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19 Handpicked Healing Crystals for Father’s Day You Must Have

19 Handpicked Healing Crystals for Father’s Day You Must Have

With most of us considering fathers our role models for life, it is best to remember them with a gift occasionally. While everyone keeps a track of mom’s birthday, we seldom book a bouquet for dad. That’s why, this Father's Day, get crystals for Father's Day and explore the complete set of gemstones appropriate to gift a dad!

Which Crystals for Father’s Day?

Don’t wonder about the perfect crystals because our experts found what the best stones are for your father. Gift them on Father's Day 2020 and you’ve vowed to protect them with the love of crystals forever. Start exploring without wasting any more time when you’re looking for healing crystals for Father's Day!

·        Black Onyx crystals for Fathers Everywhere

A powerful stone for fathers around the world, Black Onyx powers the health and intuitive centers of your father. It can give him stability and foresight when used regularly.

How to Use Black Onyx Crystals for Father’s Day

  1. Pick your Black Onyx.
  2. Charge Solar Plexus, Root or Third Eye chakra.
  3. Wrap it in gift paper.
  4. Give it to your dad!

·        Black Opal gemstones for Dad’s Day

Black Fire Opal Ring   925 Sterling Silver   matans

One of the luxurious looking gemstones for daddies, black opal is a radiant stone filled with the otherworldly powers of the crown chakra. It can make your father wiser and straightforward in his thoughts.

How to Use Black Opal Crystals gemstones for Dad’s Day

  1. Keep your Black Opal aside.
  2. Activate Root or Crown Chakra.
  3. Cover Black Opal as a gift.
  4. Give it to your father!

·        Black Obsidian pendant gift to Gift Fathers

An amulet and talisman to gift your dad on Father's Day, a black obsidian Star of David pendant is precious too. It contains the powers of the root chakra, which can help fathers battling vertigo, dizziness or fatigue.

How to Use Black Obsidian pendant gift to Gift Fathers

  1. Place your Black Obsidian aside.
  2. Power your Root with Black Obsidian.
  3. Wrap Black Obsidian in gift paper, cover it as a gift.
  4. Give it to your father dad papa!

·        Black Agate ring for Father’s Day

Another balancing stone that protects your dad against evil eye and negativity, black agate on the ring keeps multiple chakra points awakened throughout the day.

How to Use Black Agate ring for Father’s Day

  1. Add your Black Agate to the Father’s Day gift.
  2. Charge Root Chakra with Black Agate.
  3. Wrap Black Agate in gift paper for your dad.
  4. Give it to your papa!

·        Black Tourmaline crystals for Dad

Dipped Black Tourmaline Pendant Necklace Raw Stone Schorl Chakra Healing Crystal Point Pendant Colar   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Black Tourmaline is a must-have if your dad is getting closer to old age. Black tourmaline empowers the root chakra and makes your father energetic.

How to Use Black Tourmaline crystals for Dad

  1. Take your Black Tourmaline.
  2. Activate Root Chakra with Black Tourmaline.
  3. Cover Black Tourmaline as a gift.
  4. Give it to your father!

·        Black Sapphire gemstone for your Dad

Black Sapphire MEN Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Yet another root chakra stone to help your father find physical, emotional and spiritual stability, black sapphire helps to keep thoughts clear too. A derivative of the strong throat chakra stone, black sapphire powers the core energy.

How to Use Black Sapphire gemstone for your Dad

  1. Pick your Black Sapphire.
  2. Charge Base Chakra with Black Sapphire.
  3. Wrap Black Sapphire in gift paper.
  4. Give it to your dad!

·        Lava Rocks for Father’s Day

When you gift a lava rock to your dad, you give a part of the earth itself. The grounding gemstone power in lava rocks is superlative for hot-tempered fathers.

How to Use Lava Rocks for Father’s Day

  1. Take your Lava Rocks.
  2. Activate Root chakra with Lava Rocks.
  3. Cover Lava Rocks as a gift.
  4. Give it to your papa!

·        Black Pearl crystals for Father’s Day

Resizable Black/White Pearl Choker Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A superior healing crystal that can power your dad’s third eye for intuition and heart chakra for love, black pearl works effectively on fathers of all ages. Use this gemstone gift on father’s day to give him a gift of superpowers of both the chakras.

How to Use Black Pearl crystals for Father’s Day

  1. Keep your Black Pearl aside.
  2. Charge Third Eye or Heart with Black Pearl.
  3. Wrap Black Pearl in gift paper.
  4. Give it to your father!

11 Crystals and Gemstones for Fathers

Forget about suave and pricey gifts this Father’s Day. Instead, go the extra mile and gift your dad the gift of love and stability forever. We’ve got crystals for good fortune to anger and peace, so you order before we run outta all the sweet crystals for fathers.

1.      Black Onyx and Agate

A superior combination of crystals, black onyx and agate are considered best because of its double root chakra activating energies. Both keep you up on the feet without physical harms and dangers.

2.      Amethyst

African Amethyst Ring   Black Gold   matans

For fathers wondering about their destiny and purpose of life, amethyst can set the thoughts straight as it is a mental detox stone. Amethyst crystals are best for fathers to keep them grounded throughout the day.

3.      Sandalwood Buddhist Beads

One of the best tools of perseverance and contentment, blessed Buddhist beads are reservoirs of peace and calmth. They will keep your father in the best spirits and away from stress by aligning multiple chakras.

4.      Pyrite

Another earth element crystal that attracts prosperity and good fortune if you’re a father using it, pyrite keeps you thinking forward too. Pyrite crystals are best for fathers as they deflect the bad energy and evil eyes from reaching you.

5.      Abalone Shells

Bringing the calmth of the mother ocean, abalone shells offer the best antidote for fathers with anger issues. It can calm and soothe them like a balm consecutively healing them from inside.

6.      Quartz

A cleansing stone to empower every father like an energy drink, quartz powers the crown chakra. If you picked a double terminated quartz for your dad, he is going to achieve good fortune in life with your crystal gift too!

7.      Crystal Shamballa

Hot, trendy and cool, this crystal shamballa looks amazing on fathers. It keeps their aura bright and enriched with positivity, wherever they go!

8.      Jade

Jade crystals for Father's Day or just a weekend gift can cleanse your dad’s hidden emotional worries. Another amazing benefit to using jade is its effects on the heart chakra!

9.      Garnet  

8mm Natural Garnet and Agate Round Beads Bracelet for Men & Women - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Powered by your core sacral chakra effects, garnet awakens the Kundalini energy of your dad. It will make him energetic and dedicated towards dreams, not to mention extra lucky!

·        Hematite

Rainbow Fluorite Bracelets - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The stone blessed by Mother Gaia, Hematite reveals destiny in addition to connecting you to your guardian angel. It is a blessed gift for dads as it will broaden their minds too!

10. Tigers Eye

6 MM Tiger Eye & Onyx with Antique Beads Hamsa Fatima Hand Pendant Necklace for Men - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

It is a stone that brings the energy of Sun God Ra and Earth God Geb, so be assured your dad is going to be cheerful with this crystal gift. Tiger eye keeps your father focused and quick-witted all the time!

Before you go …

What is the best gift you’ve given your dad? Have you ever given healing crystals for Father’s Day? Try our method of a spiritual gift from above and tell us what the priceless reactions were. We wish you a happy Father's Day!

Stay powerful~

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