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Crystals for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Crystals for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Do you know stats on Generalized Anxiety Disorder says women are vulnerable to 2x more anxiety than men? With a good majority of us suffering from anxiety, tension, stress and even panic attacks, there is a lot to crystals can help you with. Today we will uncover the right crystals for anxiety and panic attacks.

How Do Crystals Work for Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

Crystals for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

How do you usually get rid of anxiety? Do you get busy or find a distraction? Whenever you are anxious, your thoughts are catastrophic. Crystals for anxiety work by changing your aura and thoughts. It brings positivity, calmness, silence, out of body experiences and divine insights.

Holding onto a palm stone relieved stress by connecting with your heart chakra and balancing your blood circulation. It interferes with your angry auric energy to bring positivity and hope to you besides distracting you from the trauma or event.

Top 5 Crystals for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Finding the right stone for anxiety is important to get rid of the demons haunting your sanity. The best place to start is with the crystal you connect with the most. If we have also mentioned your favorite crystal in the list below, hold onto it during anxious moments. Let’s find the best stone for anxiety and panic attacks.

·      Bloodstone

First recommendation on our list is the bloodstone. Using bloodstone will de-stress your brain and help you unwind easily. This is the stone to hold onto when grief or irreparable damage is striking you. Bloodstone will protect you from the hurt with the power of mankind within it.

Crystal users often keep bloodstone under their pillow to remove nightmares triggered by anxiety.

·      Rose Quartz

One of the divine stones for love, rose quartz can also make you feel loved. Touching a rose quartz in the raw makes you smile while a tumbled stone connects with your dreams. It is the best stone to calm your nerves and get rid of anxiety easily. Even during panic attacks, you will find yourself cocooned by warm energies that calm you down.

·      Kyanite

For busybodies who have no time for themselves, you need crystals to make you understand what you need to do. The poor management of your time can be changed with the company of right crystals. Kyanite is a meditation stone that brings down hot temper and anger.

·      Amethyst

The best stone to get a sense of reality, Amethyst is believe to detox your mind from all the biases. It can restore your sense of awareness easily, letting go of anxiety. Amethyst is best for people who think anxiety has left them astray. It can help with frustration too.

·      Moonstone 

Panic attacks are best calmed by an elixir made from moonstone. Keep the moonstone on top of a glass, keep a coaster on it and place the moonstone on top of the coaster. Remove the arrangement and drink the infused moonstone elixir whenever you’re feeling anxious. Don’t directly touch the water in the stone.


Have more questions about crystals for anxiety and panic attacks? Ask us below!

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