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Explore Secrets to Advanced Reiki Healing With Crystals

Explore Secrets to Advanced Reiki Healing With Crystals

Google Reiki Healing and you will be stunned how many people healed themselves from cancer to debt and heartbreak using reiki. It is an interplay of energies from the cosmos around us. The Japanese healing technique is effective when you get it from a Level III Reiki Master. Read on, if you want to learn the placement of crystals to hands for reiki healing with crystals in the next ten minutes. We’ve simplified all of it for beginners!

What is Reiki Healing?

Explore Secrets to Advanced Reiki Healing With Crystals

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique using metaphysical powers. Reiki comes from the two words, rei (Higher Power/ Intelligence) and ki (life force). In their combined form, Reiki refers to attuning your life force with the higher power for healing.

During the Reiki healing session, the practitioner places chants, stones or hand gestures on the chakra points of the person for activating chakra energy. Here, the Reiki master’s energy penetrates your chakra points to eject evil and negativity within you.

Unlike most of the crystal techniques, Reiki cannot be tried on your own. Ki or the use of life force energy is easy to conduct on your own; but, reiki needs the power of two. It is not a karmic therapy, but energy healing using the combination of two powers- the higher self and life force. So, one person helps to align the chakra or energy centers of the other without tainting their karma. In short, Reiki healing session increases the powers of the giver as much as the taker.

What is the history of Reiki Healing around the World?

Explore Secrets to Advanced Reiki Healing With Crystals

Reiki form of Usui Reiki stems from the enlightenment about life from Dr. Usui or Usui-sensei, born in the late 19th century. After completing superlative education from a Buddhist monastery, Usui traveled far and wide to find a system of total physiological and psychological healing.

On a rediscovery course on Mount Kurama, Dr. Usui fasted 21 days alongside meditation. On the dawn of 21st day, he came upon a script of Sanskrit symbols that ended his search. That’s how Reiki was born. He established a practice in Kyoto, which was taken up by a Japanese naval officer and an American-Japanese woman who spread it across the world during WWII.

How long do the effects of Reiki Healing last?

Depending on the Reiki Master you choose, your Reiki crystal healing sessions will change. From 20 minutes to even up to 90 minutes, reiki healing sessions also varies with your energy status. Moreover, reiki healing does not break open from the heavens at the end of the 90-minute bell. Often, it can take more than 4-5 sessions to untie your problems using reiki stone healing.

How to do a Reiki Healing With Crystals Session?

Explore Secrets to Advanced Reiki Healing With Crystals

There are three levels to Reiki qualification. First refers to learning the history and the practice of Reiki. The second level attunes your reiki wisdom from a master. The third is when you teach or pass on your reiki learnings to another person. Do Reiki easily at home with our simplified method below.

1.      Cleanse your Stones

The first step to crystal healing via any ritual is the purification stage. You can use herbs or healing crystals with higher powers such as Clear Quartz or Selenite to cleanse your stones. It must drain the cluttered energy sediment in your stone, else it will channel into your chakra points.

2.      Activate your Crystals

Next step is to activate or charge your healing crystals for a reiki session. You can use positive affirmations to charge or keep it under the full moonlight. A charged crystal can help to target ailing chakras much faster and deeper than you know. Crystal activation requires your willpower to work.

3.      Placement of the Crystals during Reiki Healing Session

Explore Secrets to Advanced Reiki Healing With Crystals

There are many ways to arrange your crystals during a Reiki Healing Session.

-          On the chakra point

You can place the healing crystal on the chakra you want to empower or heal. This will emit direct healing rays into your skin. To do so, the stone must be in contact with your skin.

-          Above the Chakra Point

You can place the healing crystal for reiki healing above the chakra point while laying down on the yoga mat. It needn’t touch your skin as healing crystals can pull out the negativity without coming into contact with them.

-          Below the Chakra point

You can place the healing crystal for reiki healing below the chakra point while laying down on the yoga mat. The stones must not touch your skin as it can eject the evil sans contacting it.

-          Around the Chakra point

You can also place multiple crystals like a grid around a particular chakra point for effective healing. As the above, touching the skin is a choice you must take depending on the depth of healing you need.

4.      Placement of the Hands during Reiki Healing Session

Explore Secrets to Advanced Reiki Healing With Crystals

For every chakra, there is a hand position for Reiki healing.

  • Root Chakra: Shoulders are targeted here with your hands on the shoulder of the other person for 3 minutes.
  • Sacral Chakra: You must place your crystal or hand on the abdomen or lower back in the back and front of the person for 3 minutes.
  • Solar Plexus chakra: Keep one open palm with the stone on the back of the stomach and other in front for 3 minutes.
  • Heart Chakra: Place your palm on the breastbone and the other at the opposite side on your back for 3 minutes.
  • Throat chakra: Take your open palm and keep it on the top of the neck and other in the pit of your throat for 3 minutes.
  • Third eye Chakra: Open your palms and keep one on the back of your neck and other in between the brows for 3 minutes.
  • Crown Chakra: Place both your open palms on the top of the head of the joining index and thumb fingers to form an opening on the crown chakra. Hold it for 3 minutes.

You can finish the reiki session by sweeping the aura of the client by gesturing a swiping motion over his or her body without contacting the skin.

What are the Ways to Do Reiki Healing with Crystals

Explore Secrets to Advanced Reiki Healing With Crystals

How do you do Reiki with healing stones? Is it any better? How can you combine Reiki and gemstones for better cleaning and healing? Get all your questions answered now!

·        Reiki Healing with Chakra Stones

You can place the healing crystal on the chakra points for Reiki healing.

·        Crystal Programming for Reiki Healing

You can program your crystal with positive affirmations before placing it on the chakra point or wherever you feel affected.

·        Chromo Therapy or Color Healing with Reiki Stones

You can place healing crystals according to colors of the chakra points or wherever you feel affected.

·        Crystal Pendulum for Reiki Healing Session

You can hold a crystal pendulum or lay underneath it to detect the undue vibrations to cleanse it using Reiki healing with crystals.

·        Crystal Patches for Reiki Healing

You can also keep the healing crystal on or around your chakra point during Reiki healing session for effective life force therapy.

Before you go …

explore Secrets to Advanced Reiki Healing With Crystals"

Reiki summarizes holistic healing with visible changes. It can invoke physical and psychological health effortlessly. Remember, Reiki healing with crystals must be done with care as it channels your own energies. It is a therapy that mixes two energies to heal each other. What attracts you most about Reiki? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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