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Everything You Must Know about March Full Moon Worm Moon

Everything You Must Know about March Full Moon Worm Moon

Expected to be bigger and brighter than ordinary, March full moon, also known as Worm Moon is set to sparkle up many celestial events. If you’re wondering how to prepare and work your way up for the March Full Moon, check this expert post on everything you need for March Full Moon.

What is Worm Moon

Everything You Must Know about March Full Moon Worm Moon

The full moon in March is referred as Worm Moon, amongst other names. It is the first of two full moons in March. In fact, March will have three full moons including the micro moon on March 05, 2018 too.

Worm moon is referred as such because it marks the last of winter and the start or closeness of spring. This is when the snow melts off the earth and earthworms come out of the soil. They make casting all over the ground, hence called Worm Moon by the Native American Tribes.

When can you see the Full Moon Worm Moon

Everything You Must Know about March Full Moon Worm Moon

You can see the Full Moon from New York at 5:33 PM on March 01, 2018.  For EST followers, full moon in March will rise at 07:51 PM while it will only set by March 02 at 07:00 AM for those watching the sky in New York.

Which are the Constellations on March Full Moon

Everything You Must Know about March Full Moon Worm Moon

Leo, the Lion is the constellation March Full moon will hover on, at about 13 degrees during the full moon or Worm Moon in March. Jupiter can be seen at 11:42 PM on March Full Moon, at the constellation of Libra, towards the end of March Full Moon.

Other names of March Full Moon

Everything You Must Know about March Full Moon Worm Moon

What are the names of March Full Moon called Worm Moon?

  • Spring Moon: Beginning or close proximity of Spring;
  • Crow Moon: The Caw-Caws of crows when hunting the earthworms at the end of winter;
  • Sap Moon/ Sugar Moon: Harvest of saps or sugar from maple tree saps;
  • Crust Moon: The crust after the melting of snow at the end of winter;
  • Lenten Moon: The Lent of 50 Days ending at Easter on April 01, 2018;
  • Chaste Moon: The chastity and abstinence of Holy Lent (50 Days);
  • Robin Moon: Return of Robins at the beginning of spring;

3 Healing Crystals to Use on Worm Moon full Moon

Everything You Must Know about March Full Moon Worm Moon

The best way to soak into the healing energy of full moon is by using your healing crystals. These gifts from Mother Nature will blend your energy like nothing else. It can help in chakra treatments when used rightly. Explore the complete guide on everything you need to know about the March Full Moon called Worm Moon.

1.      Opal

One of the fieriest stones we know, opal are the best stones for exploring the light of full moon. It can enlighten multiple chakras at once in your body. You can use opals on March full moon programming or bathing with it.

Opals can enlighten higher and lower chakras equally to give you balance on this full moon. Wear it throughout the night on March 01 to make your night the best.

How to Program your Complete Chakras with Opal

  • Take an Opal
  • Point it at any Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m power. Everything around me makes me invincible”.

2.      Moonstone

The stone of moonlight and shine, moonstone harbors many mysteries. Once upon a time, was used exclusively by shamans for astral travel and intensive magick. Moonstone awakens Libra and Cancer zodiacs, when used on Worm Moon Full moon in March.

It can make you intuitive simultaneously healing your disorders and ailments in completion. When used on the full moon, it can make your mind, body and soul clear as snow and ripe for harvesting good luck.

How to Program your Third Eye/ Solar Plexus Chakra with Moonstone

  • Take a Moonstone
  • Point it at the Third Eye/ Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m wisdom. Everything around makes my vision see-through all”.

3.      Amethyst

The stone of higher lights, Amethyst when used on the full moon can show you the hidden destiny. It will detox your body and spirit to guide your paths. When used as a talisman on the full moon in March, Amethyst energy can renew you. Don’t forget to wear an amethyst pendant throughout the day or charge your crystal grid with amethyst for surprising opportunities on the Worm Moon in March.

How to Program your Crown Chakra with Amethyst

  • Take an Amethyst
  • Point it at the Crown Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m clean. Everything around me makes me pure”.

Before you go …

Have we answered all your doubts about the Full Moon of March? Wait until tomorrow, we have loaded the complete way to prepare your crystals on Worm Moon like a pro. Did you know March will have another full moon, making it a blue moon? We’ve many secrets in store for you!

Stay powerful~


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