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7 Color Changing Gemstones to Use in 2018

7 Color Changing Gemstones to Use in 2018

If you’ve ever wondered why use color changing Gemstones, we dug up the answer. Color changing gemstones depict an optical illusion, brilliant and mesmerizing. Checkout how to use 7 best color changing gemstones with the color changes including time and hour of color change.  

7 Top Best Color changing Gemstones You Must Use this Year

7 Color Changing Gemstones to Use in 2018

Color changing gemstones are filled with mystic histories and secrets. Using color change crystals can help you go faster with crystal rituals and therapy work. It is an incredible way to use the best of gemstone powers with a twist of your willpower. We have encompassed the complete guide you need to use color changing gemstones with the finest seven!

1.      Color changing Gemstone Opal

Luxurious fire opal fashionable earrings

Wonders of the earth, Opals are mystic. Explore how to use the color changing habit of opals in your life like a charm!

·         Hidden Powers of Opal

Depending on the color of opal you choose, its hidden powers including that of the chakra changes drastically. As a reference use violet= crown, indigo= third eye, blue= throat, pink/ green= heart, yellow= solar plexus, orange= sacral, red/black= base chakra;

·         How to Use Power in Opal

  • Take your Opal
  • Chant this: “Show me the way to destiny. I give my chakra powers”.

·         When does the Color change in Opal

A phenomenon known as opalescence is the cause of color changing habits in opals. It leads to the colorful sheen and rainbow play on the milky white stone. You can read all about opalescence by clicking on this blog post!

2.      Color changing Gemstone Sapphire

Blue Sapphire Opal Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Not all sapphire change colors, but some do. Blue sapphires get empowered to a higher chakra color you never thought was possible to attain!

·         Hidden Powers of Sapphire

Sapphire is commonly available in blue. Moreover, blue stands for the throat chakra powers. So, you will be able to articulate your inner voice of reason, effortlessly when you use color changing sapphire.

·         How to Use Power in Sapphire

  • Take your Sapphire
  • Chant this: “Show me the way to destiny. I give my chakra powers”.

·         When does the Color change in Sapphire

Blue sapphires have the unique ability to change into purple color under artificial lights. They return to the original blue when looked under sunlight. Moreover, sapphire also exists in two colors called bi-color sapphires, where you can see double color change effects.

3.      Color changing Gemstone Labradorite

100  Natural Labradorite Quartz ball   For Healing   matans

Labradorite is an opening stone that amplifies the powers of the heaven and sky in it. Labradorite can use multiple chakras because of its unique optical illusion.

·         Hidden Powers of Labradorite

Labradorite is a unique stone full of divine powers. You can see powers such as Third eye and Throat chakras in a labradorite. It helps you speak your mind out without fear and use the foresight to even predict the future.  

·         How to Use Power in Labradorite

  • Take your Labradorite
  • Chant this: “Show me the way to destiny. I give my chakra powers”.

·         When does the Color change in Labradorite

One of the celebrated gemstones from history, Labradorite exhibits Labardoreschence. It appears the stone shines with a black base and metallic colors throughout it. Common colors are seen in gemstones that show labradorescence are yellow, orange, blue indigo, black and purple.  

4.      Color changing Gemstone Alexandrite

One of the unique stones from Mother Earth, Alexandrite is a stone of limitless powers. It can help you manifest your dreams, professionally and spiritually!

·         Hidden Powers of Alexandrite

The chakra hiding behind the green veil of Alexandrite is Heart chakra. It is a calming chakra that soothes your woes and calms your worries. Alexandrite can help in finding the inner love.  

·         How to Use Power in Alexandrite

  • Take your Alexandrite
  • Chant this: “Show me the way to destiny. I give my chakra powers”.

·         When does the Color change in Alexandrite

Another unique color changing gemstone, Alexandrite stays glowing Green in the daylight and bright red under artificial lights. It is a unique property that makes the stone one of the sought after color change healing crystals.  

5.      Color changing Gemstone Diaspore/ Zultanite

Zultanite or Diaspore is a unique gemstone that covers a wide variety of colors in its optical illusions. The gemstone with the meaning ‘scatter’ in a greek shows a scattering array of shades due to its unique property!

·         Hidden Powers of Diaspore/ Zultanite

Believed to awaken the Throat Chakra powers, Diaspore helps to awaken the dormant power within you. Zultanite is truth and helps you fill up your potential with willpower.

·         How to Use Power in Diaspore/  Zultanite

  • Take your Zultanite
  • Chant this: “Show me the way to destiny. I give my chakra powers”.

·         When does the Color change in Diaspore/ Zultanite

Zultanite shows a wide variety of colors ranging from khaki greens to sage greens and cognac pinks amongst different light settings. The bigger your Zultanite, the better color changing you will see. Experts also say Zultanite changes into canary yellows, pinkish champagnes and rich champagnes under exclusive lights.

6.      Color changing Gemstone Garnet

Multicolored Garnet Flower Ring

The gemstone of real passion, Garnet is the symbol of everything passionate. It connects your reality with the life force within you. Garnet is a color changing gemstone to treasure!

·         Hidden Powers of Garnet

Accumulating the powers of Sacral and Base chakras, Garnet helps to open your kundalini energy simultaneously stabilizing you. Garnet empowers the body and the emotional self. It is a stone to discover your hidden potential!

·         How to Use Power in Garnet

  • Take your Garnet
  • Chant this: “Show me the way to destiny. I give my chakra powers”.

·         When does the Color change in Garnet

Garnet emanates a bronze hue in the daylight. Although, it doesn’t stick to one color under multiple lights, garnet is a stable stone. When seen under incandescent lights, garnet turns into rose and pinkish color.

7.      Color changing Gemstone Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite Bracelets

An energizing stone from the family of divine crystals, fluorite is for the serious gemstone users. It is an intuitive stone to fill you with powers to know more about tomorrow than today.

·         Hidden Powers of Fluorite

Unlike most color changing stones, fluorite is not a single-chakra stone. It encompasses the power to stabilize and regulate many chakras in the body. From Spirit chakra to physical human chakras such as  heart, throat  and third eye, fluorite brings the higher powers. You can empathize with your reality, articulate your truth and even see into the future when you use fluorite. 

·         How to Use Power in Fluorite

  • Take your Fluorite
  • Chant this: “Show me the way to destiny. I give my chakra powers”.

·         When does the Color change in Fluorite

Incredible color changes are seen in fluorite gemstone. It radiates a blue to blue+ green color when observed in natural light. But, as soon as you take the gemstone inside, fluorite changes into vivid colors of purple and rose. Startling, right?

Before you go …

When crystal colors change, much can happen in life. It can be a sign of positivity, negativity or dangers. You must always be bonded close to your crystals to know if they are changing colors. Crystal color changes are getting rarer and more in value, by day. Get all your questions asked about color changing gemstones in the comments below.

Stay powerful~

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