parents. It took years to comprehend and finally get relief.

That’s my definition of panic attack, but Wikipedia says, “Panic attacks are sudden periods of intense fear that may include palpitations, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, numbness, or a feeling that something bad is going to happen”.

Which Crystals Help to Prevent Panic Attacks?

Since my teens, I have been hunting for the perfect crystal to remove all the symptoms of panic attacks. Some crystals made my racing heartbeat get down to normal and others helped me stop sweating, but I wanted a total cure.

So, I experimented with various crystals and found the best crystals depending on my psyche or problem. By narrowing down the issue, I could target the weak chakra easily. Remember, you have to be true to yourself.

Let’s pick the right crystal for your panic attack!

1.    Rose Quartz for Panic Attack due to Romance

Natural Rose Quartz Claws Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Are you under stress because of your spouse or lover? It can take a toll and give you the jitters if your main cause of worry is romance. Rose quartz can absorb all your pain away and change your perspective on things. It’s a miracle stone that can absorb all your heartbreak and turn into positives to find new opportunities and love itself!

How to Prevent Panic Attacks with Rose Quartz Crystals Easily at Home?

  • Take your rose quartz pendant.
  • Keep it on your heart chakra.
  • Now pray to Turan, Aphrodite or Venus to help you.
  • Wear it after programming the heart chakra pendant for 36 hours.

Create a rose quartz grid to find answers using rough stones or this rose quartz wand! Want bigger rose quartz, get this 1000g rose quartz rock!

2.    White Fire Opal for Intuitive fears

White Fire Opal Flower Sterling Silver Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Do you know over 8% population suffers from anxiety and double that from panic attacks? It’s a thin line separating the two and you need help. Get medical assistance by consulting a doctor and then use powerful crystals such as white fire opal to assist the medicines to do a positive job.

When you wear white fire opal, it aligns the crown chakra into balance by awakening your intuitions. You will have no existential questions unanswered!

How to Prevent Panic Attacks with White Fire Opal Crystals Easily at Home?

  • Take your white fire opal ring in the palm.
  • Now touch the ring on crown chakra after chanting the below or your own affirmation.
  • “Purify me”
  • Chant the above into meditation for five minutes before wearing the ring.

3.    Citrine for Stress-Related Panic Attacks

Citrine Quartz Crystal 6 sided Point Pendant - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A sharp stone that tones your mind to efficiency, citrine helps to alleviate stress easily too. How do you ask? Well, citrine is a solar gem that contains a lot of solar energy to warm you up with positivity. It cleanses the stressful thoughts and fills you with energy.

Citrine aligns with your higher and lower chakras easily to please the power of Jupiter, King of Gods.  

How to Prevent Panic Attacks with Citrine Crystals Easily at Home?

  • Take this 6-sided point pendant in your hand.
  • Place it on the forehead and chant your affirmation to be panic-free.
  • Use it like a wand and touch each of your chakras in order (crown to root).
  • Wear it for 4+ hours.

4.    Amethyst for Panic Attacks due to Confusion

Amethyst  Beads   5 10mm   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Are you troubled by your mind? Whatever is the puzzling topic, hovering an amethyst thrice around your crown chakra in a circle can change it. That’s a basic secret for common aura leaks that weaken your ability to make decisions. You can use amethyst for any problem and it will give you a stress-free mind elevated to a higher level so that you can take the decisions swiftly.

How to Prevent Panic Attacks with Amethyst Crystals Easily at Home?

Find your answers with programming your amethyst while meditating with it. You can roll the amethyst beads on your bracelet for each chant and the gemstone will purify the stress out of you!

Before you go …

What are you afraid of? If that’s not such an easy question, take a crystal from the above list or the below picture and find out the answers easily because crystals can give you the energy you don’t have.

Share your date of birth below and I will help you find the right stone to stop your panic attacks.

Reiki Healing Chakra Pendulum

Stay powerful~


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