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What is Mystic Topaz Power? Meanings, and Formation

What is Mystic Topaz Power? Meanings, and Formation

Do you know how old is the history of mystic topaz? Just 20 years! Mystic topaz is an iridescent variety of topaz that is altered by manmade processes. It is a special stone with a fusion of metaphysical and spiritual properties. Today we will learn about what is mystic topaz power, its formation, properties, chakra and astrological energies in detail so that you can put it to the best use at your home!

What Is Mystic Topaz Power?

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One of the beautiful manmade stones that originates from a natural stone, mystic topaz is known in many names. The mystic topaz meaning is transformation and spiritual awakening. It can bring drastic positive changes in your life. It is a stone with 8 on the MOHS scale; hence you should be careful when handling rainbow topaz stone.  

How Is Mystic Topaz Made?

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Created as a result of physical vapour deposition also called PVD, white topaz is coated with the reflective coating just like on your sunglasses. The titanium vapors used during the production of mystic topaz is answerable for the iridescent sheen.

What Is Mystic Topaz Chakra?

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The first chakra activated by mystic topaz is the Crown Chakra located above your head. This is the chakra that connects you to the ethereal realm. It guides and leads you to your destiny.

The second chakra activated by mystic topaz is the Third Eye chakra located between your brows. It opens your spiritual eye and you begin to see spiritual changes in your life.

Third chakra activation by mystic topaz is your Throat chakra. It helps you gain self-confidence, charisma and charm.

Which Is Mystic Topaz Zodiac? What Month Is Mystic Topaz?

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Cancer is the perfect zodiac sign to enjoy the benefits of mystic topaz. Mystic topaz will help you relax and calm down. It fills you with confidence to take your decisions wisely. Hence, mystic topaz month is July.

Leo is also perfect for using mystic topaz. Wearing this mystic variety of topaz will attract fortune and charism to you. It will guide your way and lead you to destiny. Hence, August is the month of Mystic Topaz too.

When a Sagittarius wears mystic topaz, they will feel optimistic and full of confidence. It will give you energy, passion and enthusiasm besides intuitive powers. Therefore, December is also the month of mystic topaz.

How Long Does Mystic Topaz Last?

Mystic topaz can last for as long as you take care of it. If you’re careless with the mystic topaz and end up hitting or snagging it everywhere, it might crack, break or chip off. Otherwise, mystic topaz can last a lifetime!

Does Mystic Topaz Fade?

As topaz is affected strictly by a handful of chemicals, it is a strong and beautiful stone that stands natural wear and tear. As heat can cause the gem to crack, be careful. As it is a metal coating, over time mystic topaz can fade in color. Steam cleaning can reduce the longevity of the azotic coating on topaz mystic. Make sure you don't touch your mystic topaz in water as the aluminum in the topaz can be toxic. 

What Is Mystic Topaz Good for?

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Wearing or touching mystic topaz is good for a lot of reasons. Let’s find out how you can use it the best at home or at your practice.

The best use of mystic topaz is Aura Transformation. It will brighten your glow that is covering your body and soul. Mystic topaz can eject the negativity within you to make your aura radiant.

Angelic Communication is the second best benefit of using mystic topaz in your life. You will be able to communicate with your guardian angel when you meditate with a mystic topaz.

Guidance and Leadership are boons of mystic topaz while you will be charismatic and charming to your peers.


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