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Stones and Their Meanings with Pictures

Stones and Their Meanings with Pictures

Trying to identify gemstones? It’s not easy because crystals are the canvas of nature. As Mother Gaia has a large palette to choose from, you can expect a lot of surprises in their colors itself. The truth is that knowing stones and their meanings will help you recognize their powers and chakras easily too.

Today we will understand seven crystals and their meanings with images.

7 Powerful Healing Stones and Their Meanings with Pictures

Stones and their meanings with pictures

Ever wanted to recognize crystals in one glance? All you need to do is understand their meanings and identify their patterns as well as colors. That will help you win half the battle. However, you need more. Finding a new right stone is always a thrill for crystal users. We will simplify the meanings of healing crystals with pictures.

·      Quartz Stone

clear quartz in a bowl

Chemically silicon dioxide, quartz stone is seen in white to transparent hues. Abundantly available, clear quartz is one of the essential crystal for every user. It can clean energies, people and spaces. Clear quartz opens your crown chakra besides all the six other primary chakras. Circling a clear quartz over anything will clean it.

·      Amethyst Stone


Seen in purple, amethyst is the purple variety of quartz. Quartz becomes purple naturally because of the presence of impurities such as iron. Amethyst is a crown chakra stone that raises your intuition and powers of intuition. It can detox your mind and body.

·      Carnelian Stone


The bright orange to red stone, carnelian looks like sardonyx too. You can always see the translucence in a carnelian when you hold it against sunlight. It stimulates the sacral chakra where your life force energy resides. It is the seat of passion and energy.

·      Citrine Stone


One of a kind gemstone for luck, citrine is believed to sharpen the intelligence too. Natural heating of amethyst within the earth’s surface creates a golden yellow citrine. Artificial heating of amethyst produces orange yellow citrine called Heat Treated Amethyst. Genuine citrine will attract success and wisdom towards you.

·      Jasper Stone


Opaque stone in multiple colors, jasper is connected with Mother Gaia. It can open your root and sacral chakras simultaneously. When you hold a jasper, you will feel balance and stability. Jasper is mainly for the root as it energizes and supports you.

·      Garnet


The key stone for sacral and root chakras, Garnet can bring hidden skills to the surface. Using a garnet attracts positivity into your life. With a unique shade of red, garnet powers the life force energy. It is the seat of your sexuality and optimism. It is also the stone of psychic protection.

·      Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye

When you use a tigers eye crystal, your body and spirit unites. It will upgrade your concentration skills to make you wiser and enthusiastic. Tiger eye is best for attracting success and vitality into your life. It gives hope and balance to the wearer, keeping them away from harm’s way.


Found the stones and their meanings with pictures you wanted? Hope we cleared your doubts. Make sure to leave us a comment if you need help identifying crystals.

Love and light~

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