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What is the Meaning of My Crystal Changing Color?

What is the Meaning of My Crystal Changing Color?

Were you holding the crystal when it changed color? I know it’s freaky, but hold on, you need to hear a bunch of stories and reasons behind this spiritual intervention in your life!

Crystals often change color. Heck, there is a collector’s edition rate for best healing crystals with maximum changing color effects. Explore the world of gemstones and color changing including the true meaning of the reality when your crystals change color!

What does Color Changing Mean in Gemstones? 

What is the Meaning of My Crystal Changing Color?

Optical illusions due to the difference in light when passed through unique crystals lead to color changing in gemstones.

While our forefathers checked color changing crystals using sunlight, modern day laymen check with incandescents, which are inappropriate. To understand the meaning of crystal changing color, you need to look at the effects of multiple color changing lights on healing crystals.

·         Sunlight

The most commonly available light even sunlight leads to crystals changing color. Alexandrite is one such stone that reacts to sunlight to change from green in the day to red during lack of sunlight, at night.

·         Aging

Stones kept out in the open can change color if their MOHS hardness is lesser than that of Quartz (7). Due to its presence in the air, quartz can suck out the luster of healing crystals and fade its color.

·         Iridescence

Iridescence refers to the ability of a gemstone to change color when viewed from the angle of light falling on the stone. The same is why iridescent stones change color when you look at it from different sides. Common examples of iridescence in gemstones are seen in Opal and Labradorite.

·         Chatoyance

The ability of a stone to create a slit like light in its center, looking akin to the eye of a cat is called chatoyance. A commonly seen illusion in gemstones, chatoyancy is seen in crystals of all kinds from moonstones to rose quartz.

·         Opalescence

The shine of whitish opal is referred to as opalescence. It tends to make the gemstone shine in all the seven colors. Opalescence, as you might’ve guessed, is seen in opal crystals, the cloudy effects. Now, you know why opal crystals change color!

·         Asterism

The property of a stone to create a star like effect on its surface due to light is called asterism. It is also known as star-effect in healing crystals. Emeralds are seen with the most prominent stars that form black bold strokes on the green emerald called Trapiche Emerald.

·         Adularescence

Called the Schiller or shiller effect is often seen in moonstone. Adularescence is termed as a bluish loght or glow that roots from the bottom of the gemstones to cover it in the sheen. It looks like the sky in a palm!

·         Labradorescence

When labradorite shows a black base with metallic colors, it tends to have Labradorescence. The optical illusion in labradorites creates a metallic play of fire with colors such as yellow, orange and red.

What to do when your gems are changing colors

What is the Meaning of My Crystal Changing Color?

Gemstones are natural gifts from Mother Nature. They are alive and change color according to the seasons, heat, cold and even based on your body temperature.

Heard about mood rings right? Hence, when your gemstone is changing colors, stay calm. Believe that evolution is happening and the change will guide you too. Moreover, color changing crystals mostly return to their original colors soon!

Why does my crystal look different?

I’d just bought this giant amethyst on a sale after saving up for a whole year! And then, I saw it happen- amethyst turning black!

You know what followed? This is so eerie, I did not even share it with my husband.

The next day after my 21st birthday, I received a swamp of failures. I was trying to work at a new office, away from my hobbies including crystals (now that I had my giant amethyst with me!) and, boom it turned black!

After three months of working in that –crack of an office, pardon my tongue, I realized the cabins were not for me. And to my surprise, after I signed up with a freelance assignment, I saw a sparkling speck of purple in my black amethyst. I so wish I had the photos, it was so pretty.

Well, I’m in the best place now, financially, emotionally and spiritually. My amethyst was guiding me or rather trying to soak up all my stress, sheesh!

Anyway, the point is, don’t be too hung up on your crystal changing color. Besides physical reasons, it might be a spiritual intervention. My advice is to choose your decisions freely and with a genuine drive.

It works all the time!

Psst, my crystal has changed the color thrice this year too. It’s my device of communication nowadays! Did this happen to you? Tell me all about it, I’m so excited to know this happens to others too.

So, I’ve compiled all my findings so that you don’t have to hunt in search of it. J

What are the Metaphysical Reasons why my Crystal Changed Color?

Crystals are always evolving into new things. Why? Because, everything around is changing as well, right? Even though crystals have no eyes or ears, it can hear the cosmic movements that judge the rotation of the earth to the Saturn in the zodiac. Find out the REAL reasons why your crystal changed its color suddenly.

Evil Forces Cursed You

The stone is protecting you. It has sucked in the bad energy and it will take time to flush it out. You can speed the process by keeping the stone under a full moon in a Tibetan Singing Bowl or with a Crystal Pendulum. Oftentimes, that’s all you need for a fresh start!

Was there a significant change in your life?

From changing your house to town or lifestyle, there can be many reasons why crystals suddenly change colors. It seems like a freaky COINCIDENCE huh?

Well if you can’t pin it down to anything, rethink if you had any negative outbursts lately.

Sickness Can be Felt By Your Crystal Too

When you’re in pain, the crystal you’ve bonded with also feels the same. I’ve seen my stress change an amethyst into an onyx black cloud inside. It’s terribly sad!

Death is another reason. Not your own perhaps, but someone close to you. Healing crystals change colors when you’re in grief, stress or mourning too. A sudden headache, bloating, food poisoning, terrible periods or mood swings? Well, there you go!

Are you at peace with your soul?

When you’re ailing in the heart and I don’t mean physical sickness, your crystal can change its color. Please accept that your crystal feels pain just as you do. Your confusions, agonies, and paranoia are that of the crystal too.

Did you have a burst of negativity recently? Now, you know what drastic thing happened to your stone!

Geopathic Stress is a secret Culprit Present Everywhere

Another important reason why your crystal might be changing its color is stress. Besides your own stress, geopathic stress can also add to the mix. That’s why we tell you to store all healing crystals in a silk pouch or box.

Did you keep your crystal mixed with an opposite energy crystal? That’s a big no-no. Not all crystal energies mix well and you must stay away from some crystal combinations.

Read more on crystal safe storage options in this blog post!

It'S-a Sign

Have you ever wondered if you’re on a wrong route in life? Your crystal might be trying to tell you something important.

Sometimes, there are bigger changes that are more evident than a solid color change in gemstones. Can you see a shape inside the crystal that changed colors? It’s time to put on your thinking hat and retract your steps!

Why does my crystal turn yellow?

Yellow is the reset button.

Spring is here to change your life.

Embrace her, your crystal!

Your crystal is honoring your destiny when it changes to yellow from other colors.

It is time to take a list of all the things you’ve done lately.

My Crystal is Giving Birth. I can see new inclusions on my crystal. What does it mean?

Are Veins appearing on your gemstone? Wow, you’re in for a real treat!

Oftentimes called the divine transition, this is a transpersonal experience to enjoy with your crystal. If you’re bonded well, the crystal will grow right in your hand, with your energies.

I believe this happens when your crystal is getting ready for your destiny. It matters so much more to keep a watch on all your decisions, physical, emotional and spiritual or otherwise.  

It is rare to see new inclusions and if you see phantoms or clusters appearing in your crystal, it means that new people who are significant to your life are coming soon. Embrace the change with your crystal. It is going to be magical.

Relax and activate your positive aura to support the crystal as it did for you!

I will show pictures of my crystal birth if you share your story in the comments!

Do crystal always change color?

No, but you have to understand that crystals are alive things.

They are eternal, in fact!

They record our stories, achievements, and transcendence sans any wires, but in spirit waves.

You will see your crystal change its color when big things are happening in your life.

Or there are big things coming to you!

Why does my Crystal Remain Cloudy after Several Cleansing Rituals?

I totally get you because so many of our customers write to us about, what to do about my cloudy crystal. I want it to change back!

The first step, pick your crystal, cup it in your palms and calm down. Breathe in and out if that’s helping you!

Next, go to your garden or flower pot and bury the gemstone. Yes, it’s time to separate ways for a while. No time to say goodbye, she needs rest!

Let three full moon’s pass until you embrace her energy again. The cloudiness will be gone. I have seen so many of my black crystal break when I tried to subject it to bigger energies. It’s best to let her relax her crystal veins if she is signaling you with clouds, which means the curtains are shut for now. It’s a divine message not to ignore!

It might also be because there was a drastic energy change like mentioned in the metaphysical reasons!

What does it Mean Crystal Changing Color with 9 Color Consultations

Don’t worry if your healing crystal is changing color. Observe and compare it with the 9-pointer chart below!

1.      Yellow

Feng Shui Citrine Yellow Crystal Pi Yao Pi Xiu Xie Bracelet For Wealth

Yellow stands for the solar plexus chakra, the middle chakra that guards you. It translates into wellbeing, power and balance in the wearer. If your crystal changed color to yellow, believe something good is en route!

When you’re working with yellow chakra, try to get outside to blend with the yellow in nature as well.

2.      Red

Garnet Stone Necklace - 925 Silver Sterling

Red stands for the Base Chakra. It controls everything to do with your body from your balance of the physical reality to your emotional intelligence and spiritual awareness. If your crystal changed to red, something that will change your life comes closer.

When you’re working red chakra, try to find the safest place in your house or outside around it.

3.      Orange

Red Fire Opal Ring   Sizes  6 7 8   matans

Orange stands exclusively for Sacral Chakra. It controls the sexuality and virility of your body, mind and soul. Fertility brings the youth of the spirit and the body and orange crystals do just that. If your crystal is changing to color orange, your love life or sex life is about to be hit with positive energy!

When you’re working with orange chakra, ensure you’re in the safest place inside your home, preferably in the bedroom, where you can sprinkle the healing energy without leaking.

4.      Pink

Orange Fire Opal Silver Ring

Pink stands for the heart chakra. It controls your compassion, kindness, love and respect towards yourself as well as others. Pink brings the power of oneness with the cosmos and every power around you. If your crystal is turning pink, your true love might come home or you might find the best moment of your life soon.

When you’re working with pink chakra, ensure that you’re outside. The open air, wind and earth will help to amplify the energy you’re charging into you.

5.      Violet

Natural Amethysts Quartz Geode Necklace

Violet stands for the crown chakra, one outside the body and the third eye chakra, the one that connects you to the future. Crown and third eye chakras are the most powerful and the ethereal chakras in the human body. It brings the power of divination, intuition and insight. If your crystal is turning purple, it’s time to chase your destiny as it must be getting closer.

When you’re working with crown and third eye chakras, choose the sacred most place. It must in the open, preferably under the full moon energy surrounding you.

6.      Green

Green Fire Opal & Emerald Ring

Green stands for the Heart Chakra, in your heart. The heart chakra is the gentlest chakra of all. Green has higher heart chakra energy than pink as it attracts more than romantic love. If your gemstone is changing color into green, believe that you’re going to be at peace really soon about something important bewildering you since long.

When you’re working with Higher Heart chakra, choose the bedroom or a crystal ritual that boost the heart chakra like programming, massage or pendant therapy.

7.      Blue

Blue Fire Opal 925 Sterling Silver Crystal Ring

Blue stands for the Throat Chakra, which manages your physical voice to inner sense. Throat chakra helps kindle the communication skills of a person.  It controls how confident you are as well as surrounding chakras such as third eye and heart. If your healing crystal is changing color into blue, you will find the truth finally that you’ve been searching for.

When you’re working with Blue chakra energies, it is best to choose a place you can speak your mind out without getting disturbed or by people around you.

8.      Black

Hamsa Lava Healing Reiki Beads

Black stands for soothing and protection. It powers the base plus higher chakras to calm your body and divert the evil. When you’re in times of dire need, crystals can change color in black to protect you.

When you’re working with any gemstone, it is best to use black crystals or even brown crystals along with it.  

9.      White

Howlite Beads Heart Charm Bracelets

White stands for purification as it is powered by the Crown chakra. As it comes from outside, the divine energy cleanses and changes crystals. Use outdoors when powering white crystals!

Which are the Most Common Crystal Color Changes?

Do you know the Crystals that change their color under the light? I’m not talking about crystals that fade under sunlight, although those crystals must not be kept in the sun for long. There are crystals often mistaken in history because it looked red in the sun and blue at night. Alexandrite is one amongst them, but perhaps you know it already! Ask me in the comments if you wanna know it!

But, there are crystals that randomly change its base color totally. Don’t be disheartened, I have listed 12 crystal color changes often seen. Check if your crystal change is on this list!

I know it’s confusing, but it’s exciting too. Learn all about the crystals that change light under natural light!

·      My Rose quartz turning white

Put on your scientist smile, because we’re going technical. All light refracts, reflects and come back through stones. That’s how it infuses the chakra energies into you. So, when a rose quartz is changing or even adapting to your moods and lifestyle from a store, it can turn whiter than you bought it.

The best thing to do is keep a journal recording all the changes in your life during the time if your rose quartz suddenly became white after years of staying with you.

Another reason why your rose quartz is turning white is that your heart chakra needs a lot of work. It may not be the right stone for your right now. Get an amethyst, peridot, and howlite to meditate with before handling your rose quartz and write down any changes before you spend time alone with the stone.

·      Why does my Amethyst turn yellow?

A rare thing to happen, amethyst can change into yellow too. When I got pregnant the first time, the amethyst stone I had beneath the bed, changed to yellow.

Like I said above it can be the sign of the new person who was coming into my life. Is there a fair chance you’re pregnant or ovulating?

Faded amethyst can mean totally other things. It’s a sign the stone can’t take all your negativity on its shoulders. Get another mind detox stone such as a Labradorite ball (click if you wanna check out one!).

·      Seeing a Pink Moonstone Burnt from Inside

Moonstone changing color is another common phenomenon not many know about. I have personally been consulted when a pink moonstone looks like someone charred it from inside. It can mean that an evil force is tailing you or a major decision you took was wrong.

But the most enchanting thing I saw was a blue, pale blue color moonstone, change completely red like a ruby. I didn’t know it was a disguise or a warning so I decided to cleanse it for FIVE weeks until it changed back to pale blue!

Bond with your crystal to know more about it.

If you’re still unsure, click to read the Definitive Guide to Healing Crystals for FREE. There’s a 25% OFF Coupon Code hidden inside this!

·      Why is my Quartz turning black?

As a rule of thumb, remember, when your crystal has overworked, it can turn black. I told you how the sky was falling when my amethyst turned black.

It can happen with many mind crystals. Sometimes the crystal doesn’t turn totally black, it’s just spots and patches of black.

Clear quartz is a crown chakra crystal that purifies the energy. En route, it can be a sign unwelcome energies are around. Try to include other crystals. If that’s the case, you need to check if you’re cursed by black magic. Click to use this guide!

Another color change I noticed on a clear quartz is cloudiness, which is yet again an overdose of negative energies. Get it cleansed!

·      My shungite is red. What happened to my crystal?

The lucky stone that affects your spiritual and physical life rather drastically, Shungite can totally change its colors to a red from purple when radiation is high where you live. Speckles can pop up on the stone bit by bit.

What I find useful is to store it carefully in a silk pouch or bury it underground for three moons. The root chakra stone helps in transformation rituals. As shungite contains purifying energies, the result of the reaction is often color change! No kidding. What color is your shungite now?

I have seen shungite turning completely white. This means the job of shungite is done and you need to rest it back into the earth to relax and grow yet again.

·      Smoky Quartz Crystal is Black Suddenly

One of the finest stones for detoxifying your mind, smoky quartz is a source of crown chakra. It is naturally cloudy and often used as a divination stone to catch visions.

If your smoky quartz crystal suddenly turned black, you need to be on your toes. It can mean a sign of really bad future or really good future. Please be alert.

Did something drastic happen already? Is something big about to happen in your life?

Another popular reason smoky quartz turn black is that it has absorbed the negativity, tension, geopathic and natural stress around it. If you placed the smoky quartz at your entrance or at a feng shui placement, it is time to change the location as your stone doesn’t seem to like it.

You can use a clear quartz to absorb and dispel the negativity from a smoky quartz.

·      I can see inclusion forming on my labradorite

A beautiful stone often called the golden night, Labradorite is renowned for connecting with the angelic realm. If you have been using Labradorite for doing astral travel, your trips can pop up as inclusions within the stone.

I have seen a whole streak of my first astral trip develop inside the crystal. If you were not aware, a dissociative effect can change your crystal. Especially, if it is your first time with crystals.

Labradorite often helps you communicate with celestial beings in addition to taking you to their haven. The phantom and new clusters inside the Labradorite also can mean that your affirmations or intentions have started manifesting!

·      Why does my Rainbow Obsidian Becoming Purple?

Such a beautiful stone, rainbow obsidian is a talismanic karmic stone. Simply put, it saves your soul from evil energies simultaneously working on your karmic debts. The stone is a negativity shield that often protects you from black magic too.

Can you think of any specific reason you might be under the negativity outburst or attack? Don’t worry if you can’t. It might just be a karmic debt from your past lives.

I have personally worn a heart-shaped rainbow obsidian that turned into purple when I visited my old campus. Before I entered the campus, my obsidian pendant started fading into purple. Incidentally, I saw one of my old foes on the campus and by the time I went to the restroom, my obsidian was totally purple. Deep black purple, sorta.

I made a crystal grid with my intention to cleanse the stone with my root chakra energies and it retained the rainbow mystique shades!

·      Bloodstone changing color to yellow 

You know the red spots and patterns on the bloodstone symbolize the martyrs of humankind? If you got a bloodstone as a gift, it can help you connect with your ancestors. It’s better than the DNA test, I bet.

The thing is, the first time I meditated with bloodstone in my palm, I felt a drizzle on my root and sacral chakra. Suddenly, the petite faint specks of red on the stone changed to yellow veins and the green became peridot green. It was shocking. The same time, I also saw flashes of a beautiful old Kerala, flourishing with a sweet smiling Mahabali (an old king in my culture). I think it was because I was missing home recently. I’d missed this great festival called Onam and I was sad!

I got some Lemon Gems and incensed my whole room while I did an angelic communication ritual. You have no idea, but I saw the entire Onam (A festival of flowers) in my third eye!

Next morning, my bloodstone became red again!

·      My natural point crystal is becoming a cluster

I had a wand that was double terminated. This was in college alright. So, before my third-semester exams, I had the worst breakup of my life right after I bought this wand. It had shown me cloudiness and clusters at both ends and I was freaked out anyway.

Within a week of the breakup, the cluster inclusions in my selenite twin wand started disappearing. I made a record of it and by the 13th day, my crystal was back to its clarity.

I believe the crystal was signaling me that a major change was happening. That was the most toxic relationship of my life and selenite did help me get over it, like a charm!

·      Blue Kyanite looks like a blue sapphire now!

Can crystals totally change into another color? Hell yeah!

If your blue Kyanite, the throat, and third eye chakra stone is indigo now, it means you are about to unlock a new truth in your life. It can be physical, spiritual or metaphysical. All I can say is the change will make you famous and prosperous.

If your Kyanite is changing colors, set your intentions and orate it as chants every day to amplify the powers. Don’t worry, it’s a pleasant change. When you realize your destiny, the crystal will change the color back to pale blue!

What to do with Faded gemstones?

You can do many things with crystals that are fading such as whitened rose quartz, whitened amethyst, white citrine and carnelian. Try each of the methods until you find an answer!

·      Meditate with your faded gemstone  

  • Spend 1 hour meditating and visualizing the crystal retaining its color.
  • Trust your gut, don’t time yourself.
  • Ensure that the crystal is cupped in your palms while you do so.

·      Full Moon rituals to bring the color back in your stone

  • Take a Tibetan Singing
  • Fill it with water.
  • Drop your faded stone.
  • Now place it under the full moonlight for 6-8 hours.
  • Throw the elixir or infused water after that.

·      Crystal Pendulum to reverse color change in gemstone

Read how to use a crystal pendulum here.

·      Change your crystal color with a Crystal Grid

Have you ever used a crystal grid? It is a powerful way to manifest and transfer energies. Try it with our bestseller 7-Chakra healing crystal grid here!

·      Bury the faded crystal

As I’ve already told you, it is best to bury the stone in the loamy soil for at least three full moons to let it regain the virility. Would you try it? Tell me in the comments! I will share the tweaks too!

Before you go …

Crystals are offerings from the womb of mother earth. Blend with it and appreciate the changing colors of your crystals.

Your gemstone has grown in size? Tell me in the comments below.

Besides, anything besides quartz out in the open will tarnish crystals too!

Is your zodiac undergoing significant planetary changes? That’s another strong reason for a crystal to change colors, did you know? Is the zodiac you believe to be yours, RIGHT? Get this book on 13 Zodiacs that really matter, evermore NOW! It’s only $1.99!


Stay powerful~

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