Understand Benefits Of Reiki Crystal Healing Before You Regret

by Ceida Uilyc June 24, 2018

Understand Benefits Of Reiki Crystal Healing Before You Regret

Reiki healing stones are power packed with goodies to heal your physical, emotional and even the spiritual body. Explore the pros and cons of using Reiki crystal healing. We’ve also added 7 healing crystals for Reiki sessions you can use right away!

What are the physical Benefits of Reiki Crystals for Healing?

Understand Benefits Of Reiki Crystal Healing Before You Regret

How does Reiki heal the body? Can you become healthy by using Reiki healing sessions? How to heal the physical problems with Reiki healing stones? Get all your questions about physical powers of Reiki healing crystals answered below!

·         De-Stress

Reiki session can help in relaxing you. Today, most of us suffer from insurmountable stress day and night.

Reiki crystal healing techniques can help you steam out that stress and find relief from mind-chatter. Using higher chakra crystals helps to emit stress immediately. Reiki works perfectly by relieving the tensed nerves.

·         Immune Strengthening

Another little-known advantage of Reiki healing on the physical body is immunity. Reiki healing with crystals boosts your innate ability to heal. Moreover, Reiki empowers your white blood cells to fight infection.

For those suffering from immune disorders or even seasonal flu, immune strengthening exercises using Reiki works emphatically.

·         Healthy Sleep

Your biological clock is judged by your lifestyle and Reiki stones can reset it. From insomnia to waking in the middle of the night, healthy sleep is one effective result of Reiki healing with gemstones. In addition, Reiki can help you identify underlying sleep disorders and cleanse your body inside-out.

·         Systemic Health

Reiki is also powerful enough to effectively remove diseases from your physical system. Did you know Reiki can cure asthma? It can also work on chronic stomach pain. Hence, Reiki is an all-around medicine to restore health.

From digestive troubles to infertility and respiratory issues, Reiki can heal a range of physical ailments too.

·         Pain Relief

Apart from relaxation, Reiki can also speed recovery as well as subdue the pain. It is ideal for eradicating pain and inflammations quickly. By working on the chakra point closest to the affected area on the body, Reiki crystal energy can heal you.

What are the emotional Benefits of Reiki Crystals for Healing?

Understand Benefits Of Reiki Crystal Healing Before You Regret

How does Reiki heal the heart? Can you find happiness using Reiki healing sessions? How to heal the psychological problems with Reiki healing stones? Get all your questions about emotional powers of Reiki healing crystals answered below!

·         Control Mood Swings

Sessions with Reiki stone rituals can also work on your psyche. It can help you calm hot-temper by ejecting the cortisol flooding your brain. For women during PMS or PMDD, Reiki Sessions with healing crystals can work to keep peace and calm. It also works when you wear them as jewelry.

·         Eradicate Fear

You can also get rid of fear by using Reiki healing sessions. It can uproot the evil conjuring your faith in yourself. It helps to find your inner voice and strength when you use Reiki for heart chakra problems.

·         Confidence

If you find it hard to uplift yourself or are constantly hindered by self-pity, Reiki will change your life. It can instill pride and respect for the self through astral projection or dream recall. You will find bolder perspective about life as it will empower your throat chakra to seek out and speak out the truth.

·         Remove Sorrow

Besides physical pain, emotional pain is a killer too. From heartbreaks to guilt and grief, Reiki can also work on your emotional energy to eradicate the sadness. It can make you feel fulfilled by removing the empty void burdening you.

·         Open Up

When you use Reiki healing crystal sessions for the first time, it can make you feel light-weight. The results make you creative by broadening your perspective.

What do I need to know before going for a Reiki Crystal Healing Session?

Understand Benefits Of Reiki Crystal Healing Before You Regret

For the layman, Reiki can seem like an easy job, but quick Reiki does not mean effective Reiki. The underlying principle of Reiki is the unifying forces of the higher and inner self. So, every Reiki master has their own ways of attuning your chakra points to manifest everything you search for.

Typically, a Reiki healing crystal session consists of:

·         Stone Selection

The Reiki master will listen to your energy or vibes to find the best stones to heal your physical and spiritual selves.

·         Purification Ceremony

The Reiki practitioner will start of cleansing the stones fit for your needs.

·         Reiki Stone Attunement

Depending on the Reiki practitioner, you will receive a crystal healing session for chakras that will empower you.

·         Auric Sweep

The Reiki master will cleanse all the remnant negativity by sweeping your aura with crystal using hand gestures.

7 Chakra Reiki Healing Crystals Set You Must Have

Understand Benefits Of Reiki Crystal Healing Before You Regret

Which are the right crystal for reiki healing? How to use Reiki healing stones according to chakras? What is the power behind healing stones for reiki? Get all your questions answered now!

1.      Reiki Healing Crystals for CROWN CHAKRA

Understand Benefits Of Reiki Crystal Healing Before You Regret

Amethyst is the stone of ethereal energies. As amethyst has high vibrational energies, it works quickly to detox the negative energies. It works well when you meditate with amethyst for reiki session with stones.

Other Reiki Stones for Crown Chakra

Selenite and Clear Quartz

2.      Reiki Healing Crystals for THIRD EYE CHAKRA

Wisdom Tree of Life   Handmade 7 Natural Stones Pendant   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Iolite is a notable third eye stone that opens your sixth sense. The Reiki healing practice best for third eye chakra is astral projection. It will take you beyond your reality and show you the future. Use reiki healing with iolite crystals by placing it on the third eye chakra.

Other Reiki Stones for THIRD EYE CHAKRA

Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite

3.      Reiki Healing Crystals for THROAT CHAKRA

Quality Titanium Sapphire Jewelry Ring For Men - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Blue Sapphire is the best stone for awakening the orator inside you. It invokes confidence and wisdom to battle the evil forces trying to harm you. Throat chakra healing with Reiki using blue sapphire works well with laying on hands.

Other Reiki Stones for THROAT CHAKRA

Turquoise and Aquamarine

4.      Reiki Healing Crystals for HEART CHAKRA

Water Drop Shaped Natural Gem Stone Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

Malachite is the stone of compassion and love. It heals your heart by removing pain and welcoming liberation. The green-white swirly stone is renowned for being a crucial crystal for fertility rituals using Reiki healing sessions.

Other Reiki Stones for HEART CHAKRA

Rose Quartz and Peridot;

5.      Reiki Healing Crystals for SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA

Natural Citrine Crystal Tumbled Stone Healing (100 Grams)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Citrine is the stone of health that cleanses your body. It builds immunity by making curing your physical disorders. Reiki for solar plexus chakra using citrine keeps you in a cocoon of positivity.

Other Reiki Stones for SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA

Tiger Eye and Carnelian

6.      Reiki Healing Crystals for SACRAL CHAKRA

Red Garnet 5 Stone Ring - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Garnet is the stone of kundalini energy. When used for Reiki healing practices, garnet helps to empower the life force energy within you. It makes you passionate and dedicated towards things you care about, stronger than ever.

Other Reiki Stones for SACRAL CHAKRA

Amber and Smoky Quartz

7.      Reiki Healing Crystals for ROOT CHAKRA

Natural Aquatic Agate Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Red Jasper makes you balance your physical and emotional hassles in a jiffy. The stone invoked superlative stability within the user by working on the core chakras. Red jasper Reiki session for root chakra can make you focused, alert and enthusiastic too.

Other Reiki Stones for ROOT CHAKRA

Hematite and Red Agate

Before You Go …

Check the guide to advanced Reiki healing with crystals if you haven’t already!

Stay powerful!

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

6 Responses

Jonique Grundy
Jonique Grundy

September 30, 2019

Does crystals work?

Jonique Grundy
Jonique Grundy

September 30, 2019

Does crystals work?


August 21, 2019

How do i will get to know which healing stone is suitable for me. Is it similar with nav graha stone or its different?


May 19, 2019

i dont no about reiky but i intrested about reiky about how to chuse stone reiky pls sugest


May 19, 2019

i dont no about reiky but i intrested about reiky about how to chuse stone reiky pls sugest


April 13, 2019

A friend told me about reiki, I looked it up as I have fibromyalgia, I know some yoga, relaxation’ philosophy’disiplin are all relevant and can improve you as a person, and your life, I see Indian practise in reika which is dependant on belief, I like proof as in science, also reason, yes I have pain, and I know some of it is phantom’ or small pain amplified, pain gate.or as I see it filter, I have a piece of Geode’ with amethyst and quartz’ I will cleanse them’ and experiment myself, it might be I avail myself of a session in the future, all roads must be explored, I will keep an open mind. The

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