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Raving Reasons Why You Should Wear Lava Rocks Like This

Raving Reasons Why You Should Wear Lava Rocks Like This

Born out of the hottest fire from the womb of the earth, Lava Rocks are auspicious, unless you’re getting one from Hawaii. Popular as volcanic rocks and lava beads, these are made from basalt rock under the volcano when it melts at a temperature of 1000 0C. So you can imagine, the crucial techniques that create lava rocks. They might look insignificant, but the strength and powers if you wear lava rocks are immense.

Lava Beads Meaning

Black Volcanic Lava Stone Bracelet - For Men - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™I have personally felt my first dissociative effect of feeling out of the body when I wore a lava beads bracelet from California, 15 years ago. It was magical for me and I’ve been religiously wearing lava rocks bracelet on 1st, 17th and 29th of every month because it is the best manifestation stone for heavy affirmations like getting a house or getting rid of debt.

Meaning of lava rocks are many and we will explore what makes it an amazing addition to your wardrobe.

7 Key Benefits of Lava Rocks That makes it Special

Lava Buddha Bead Bracelets - Chakra Healing

Beautiful and mesmerizing, holding a lava rock instantly changes your brain chemistry as well as soul cravings. This is because lava rocks contain both the elements of fire and earth, bringing newfound goals and balance to the user.

It does not stop there, so brace up and get ready to learn all about the advantages of wearing lava beads because it brings good luck if you wear it right and horrible bad luck if you touch it wrong!

·      Fathers

Are you a dad? I’ve seen my husband struggle with our kids and it all changed when he began wearing a completely black lava beads bracelet. Lava beads instill the calming vibes of the earth even if you’re just expecting. All your stress, worries and fears will be transformed into peace as it activates your root chakra.

·      Connect with Earth

The earth element stone is a powerful medium for attracting earth powers. Kids walk around without shoes and that’s one of the main reasons why stress does not live long within the mind of a kid.

If you’re constantly stressed out or troubled with EMF radiations, connecting with the earth can change your life altogether. Wearing lava rocks can reset your natural rhythm and restore your emotional values.

·      Fertility

Almost all crystals talk about fertility for females and female reproductive system, but what about fertility crystals for the male body?  It embodies the powers of Vulcan, the god of fire who will rejuvenate your sacral chakra powers to make you fertile if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction or low sperm count.

Ask the help of Vulcan by calling upon his father, Jupiter to restore your health like this-

Oh, god of gods, powerful than most, Vulcan, howl through me and help me restore my manhood right now, this very minute”. Say it thrice when you’re alone after activating the kundalini chakra by wearing a lava rock bracelet and keeping it on your sacral chakra.

·      Addiction

Are you battling cravings or unbeatable substance addiction? Rest assured, I’ve got the perfect cure. While cold turkey can kill your mind and body as the withdrawals tend to be the harshest when you area undergoing de-addiction, wearing a lava bracelet can cut your troubles in half.

If you or anyone you know is fighting addictions, just gift them a lava beads bracelet with 7 chakra stones to help them through the ordeal. It works wonders!

·      Protection

Renowned as the Druid’s talisman, lava rocks were once prominent among warriors and kings for protection. It can be worn on any chakra to make your aura powerful. By doing so, lava rocks absorb the negativity and dispel it back to where it came from, without letting your aura interact with it.

The best thing about lava rocks is it can repel evil eye and curses too. Just place it at the entrance of your house to create positive feng shui NOW!

“The sodium-rich lava rock, Benmoreite is the perfect stone to prevent curses and evil eye!”

·      Grounding

Lava rocks contain a powerful link with mother nature and Manat, the waning moon Goddess. It creates a beautiful power that helps to eject your negative energies right out. For grounding away your stress and troubles, all you need to do is clutch the lava rocks or let it touch your skin.

If you’re emotionally stressed or physically weak, lava rocks can help you with the power of Pele, the god of fire. It brings down anger and calms you instantly.

·      Joint Pain

The magnetism of the earth does not hinder your path when you start using lava rocks. It is considered the best antidote for those suffering from inflammations in the joint.

From aging to arthritis, joint pain can be reduced when you massage with a lava rock on the affected area. It absorbs the pain in your cells by penetrating the skin and flushing out the toxins. However, you must ensure you clean the stone well afterward, to prevent re-absorbing the pain.  

How to Wear Lava Rocks?

Men Buddha Natural Stone Couple Bead Bracelets - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™Every gemstone works differently. It can be understood when you realize gemstones are just like people.

Each one is different and unique. That’s why you must treat each with respect and individuality.

Do you know every lava rock is different too?

Part of making a lava rock work is by wearing them in special ways that direct the energy and manifest affirmations quickly.

·      Activating a Lava Rock

Just like most gemstones, you can activate a lava rock by loudly focusing your affirmations at it after bonding with the stone. To do so, hold the stone in your palm and recite the words of your desire clearly and with concentration.  Other fine ways to activate a lava rock is by placing it on the chakra, rubbing on the chakra/ affected region and even create elixirs as these rocks do not dissolve in water!

·      Lava Rock Bracelet

Grounding is most powerful when you wear a bracelet made of lava rocks on your wrists. It is easy to rub specific chakras when you have the rocks readily at your arm’s length. You can also wear it on your ankles while standing straight if you want to ground using lava beads bracelet.

·      Chunky Necklace

Another notable effect of lava rock is by absorbing the negativity in your speech and hence, if you wear a lava rocks necklace, it will cleanse your speech and emanate positive words out of you. This is ideal for those who lose their temper to anger. Ensure that you clean the lava rocks necklace before and after use with a clear quartz or selenite stone.

·      Essential Oil Therapy with Lava Rocks

We all know essential oils are concentrated forms of healing herbs and flowers, extracted for amplified healing. But, what happens when you mix them with lava rocks? The oil will be diffused in the rock for long, emanating therapeutic vibes of the oil and the rock, together. It’s a secret ritual taken from Cleopatra for beauty, y’see!

·      Lava Rock + Howlite

You can also pair a lava rock with the crown chakra gemstone howlite for stabilizing your physical and spiritual body. It is the best pairing because the duo attracts etheric energies and earth energies for powerful manifestation purposes. You can also wear howlite bracelet with a lava rocks bracelet like in the picture above for growing intuition powers and kundalini energy.

Before you go …

Lava rocks often take the form and characteristics of the region it forms in. Today you can find it in fireplaces as décor for its amazing properties while feng shui advice to keep lava beads in the southern direction to attract wealth, money and prosperity into your house.

Ask me anything about lava rocks below!

Stay powerful~

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