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What To Know About Full Moon On March 20, 2019?

What To Know About Full Moon On March 20, 2019?

The March full moon will appear in 4 days. Are you ready for it? Being a time of ultimate purification and reset, you need to prepare well for the March Full Moon called the Worm Moon. It has the power to attract crazy people into your life or your soulmate. Which do you choose? We can tell you the right crystals to make that choice.

Are you ready to know everything on Full Moon on March 20 in 2019? 
Let’s start!

What is Worm Moon?

The full moon that marks the last of winter and the first full moon of spring is called the Worm Moon of March. The story of worm moon goes like this; when the worms burrow out in winter, birds begin to caw and feed on the worms, spread chirpy signs of spring all around. It’s the time to stop sleeping start your work. This is actually when the year begins because work begins now.

Do you know the worm moon is also called the corn or harvest moon too? Another similar story is the one we narrated in our full moon cleanse article.

“This is when the snow melts off the earth and earthworms come out of the soil. They make casting all over the ground, hence called Worm Moon by the Native American Tribes”.

Can I Do A Full Moon Cleanse?

Of course, you can!

All you need to do a crystal cleanse is leave your crystals to soak up the moon light. Are you ready? To know all about doing a full moon cleanse, click here.

When can you see the Full Moon Worm Moon

If you’re looking at the sky from the places below, it’s easy to spot the full moon of March. However, we must say, the full moon is not visible from everywhere on earth. Check if your country or city is in the list below to coordinate your moon-watching time in March for the full moon!

  • Los Angeles: 6:42 PM
  • London: 1:42 AM
  • New York: 9:42 PM
  • Sydney: 12:42 PM
  • Delhi: 7:12 AM
  • Rome: 12: 45 PM

If you’re going by the UTC, the full moon is visible at 1:42 UTC on March 20. 
Time to get your crystals out! Why? Keep reading …

When can I feel the energy of the full moon?

The fact is, moon energy is not a vibe that lasts just on March 20th. It extends three days before and after the full moon; i.e., from tomorrow until 20th and then until 23rd, March 2019.

5 Benefits of Full Moon March Energy in 2019

After the biggest supermoon of 2019 last month, March has much in store too. It’s the Worm Moon soon. Located 240,000 miles afar from earth, moon’s energy spikes during the hours of the full moon. It’s so powerful it lasts many days after too.

It’s bright and a great delight. But what can March Full Moon do for you? 
Let’s find out!

·      Prosperity in Full Moon, March

Do you want profits in your business venture? From unforeseen luck in career to investments, the full moon of March has many powers. It can attract Good luck into your life by sending messages of your prosperity to the heart of the universe. Abundance of wealth and fame will come to you!

·      Full Moon Wisdom in March

Another pro of using the full moon energy is for attracting knowledge into your life. Do you know March is the month of wit and decisions? It gives you the responsibility of taking a thousand decisions in just one month. Be ready!

·      Intuition with March Full Moon

Have you been feeling drained out in your life? The full moon of March promises the ambition and energy that you need to do things. It can make you optimistic too. You will be able to peek into the future and find the truth to all your questions.

·      Moon Energy of March for Love

The full moon of March can help you Love yourself. How? It helps you heal from past abuse or trauma in your life. It will be erased and relieved. If you were seeking revenge, it will be avenged. Another power of March full moon is how it brings passion and intimacy into life. It can attract your soulmate into life if you’re single too.  

·      Exam Success with Full Moon March

Success is the surname of March full moon. If you’re preparing for exams or writing entrance and appearing for interviews, the full moon energy of March can help you reach destined heights. It is the time to straddle on the success you’ve worked hard for.

Do bad things happen in full moon of march?

Yes, of course! If you don’t recognize the powerful energy of March Full moon, it can create Sleep Disturbances to insomnia and restlessness. This is a side-effect of unable to ground because of the overwhelming thoughts you have.

Many things can add to the inherent  Disharmony, Irritation, and Fights at your home during March full moon if you don’t know how to channel the energy of the full moon. You need to come out of your shell without getting damaged by Stress and Anxiety.

There is a high chance for headaches to happen. This is another signal you’re ungrounded. At this time, you need a lot of grounding that will be brought by connecting with the earth and the higher realms using crystal energies.

3 Healing Crystals to Use on Worm Moon full Moon

Do you want to unlock the secret of crystal power in March Full Moon? You can cleanse your crystals during this powerful energy, but if you use the right crystal, it can give you much more.

·      Amethyst for March Full Moon


 Natural Amethyst Ball Raw Gemstone

This amethyst ball can help you scry into the future. Simply put, you will see into the past, present or future with the help of this amethyst ball if you use it on March 20, 2019. Wanna know how to scry with a mirror? We have scrying mirrors on the store that can help you. Click here to read the article on scrying first!

Amethyst can raise your intuitive ability by activating your psychic powers. The purple stone is known to align all your chakras. Amethyst also has the power to ground you confused perspective.

·      Worm Moon Crystal Selenite

Natural Rough Orange Selenite Crystal Raw Gemstone

To flush out the negativity, you can purify all the bad karma to guilt and evil eye by using a selenite cleanse. Light your sandalwood and jasmine incense together at two ends of the room in a straight line. Now, place the selenite in between and chant the affirmation to purify your mind, body, and soul.

·      Citrine for March 20, 2019, Full Moon

Natural Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Cluster

If you want to awaken your secret powers during March Full Moon, you need citrine. It can attract wisdom by awakening your life force called the kundalini energy. Citrine also brings wisdom and knowledge into life. Are you ready for March Full Moon energy?

Before you go …

Which crystals will you do crystal cleanse of worm moon on? Tell us in the comments below.

Wanna know more? Check the video below!

Stay powerful~

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