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7 Potent Healing Crystal Necklaces That Worked For Successful People

by Ceida Uilyc September 05, 2018

7 Potent Healing Crystal Necklaces That Worked For Successful People

It was the Greeks who made jewelry in the 1600 B.C. When gemstones were discovered, the shimmer in them immediately made them precious. Today we wear crystal necklaces for fancy, but that’s not the right way to wear them. You need to find the right crystal necklace to enhance your chakra powers rather than beauty or appeal.

Thinking back, when jewelry became a fashion in the 17th century, crystal uses for magic and healing was high too. Who can verify whether crystal pendants and jewelry made to wear on specific chakras was the first inspiration of crystal necklaces anyway, right? Well, I found all the facts you need to know about crystal necklaces. So, didn’t miss this golden chance to know all about your stones!

Guide to find the perfect Crystal Necklaces for Success

With crystal necklaces such as chokers, mid length pendants, drop pendants, stacked necklaces and beaded chains making an impact, you need to select crystal jewelry with respect to the chakra location it will stay on. It’s not too hard if you make a checklist or follow a definite pattern. Learn all about picking the best gemstone necklaces in a wink after learning all about it below!

7 Potent Healing Crystal Necklaces That Can Better Your Life

With crystal necklaces such as chokers, mid length pendants, drop pendants, stacked necklaces and beaded chains making an impact, you need to select crystal jewelry with respect to the chakra location it will stay on.

It’s not too hard if you make a checklist or follow a definite pattern.

Learn all about picking the best gemstone necklaces in a wink after learning all about it below!


Frosted Amazonite Mala (with OM, Lotus or Buddha Pendant)Amazonite is a soothing stone containing powers of Goddess Tiamat (Chaos) and Goddess Estanatlehi (Fertility). “Just wear this amazonite in the stretched form without stacking for it to flow over the heart chakra for best results like I did!”Lacing your neck to accent maximum beauty and charm, this Frosted Amazonite is a single gemstone necklace that smoothens your look. Did you know amazonite was the shields for the tribe of female warriors called Amazonians? It was a monarch from the Bronze Age!

The water-energy crystal can heal brain disorders, metabolism, and impotence in addition to Clairvoyance.


Throat and Heart Chakras are activated by crystal pendant with amazonite gemstones.


Moonstone Natural Stone Necklace“The first day I wore my moonstone necklace of authentic crystals, I felt like a breeze. No crystal makes me so light as moonstone. It’s like I feel, I might float to the moon when I’m wearing moonstone. My worries just disappear like poof!”A tabular gemstone necklace, this moonstone necklace on a black string is 45cm long to fall until your last chakra for sitting meditation. It helps you see into the future without negativity clouding over your eyes. It resets the biological system in the body to revitalize your present.

Moonstone is a harmony stone, which when worn as a pendant connects nourishes your aura well.


Third Eye, Heart, and Sacral chakras are enriched by the use of moonstone gem necklace.


Natural Abalone Shell Necklace“When you hold an abalone in the center of your palm and think about oceans, you will see coral reefs and mermaids too. It is a sort of therapy that helps me come out of my anxiety QUICKLY!

Since then, I never leave home without my abalone pendant”.

Popular as sea ears, natural abalone is a soft stone with MOHS 2.5 with powers of the sea.

It is believed to contain the power of Gods Poseidon (Sea) and Neptune (Ocean). The vibrant fusion of sea and ocean in abalone leads to the iridescent color on the natural stone.


Etheric chakras are the main focus of abalone shells, but it also awakens the Solar Plexus chakra in zodiac signs of Cancer.


Natural Ethopian Opal Pendant - 925 sterling silver A pure opalescent stone with familiar blur, Ethiopian opal stones are soothing stones that keeps your emotions in check. Welo opal is one of the famous varieties of Ethiopian opals in circulation. Today Ethiopia exports world a second largest bundle of opals for 20 years with the discovery of the precious stone.

The affordable variety of natural authentic opals to buy, Ethiopian opal gems are available in prominent reds in the hydrophane variety.

“When my husband touched the opal bracelet I gifted him, he said we were swimming or something like that. He even saw Noah’s ark and we’ve been trying to find meaning to it since then!”


Water opal from Ethiopia revitalizes your crown and root chakras.


Big Ruby Vintage Pendant - 925 Sterling SilverAn oval ruby on sterling silver designed carefully in handmade design for an authentic vintage look, this big ruby crystal necklace steals the limelight wherever you wear it. That’s not just because of its artisanal make, but the fiery chakra of the base and heart chakra within the stone.

“My mother says she knew she was carrying my sister (a girl she meant) in the first name itself when she dreamt of rubies every night. I didn’t believe her until the same thing happened to me!”.

Ideal for deep soul meditation sessions, wearing this ruby pendant protects you from danger and stupidity too.


Base and Heart chakras are primarily fueled by the stone ruby in pendants and necklaces.


Alexandrite Sapphire Necklace - 925 Sterling SilverAlexandrite boosts your luck while blue sapphire makes you clairvoyant. Together, these virtues can make you a very very rich person. This dual colored pendant with the starry lead signifies wealth and prosperity.Blending two great stones of the soothing colors, Alexandrite also has a remarkable fluorescence that takes the limelight.

It was discovered in Russia 200 years ago with many crystal experts realizing most crown jewels were alexandrite than the common ruby or sapphire.

“I religiously wear this alexandrite sapphire crystal pairing on my birthday for that extra dash of luck and it works every time because I win the lottery for $50. I never go ga-ga on it, just to be safe”.

While sapphire brings the powers of vac, alexandrite can have different chakra effects depending on the time of the day. Gift this creativity stone pendant of alexandrite and sapphire to your partner on 55th wedding anniversary!


Alexandrite powers the Crown chakra while blue sapphire beckons the power of throat and third eye vision.


Natural Geode Pendant Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™ A carved out a portion of a precious stone with sparkling insides such as a cave, a geode is identified. It is said to contain the amplified energy of the same crystal. Natural Geodes are earth like spaces that cleanse and purify your soul as well as that of the gemstones instantly.

“When I was pregnant, I got a large Amethyst Geode to keep on my bedside table. It kinda made me realize I could use crystals to talk to my baby in the womb. And, oh she loves the amethyst geodes as a big girl now too!”.

Geode always pops up with a cavity and is generalized to represent the yoni or the female sacred temple in other cases. In short, wearing this crystal geode necklace will boost your fertility by resetting the natural rhythm.

Before you go …

Finding that perfect necklace is important if it is made of gemstones and crystals. The most important thing is to find the right necklace to fit into your life. If you have any doubts about how any of the above 7 crystal necklaces work on your body, just hit me with a comment below and I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

You can even use a crystal necklace as a pendulum y’know!

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

5 Responses

Annie DeLeo
Annie DeLeo

September 20, 2018

I bought a rose quartz crystal wand and a black tourmaline wand. I would like to know how to activate them and exactly what they do. I am hopeing for help with aching joints and neuropathy

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

September 11, 2018

@BARBARA: Check out this blog post-

Barbara Moyer
Barbara Moyer

September 11, 2018

Hi im looking for some stones for luck in taking test . How do i know which ones to by ?

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

September 06, 2018

Emma, I have a feeling I totally get you. Do you have any alexandrite + sapphire necklace. Else check this out-

It worked to relax and give the best job interview that saved my life!
Peace and light!


September 05, 2018

Hi! I’ve been trying to find the perfect necklace for a while and have yet to be successful. I’m searching for one which will aid me on my path to success but also allow me to relax (as I struggle to ever relax). Would you possibly be able to help suggest any necklaces for me?

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